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there is a clicking under the dash turned it off and now it wont turn over just started doing it this evening
how do i change a fuel sensor in a pontiac montana,my fuel light stays on and it is full?
before it would be a long while to get the heater warm,could the thermostat? or is just somethings poare known for? help
I took it to Emissions and they said the code came back as a p0335 but I called auto zone and they said its the ignition coil anyway you can help???
I have a 1991 Pontiac Firebird V8 would a problem with the steering column or a bad steering column cause the car not to start , like I can turn the key but no noise comes from the engine but the radio and lights will...
It has around 143,000 miles, recently bought from a private party owner and whenever I start in 1st gear it sputters as if I am driving a manual for the first time. I got a test for the check engine light and they sai...
Whats your picture of is it art or parts to a big engine if seen offset on a big motor with a blower THANKS the cars my moms and knows very little about them and im disabled from injury numb on left side but prior yea...
Has a lot of spliced wires behind driver side light and needs to be fixed.
Motor runs like a Ferrari shifts great only got 800 in it n I wanna keep it going lmk. 7407051115
Said oxygen sensor on scanner both changed rescan same code. Five different test facilities code PO138 ? Help please
it doesn't show in my manual.
My van starts ok a run on idle but when i drive it an turn rigth or go up hill it looses power an dies
I just got the vehicle yes its a little high mileage but not bad. 168xxx, was told nothing wrong with it, test drove it ect, drove fine. After a day or so it shifted a little hard upshifting but nothin real bad only h...
Also I have a secondary air pump that is making a whinding noise would that cause the light and sputter
it started out only shifting hard after a longer drive but does it most of the time now
I have a 2007 g6 with 117xxx miles. I've had so many problems out of my car lately. The windshield wipers will not work and the windows won't roll down until the motor is warm, meaning If it's raining I have to start ...
I just bought this car and the blinker lights would come on, but not blink. Replaced the turn signal flasher, and now the blinkers "blink", but when I put the turn signal switch in the "off" position, the hazard light...
It acts like out of gas then u pump gas then it goes again but back fires