I can replace the fuse and it will work for a couple days and then blow the fuse. lights all work... 4 ways work... brake lights work...

Brain no longer works!

Has a lot of spliced wires behind driver side light and needs to be fixed.

It acts like out of gas then u pump gas then it goes again but back fires

My 1997 Pont..Sunfire SE was running fine A water hose Busted and we fixed it ,it started and run fine for less than a mile then It started giving a sort of put put sound and refused to start again we replaced a sen..that had gotten broken or just broke.But it still want start even tho it does turn over it just don't seem to be getting enough power but,we have tried jumping it nope don't jump.I don't get the problem.Where else do I look for the problem ? It would love any help .Thank you

mmy parking brake does not work how do i fix it.

thought it was fuel pump so replaced it too

The key locks in position after starting it. I can't turn of the car or remove the key. When this happens the heater won't work.

the transmission cooler line broke and i got that fixed but now when u drive it now around 40-50 mph it wont shift it just revs up to 4000-5000 rpms but it still gains speed. Some times it will shift and drive smooth but once you slow down it wont shift after that.

it sometimes shifts into the high gear but then wont after u slow down again.

Turn signals don't blink just stay lit dimly and buzz.

also temp and fuel gages to stop working and all warning lights to come on when this happens only tac gage works.

at low speed, under 20 mph? how to fix the speed odm and light diming issue, when at night dash lights and head lights will go dim and all gages fail except RPM.

how do I reset the sped odm,at night both dash and head lights go dim and all warning dash lights come on also lose fuel and tem gage.

where do you disconnect dash wire harness at under the hood. when driving lose temp and fuel gage all warning lights come on,RPM is nonly working gage

temp is at 195 after setting all night do I need to replace temp sensor

When I turn the car on the dash clicks(turn signal click noise) and the headlight symbol flashes 10 times really quick then the service light comes on. Once this happens the passenger side low beam does not work and the cigarette outlet does not work.
All of the fuses are good, I checked that. Many forums said a wire commonly breaks but where would break that effects those two spots and nothing else?

First It sounded like there was liquid sloshing around In my dashboard when Im driving. Then There was a high pitched whining noise coming from my outer engine. The car ran for 2 days with this sound. Then it made a pop and stalled. It will not start now. I changed the water pump and it cranks a little better but still wont start. I dont know where to go from there

The car will not turn over unless forced but now it is not turning over anymore and I ran a scanner through it four times and it said that it is the camshaft sensor but I can not find it

I purchased a 1999 Sunfire with only 28583 miles on it in September 2014. I'm a teacher and only needed it to go back and forth to school and to the grocery store. It had been owned by an older person who had it rustproofed every year and everything seemed good. I had the brakes done, but even after, there was a violent shaking from the rear of the vehicle when I applied them on snow or ice. The mechanic says it's the ABS and showed me how to remove the fuse but said it's illegal for him to remove the fuse because of insurance. The problem is that the car won't stop on ice or snow with it activated, but when I remove it I decrease my stopping distance by half. The brakes work well enough on dry pavement - it's only a problem when the ABS kicks in. I've had ABS on other vehicles and never seen anything like this. I wouldn't mind paying to repair it if I knew what needs to be repaired. Suggestions, please?

Starts bearly an idles but now it dies when took out of park have to really try to keep running before it sounded from exhaust leak and had no horse power 65(70 mph tops slow get up and go thought from blower head gasket but now it won't run in rev or fwd codes said mult mis fire it had no get up and go replaced head gasket and believed to had put back right it idles an ran the same nearly cause now it hard to get it to drive before it stalls out help pleas anny opinions open