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think plugs are bad over 200,000 miles how to change them or where are they located
My 2007 Pontiac Vibe has 60,000 miles on it. No problems except reduced gas mileage...used to be 34 mpg for our normal route now it is 30 mpg. Do I need my valves flushed due to the ethenol gas gumming it up? At wh...
Take a long time to fill gas tank. Can hear the fuel backing up as if the tank is full. Wait a few seconds and it will take anouther 1/2 gallon or so. Can't see any blockage.
Procedure for changing the front wheel bearings.
began flickering on and off now on steady. new alt. and battery. cleaned battery and alt connections. also tightened visible grounds battery to trans. and one that went from trans housing to body.
Broke off the rear seat latch to fold the right side down. How do you replace this part? Tx
Tried hooking up lights. Work with engine off and turning on using light switch, then when turning ignition on, they do not work. Heard to disconnect a the DRL and auto light sensor.
i am driving on the interstate when this happens.
Has anyone come across while driving the car that all of a sudden that you loose all power at the dash and accessories? The power comes back?
i backed into a frozen snowbank and broke the back up light,now i have the new unit but have trouble installing it.
One the car is warmed up there is a loud clicking noise coming from the engine when idling and accelerating. car seems to run fine other than that.
recommended to clean fuel injectors when the recalled PCM is replaced. does that make sense?
I have a 6spd manual 2003 vibe gt with 110K miles on it. I was driving on the interstate the other day and when I went to accelerate, the rpms went real high and it didn't really accelerate like it normally does. What...
need to find out where the blower motor is located and replace it
after changing the battery and hooking up the wrong connections, I blew fuses. Bought new fuses and installed them. The lights and radio works but car will not turn over or even click. What else can be checked or cha...
I have a 2003 pontiac vibe, and I maintain it very well. however lately when I first start it up, more so when it is cold out side, it has a rapping sound coming from the front of the engin. as the engin gets warm it ...
how much do brakes and rotors cost?
passenger side front wheel noise . Checked tire ok. replaced wheel bearing.Noise starts at about 60 mph sound like vibrating noise.Don't feel any vibration.Could it be the short axle shaft.
How do i keep my vibe from getting to cold and freezing up in winter
My 04 Vibe has recently stopped going in reverse. When I shift into reverse and step on the gas, I go forward, also I go forward in every gear including Park. I have no idea what is wrong, all I know is that the tra...
cannot get to fuse panel
The CEL light came on my '03 Vibe that has 118k miles. OBD code showed P0440. I reset it and it came back on after about 300 miles. Showed it to a shop who reset the light and told me to not worry about it as long as ...
on a pontiac vibe where is the crank sensor in ignition sensor in model located
it do have a lot of miles on it like 120k could the timing chain went out in cause the car not to start in where is that located
where do i check the fuel pressure at on the pontiac vibe at
My car had stop on me on the freeway in wouldnt start back up i change the spark plugs in the battery in the fuel pump in its still not starting but its getting fire in the car has 120k what should i do next
car stop on me in would not start where is the oxygen sensor located
both side mirror, cigarette lighter(light up)& radio all not working,
Is this the cost to replace a serpentine belt as well on a 2005 Pontiac Vibe? I wasn't sure if the serpentine belt is a drive belt or something different.