New battery but something running after key turned off. Tried to jump start and put new battery in but when key turned off and removed, clicking noise heard around fuse box under hood?

I don't need AWD, How would I go about doing this?

I want to know is there any coil relay for the pack

Problem appeared yesterday. Message says to make safe stop. Basically the car cannot be started.

Front drivers seat belt stuck and will not come out . Very p.o.ed at this along with all the other issues on this crap car.

I have a Saab 95 2.2 TiD 120 HP 2004. For the last 3 years it needs 3-4 cranks only for a cold start + 5 secs of white smoke. Rest of the day drives fine. No hesitations,missfires etc. A month ago: code P0336 appeared: erased. Today sudden engine stop al low speed and the folllowing codes: P0103 (Maf sensor high input) + P1103 (GM: MAF sensor in range but higher than expected) + P0335 + P0336 + P0337 (Crankshaft position sensor issues) + P0340 (Camshaft position sensor malfunction).....and the car drives perfectly. Looks very complicated. Any hints? Thanks

Rest of the day fine. No hesitation,missfires etc. A month ago code P0336 appeared:erased. Today sudden engine stop al low speed and the folllowing codes:
P0103 (Maf sensor high input) + P1103 (GM: MAF sensor in range but higher tan expected) + P0335 + P0336 + P0337 (Crankshaft position sensor issues) + P0340 (camshaft position sensor malfunction).....and the car drives perfect. Looks very complicated. Any hint? Thanks

I replaced car battery late in 2014. I had car repaired to fix erratic timing last month. Today car did not pass smog test. I had no fault indicator lights on the dash. Last repair was done et SAAB expert repair shop which now says to drive the car and (?) hope that it correct monitors. Last week end I drove the car for about 4 hours not knowing that I would fail test today.

Noise sounds like Wha Wha Wha...

at the same time i replaced the front o2 sensor because because it was throwing the code for it is throwing the code for a camshaft pasition sensor . Do you think i should put the cheap plugs back in .I know you list several things it could be for that code . but do you think it could be the plugs since thats what i changed first and made it run rough.

The oil light goes on under 1200 RPMs while idling but, only when the car is warm. It also goes off in neutral. Is this most likely an oil sludge pick up screen/oil pan gunk problem?

Daughter's car on occasion will rev up in drive but won't move, like it stalls, but then will take off. Changed out the automatic transmission fluid, seemed to fix problem, but a week later same symptoms occurred.

Had the driver side door lock switch replaced and it still happens

The timing belt on a V-6, 3.0 engine traveled toward engine and became shredded and failed 30,000 miles after timing belt service. The engine had about 210,000 miles. What would cause the belt to travel ? There were no signs of pulley or tensioner issues, ie "no smoking gun". Could it be incorrect installation procedures ?

When letting off the gas? I don't have coolant in my oil and lost power. Going through oil and comes out exhaust. Would it be the head gasket or the piston rings

Is have the check engine on so i want to.know what is the sensor p1617

Upon starting the car we found both headlights, high & low beams not working. All fuses are ok, replaced both bulbs nothing. All other lights are working. ?????

have bought a 2005 9-3 linier 1.8t with 100k km on the dile.
first few month it felt like heaven to drive, and then shit hit the fan, and i spent a fortune on this car, and about to spend some more....

battery just died had to change it, and fuel pump before that,,, and now retention..
however its my recent issue that worries me... at some point last week the car had very funny idling while parked, it felt like it was choking, and wont even move properly,, only until i start driving then its all gone,,,,
the next day as i was driving on the highway on cruise control, the cruise control just died, i pressed the gas and realized that turbo was gone too, though i can still hear it whistling.

funny thing is once u restart the car its back on. till it dies again when ever it feels like it. and when turbo is down cruise control wont work.
when the turbo is down first gear barely works, i need to switch to tip tronic to get moment from the car...
and yesterday i noticed that when parked rev goes up a bit then drops over and over again...

that being a long story short....
so any opinions, ill appreciate the help....

and also any links to fixing soft tops would me helpful

thanks guys.

Previously my car started stalling, slow acceleration, no power when I hit the gas, so I had it diagnosed and it state throttle sensor bad, I just replace the throttle unit, because my car lost acceleration power. Now that is in limp mode how do I return it to normal, so I can enjoy my car?

only when accelerating, my saab will begin to shake violently. Just bought the car yesterday, doesn't matter what gear I'm in, shaking still occurs. When I let off the gas, the shaking stops. Tires are fine, previous owner told me its a CV axle, but I've also read that's probably not the case... Please help!

been to service mechs no one can figure it out

Message"pull out key, turn steering wheel.Restart" appears. Cannot start car, accessories, other than the display, don't come on. Any ideas?

33,000 miles 97X ARC 5.3 Car was left for 9 months and not started. When I returned from long stay away I found a dead and a not reusable battery (1 year old). Put a new battery in and the car started fine but when I shut it off the blower motor stayed on.