How do I fix it?

Please send instructions I don't understand why one wasn't in there.

my shifter indicates that it should be a 4 speed automatic transmission but their is a 3 speed automatic in the car is their a way to tell what the car is suppose to have. I think the transmission has been changed but not sure

My car isn't starting due to not having compression, I replaced the starter and battery it sounds like it wants to start but isn't going all the way through.

I replaced the motor but the new motor runs only on high too.

How MUCH for the part? and what part do I need ? Its the medal piece to hold up exhaust pipe

My check engine light keeps coming on right when I start the car and its always in the morning. I took my car to my mechanic and they look at my car and replaced the canister purge valve twice now. I know parts that every mechanic uses to replace broken ones can be defective with out them knowing it. But two in a row. Is it something else or just bad luck on the parts?

This is first time drove fine getting to my house but now cant leave can it be wrong parts

It sat up for about 3 years and I've flushed the radiator twice, put 2 different thermostats, new coolant, water pump and temperature cooling sensor on it. It doesn't smell hot and runs fine but every now and then my oil light comes on, but it's full, just been replaced. Could it be my head gasket? My oil is not milky and it doesn't blow white smoke from my exhaust pipe. What else can I do?

2001 Pontiac Sunfire - your estimate calculator said it should be between $550 and $800. Mechanic ship is in Missouri - zip code 63012

Sunfire GT. Wont Rev past 4k. Very slow accelaration. When r.p.M's reach 4k lose most if not all power. Cat??? Fuel pump?? Not sure where to start.

Rear passenger area makes a noise. Its most noticeable in the AM when I leave for work,or when weight is in the trunk.
I threw my camera under and took a recording. The noise is notice able at :58 and 1:01. Any suggestions?

yout tube .com/watch?v=wZ1txx-njlI&feature=youtu.be

car was running. stop pulling in the middle of the road when i stopped at a light.checked the fluid level; it was ok.first time the car has stopped pulling.

Pump wasn't working so put new relay in it and pump started running but wouldn't start I took relay out and crossed out were relay goes and started but running rough like on 2 cylinders and real rich?? Please help

How do I have computer checked?

the transmission only shifts at high rpms. what is the possible causes?

What is my issue

Tested battery, tested starter , there is not even a click.

I replaced the cooling fan last week and in my city there is a lot of construction. I hit a wall in traffic again and cranked the heat up when it got about 6 hash marks above normal. I'm thinking the hum is from the belt and it may be a water pump issue. Revved it in park and it was humming then as well so not the tranny as it wasn't engaged at that point. Thanks for the help.

i recently replaced my heater core in a 2001 pontiac sunfire and now one the heater core hoses is leaking is it possible the heater core is not in stalled all the way thru the fire wall?

So, left my car running for a little over an hour one day. came back, turned it off. when i tried to start it back up nothing. Heres where im at. My shift clutch cable from the steering column to the clutch is shotty but ive rigged it before. (that issue was the car not turning from on to off. car would be stuck on, the cable was jamming, its usable now.) my clutch with the key on will not shift from park to anything, on the transmission case, the shift column i can force from park to reverse, but its tight and doesnt really want to, even in reverse, the clutch doesnt move from park. the car will not start. i am not getting spark to the plug, ive traced it back to the crankshaft sensor. it isnt getting voltage it needs to allow the ignition coils to jump. so ive got a car that now will not send voltage to the cps and will not shift. i know they have to be related. almost as if it thinks its stuck in a different gear and doesnt want to start. but locked itself up thinking it was shut off in park. its definetly something new and very obnoxious. anyway for me to atleast override the clutch so i can roll it home? (no i havent yet pulled the cable off to shift the transmission manually to neutral. not sure my brakes will like it or if the cable needs to be moved to neutal to allow a brake release) again, this is quite a strange issue.

I looked under the center counsel but found no adjusting screw/nut. Is there a way to adjust it?