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The Porsche parts people do not know what it is Can you help?
the actual audio noise goes out but the Navi/audio display is on and functional its like someone unplugged the speakers its 2004 cayenne s nothing aftermarket can anyone help
Recently purchased an 03 Cayenne S with just over 130k. Had it checked out and no leaks or problems with the cooling pipes. Also a clean CarFax. Recently hear what I thought was the cd player going out,but with furthe...
Any tips on how to prevent my multi-disc CD player located in the back access through the tailgate, from skipping so much??
I can re-boot, but System Failure message returns. What could be causing the problem?
It just started doing this and after about 5 min it starts to sputter and then dies.
I've been searching for over a year now doing my research on the Cayenne S, and yes it's a Porsche, I just need to know what to expect in the future.
My vehicle has 63000Km and recently making noise when getting over 90km/hr. I took it to the garage and was told that noise was coming from differential due to the fact that I have different tires made front ( Westlak...
Hi i was wondering if anyone knows if i can replace my airbag with (Upgrade my (non) Multi-function Steering Wheel to make it a (Multi-Function) one) a multifunction airbag? and is it a simple retrofit or do i need to...
Vehicle acting like it has interrupted electrical current, but it starts and rides normal. 1) Turning signal display delayed or frozen on instrument cluster, but if you look outside it working with normal intervals. ...
i would like to hzve enough to cover all common problems
the wrong gas was put in the car and drove then it lost power and started driving rough and smells like old gas now.
While the car was super low on gas then drove not it's running rough and missfiring and the check engine light is on I have checked coils and plugs put the right gas in and can't get it to run right how can I fix this...
DO you need to drop the engine to fix the leak..
the car displayed engine battery so i replaced the old with new one. But then it won't even kick or start. This has happened before but when i changed the battery it started immediately. At a time too it was giving ha...
Need up grade for PCM Cayenne S 2006, does it exist?
tire infltion yellow warning light goes on occasionally despite correct tire pressure
The warning says both cornering lamps are not working. This has appeared before then it corrected. now its back and neither side works.
no problems just want to know when the timing belt should be replaced i have 86k on suv
Have experienced failure power steering when turning ignition on. Turning it off and on again resolves the problem. Seems to me a pressure problem in the hydraulic system. What advice can you give me ?
wheel well marker light. do you need to pull the light housing out to change the bulb
I have a2004 Cayenne S. The rear folding seat does not fold down, The center seat belt is stuck where it wont come out. Is this why the seat wont fold down?
using diagnostic tools to diagnose, no fault code present. vehicle can only select to low range, two option>gear reduction on or off, but cant select to ON ROAD drive. after select to ON ROAD drive, instrument cluste...