Checked ac relay on wheel ok but someone said there are 2 of them. Any other ideas. I can't believe I had ac 12 hours earlier. Freon is ok

The hatch is open an the latch is lock an the key or the button will not unlock it

Engine turns over but like it won't fire up.

the air bag indicator light came on. Vehicle has 80,844 miles. If vehicle is turned off and then restarted light will go out but come back on after a few minutes.

The first five mins was on city roads so the speed was like 30 to 35 miles but then I went onto the freeway when I found I couldn't get the speed up. Then I switched back to the D gear. But the whole process, the rpm never went near to redline. It was around 5k to 6k. The redline is 7k to 8k and above.

Changed the rear wheel hub assembly and the ABS wheel speed sensor. I've researched everything I can find but can't find any information on just the all wheel drive light.

now when you go 60 mph it vibrates hard when you step on brakes. It happens all the time now. It just started vibrating while I'm driving 60 mph. I'm afraid to drive it.

The left blinker dashboard light stays on solid after engine dies. There was no sign that anything was wrong. I started my car to warm it up. 10 minutes later when I came out to leave, it wasn't running but all the lights were working. When I tried to start it again, it started and then the engine stops running 3 seconds later.

I would also like to know the location of the fuel filter and the fuel pump.
My car has no power and is blowing white smoke, its hard to start and when you push on the gas pedal it misses and stalls out

they burnt out.

Turns over strong, when I turn key over without cranking the rpms jump up and down between 2 an 3... seems electrical any ideas?

I took it to the dealership and they said it needed new spark plugs, I replaced those and cleared the lights on the computer only to come back on shortly obviously the spark plugs were not the problem.

?what causes 0420 not 2 clear after shop redid intake manifold gasket.
? Oxygen censer? Or cat. Converter replacement ?

?can b gas cap, vac leak,e-vap can. O2 senser cat.converter all possible causes. Smoke test ONLY way 2 KNOW?

Whats your picture of is it art or parts to a big engine if seen offset on a big motor with a blower THANKS the cars my moms and knows very little about them and im disabled from injury numb on left side but prior years back did two years of auto mechanics thanks for all you have been great help and nice about it as well .

Said oxygen sensor on scanner both changed rescan same code. Five different test facilities code PO138 ? Help please

Heard all reasons oxygen sensors new. Told gas cap, it clicks once car started after gas put in after 1 click as cap says told also computer, ecm, wet access wireunder dash, wheel sensors, battery to small, coil packs etc. happens all cold weather each year all codes say oxygen sensor up and down stream but are new downstream is new butuses a leftover 2008 upstream a pontiac car built 4/08

The engine went off while I was driving.
The fuel pump was tested and is okay.
Cranking sensor has been tested and is okay.
There is a lot of dirt in the fuel tank.

2009 pontiac vibe awd 2.4L

first time this happened was today. outside temp was about 20 F. with icy, "greasy", snowy roads. The faster I drove the vibration would get faster too. I called it "chugging" because the vibration was a forward and back motion, not a side to side. I had a full tank of gas. Car has 39,000 odometer. I got off the expressway and drove to work on side streets so I could keep the speed under that 40mph threshold. (p.s.-may be Un-related but for the last year and a half the "low tire pressure light" comes on once every week and I put air into all the tires as specified on door jamb. ..wonder why they keep losing air?)
(p.p.s.- occasionally when braking, the car will pull to the left...not all the time...just once in a while. weird!)

I just bought a manual transmission, 2006 Vibe. The clutch engages at about 1/2" from the floor. Is this normal? It seems low. My daughter can drive it but I (I have been driving manual xmission all my life ahah) have trouble not stalling it. Is the clutch low? I just want to make sure my daughter will be safe.