When I am driving the speedometer will drop to 0 and times the the transmission will seem like it in nutreul. I have replaced the speed sensor and the range sensor and the instrument cluster in the dash and still have the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.

My husband has has to replace the wiring harness once on the driver side and twice on the passenger side because it keeps getting so hot that it burn and melts the wiring harness. Has anybody else has this problem, or know of a recall for the problem?

what should i do. There looks like a factory amp is in my trunk, but i do not see a fuse box for it. please help

I have a Pontiac Bonneville 2000 supercharged water pump went out so I have to replace it do I have to remote the motor to replace it

Recently had oil change. He k engine light also coming on intermittently.

Would use parts and ignition box coil

I had putting a small amount gas in it for couple week. Instead of keeping it at a half a tank. And had turned a couple times when wasn't park. I don't if it had a barring on things. Throttled and vibrates at the steering wheel to. Missing keys. Don't why stop working so got get keys to see what's going on. Can a 2004 grand am se ignition switch be a replacement for my 2001 grand am se. So can see the problems on it. Please help

I recently had my secondary air pump and both check valves replaced to get an inspection. The car ran good no engine light. now after an Oil change my engine light is back on and my gas mileage is very poor, it reduced drastically. any idea on what the issue could be?

How do I set it or learn it?

I have code p1336

no radio,speedometer,heat,a/c,gauges work at all and were all working prior to mechanic putting in new fuel pump. the heads up speed works though

Switched out some of the fuses,they were still good though.Please help.

I have a 2001 Pontiac grand Prix. The key was getting old and started falling apart. One day the whole rubber insert fell out and I can't find it. My car won't start without that insert which has a computer chip in it.

My car has around 170k miles on it and I came home from work one night and parked and when I got up the next morning I had a puddle of oil under the front of my car and I even had oil that ran all along the exhaust. After sitting it quit leaking. I change the filter and there wasn't a double gasket, added more oil and it ran fine for a while and then started leaking again. It doesn't leak when it's shut off. It only leaks after running. Any ideas? I can't really see where the oil is coming from but it's somewhere the front passenger side.

No power 2 obd2 plug

Electric window switch on drivers side?

Shifter will not engage or lock into any gear. Have to use emergency break to keep it from rolling away. Just a big paper weight now. Thanks for your help.

it seems to happen on hot days my thermostat stays at normal temps though im curious if there is a sensor that may need replacement or anything i dont know

Had a new timing chain put in a Valve job done. She still backfires thru the exhaust. She is so far out of time the garage says new engine.The head is good yet.

There was a very loud clicking noise right under the passenger air bag. I had to take it to a GM dealer. The cost was $250 and wondered if this pertains to the recall now?

The fan blower will go off. It will come back on next day. Could this be as simple as a fuse?

At first it would click when i turned the wheel to the right side an someone told me it might be your axel. Then check it the boot is torn. Next few days it got to grinding a lil went to a brake shop the told me all my brakes are fine. So I'm wondering is it my axel making that noise? Or somthing completely different

It won't start .charged battrry .new dues.acts like it ain't getting no gas

I am relatively new to this. I bought this car last october. When I got it, and since I have had it, it has had white smoke coming out of the exhaust. I drove it like that for 8 months. I finally got another car, so I decided to try and do the head gaskets. The car was running fine before I started the job, other that a little white smoke when idling. I parked it in our side yard, since the garage is full. At the time, I didnt realize I would need to get under the car to do this job. I started taking apart the engine, making my way down to the head gaskets. I took out the radiator so that I could sit in the engine bay while I worked. I got the entire intake manifold off, top and bottom, and everything attached to it. I started taking off the valve covers. I got one off, but the other one had a stripped bolt, so I couldn't get it off. I decided to come back to it and went ahead and disconnected the headers from the heads. Then I realized I would have to get completely under the car to completely remove the headers from the car. With those two big problems, I realized I wouldnt be able to finish the job where the car sat. So I started putting everything back together. I replaced the lower intake manifold gasket and the plenum gasket, as well as the little one on the throttle body. I got everything back together, and I filled the radiator with distilled water because I dont have any money for coolant right now. I went to start it, and it didnt crank the first time, which I expected. I let the fuel pump run for a few seconds, then I tried again. It slowly, barely shuddered to life and big clouds of white smoke started coming from the engine bay and the exhaust. I shut it off after like 5 seconds of the smoke and shuddering. I have no idea why this happened. It didnt happen before I parked it. Did I put it back together wrong? Or what?

Got the oil pan off but having trouble disconnecting the pump from the chain housing

How do I fix the security so the van will start

What is the reason I can't figure it out?

Yeah sitting at a stoplight my car starts to vibrate with the brake pedal depressed down and I've got a brand new tune up and what would cause the vibrating of the car the steering wheel starts shaking really bad when I press down the break

I'm trying to get a key fob and idk if it already has the internals or not.

It would not accept the freon.
What do I check.