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About every 6 months or so, the check engine light comes on. Generally, it has been the #3 cylinder and has been since I've owned the car - I bought it new. It has always coded as a misfire in the #3 cylinder. At on...
car to dealr , he says timing belt shows wear and says $1600 dollars to repair I think a little wear is normal, what do you think?
when i turn the car off the emergency lights go on and off akso the horn will go on and off periodically. when the engine is on it goes off. i changed the battery,before i did that the dash board would read FOB batter...
Idling horrible. Check engine light came on last night. Had computer hooked up to it twice. One thing is setting off another and another. Guy says either the timing belt has slipped (which he has seen a couple times l...
the coolant system. gm says they have to replace my engine because they cant get air out of coolant system. i'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem
does anyone know if it takes any special (not ordinary) tool or tools to do this? Meaning any OUT of the ordinary type tool, different from most cars. Thanks!
Just bought the car. 10,500 miles on car. On trip home the temperature was staying between 205 to 207 degrees F. Is this normal?
Battery light comes on, and there is a new battery installed
Is there a trick to changing the serpentine belt on my 2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP?
how much dies it caost to replace a water pump for a 2007 pontiac solstice?
I shifted from 3rd to 4th gear and my check engine light blinked for about 5 seconds then went away. I haven't been driving my car for about 5 days now and I'm nervous to drive it. Should I take it in? I read that thi...
dose a 2007 gxp have a boost controller
I am trying to replace the oil filter but cannot find where it is. Please help!
Manual calls for synthetic oil, how many miles is this good for and how much is the average cost of using synthetic oil?