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My 02 Boxster overheated. I lost fluid. I shut the engin down waited for it to cool down and refilled with Anit-freeze. It has not over heated since. The tank was full when this occured. The fan was running. Doe...
I have an electrical short and my horn goes off when I step on the brake or open the door.
have tried rep[lacing both bulbs drivers side low beam still not working. checked fuse and nothing... any answers?
How do I remove the spark plugs
Battery light came on, replaced battery, with new battery (old one was shot), and battery light still on? Did diagnostic check, nothing came back......checked fuses, all are operating, any ideas on why the "idiot lig...
Help! Is there a manual way to get the top up?
The first thing that this car started to do was not allow me to put down the top, then the windows wont go up or down, the key remote wont work or set alarm, and now it wont start. Have checked battery, have checked f...
water is leaking and I donot know where behind seat on passenger side is soaking wet
how do i reset the maintenance reminder light after changing oil
Today my power windows quit working. The fuse is fine and we can't find the source of the problem. Everything else is working fine. Fox
I had an electrical short in the wiring harness from the relay box to the brake switch; The air bag light was affected. A couple of the wires that burned, made contact with the wire going into the dashboard display an...
water leak i checked the bottom hoses and there ok the water is coming from above the bottom hoses in the engine area
My battery goes dead over night. I have replaced the battery but it did not fix the porblem?
Car only has 17,000 miles and is in excellant shape. The clutch engages properly and does not slip. Just the free play at the top feels stiff almost like it needs adjusted if it were cable activated but, operates okay.
I just prurchased a 99 Boxster and can not turn on the cruise control...any tips?
I am considering a Boxster, and am wondering what the "typical" average will cost for an oil and filter change, and how often this maintenance is suggested?
it happened when i was driving for a while and i park the car to do some business transacton when i came back all the coalant was in the ground and it is leaking right under the car, troubleshoot. filled with water, c...
How do i rebuild a transmission for a 97 porsche boxster? Transmission is ZF5HP19. It is an automatic.
my window will not operate with the door lach. all switches work and i have it apart and apears that when the window is completely up that there is slack in the cable.
where is starter located,how do u remove
the air bag light stays on all the time . we had a o/s window regulator fitted after fitting an elecrician tested the system all indicated that the air bags are working but the light still stays on
my power seats slide forward and backwards or up and down while i'm driving i'm not and my memory on my seats will not set
y does the light on my temp gauge keep blinking
is this a common thing for Porsche, having leaky washer fluid reservoirs? It really chaps me.
When top is put down and then back up, there are two dents in the plastic window. One of each side about 2 inches from the edge of the window on both sides. This is new, didn't happen before. Any idea what the prob...
I have a Porsche Boxter 2009 PDK AUTO Transmission with 1000 miles. I had a message :Emergency Transmission Run" and the car was shifting gears like hessitating. When I got home, I turned off the engine. 15 minutes la...
While driving, the car lost all “pulling” power. I stepped on the accelerator and it did not even rev up the engine. About 5 seconds later the engine shut off by itself, as if it was by some type of safety switch or...
Spun in snow and hit the rear bumper, now the car will not start. Starter is working. Is there an emergency fuel switch??
I was just winterizing my ride when I went to unlock the front and rear trunk lids. Here I was trying to unlock them so they would not lock up on me over the course of the winter. Surprise! They're already locked. ...