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I have a vehicle that has been out of action for about a year now. I found out later that GM issued a recall on it, and I was wondering if this ignition recall creates a no start condition in my car.
Car-part.com shows the strut assemblies being the same on the right and left but when I attempted to assemble a RH assembly to the drivers side I couldn't get the part to line up. Getting a bit of a hastle from aut...
when I press the button for the door, it clicks at the door but motor does not run.
all three inop lights have come on, I do not know what to look for as the problem. lights are always on.
It has happen three times so far, I would put my key and the key will not turn, I jiggle it, play with transmission shifter. After trying this a few times the will turn and engine turns over. ????
Where is the crank sensor look like an located
The van died when driving down the highway.I checked the timing chain, changed the spark plugs and wires, changed the fuel filter. I know its getting spark and fuel. These are all the codes before I did any thing: P...
After about 2-3 min my car will start surging and then die. Normal operating temp. Starts right back up. No codes, no lights come on on the dash. Have replaced the IAC valve but stilldoing it. Could the MAF OR TP sens...
Car starts then shuts off like its out of fuel, is it possible to get these codes and proper instructions to reset them myself? Without having to pay for them.
It just revs. I topped up the tranny fluid. Seemed to help a bit but not totally. Nothing seems to be leaking.
Car is shut off, doors are closed, lights are off, key out of ignition, turn signals are off and no reason for the chimes to still be sounding. How do I get them to turn off?
is a Pontiac Bonneville 2003 i bought the part i just need the old removed and new put in.
Just bought this car . Guy said it worked a month ago when he got it inspected . All the other lamps work ( head lights , brake lights , running lights ) . What could be the problem?
Turns over strong, when I turn key over without cranking the rpms jump up and down between 2 an 3... seems electrical any ideas?
Took it to a repair shop and they said I need new lifters and a couple of the rocker arms are broken. Also in my radiator is sludge and clear water. I keep this car serviced. What happened? The repair shop says the en...