It would not accept the freon.
What do I check.

Last replacement was barely a week and a half ago. Shorted out again last night

i took a 120 mile round trip yesterday and today it started putting pretty bad and it felt like it didnt want to accelerate well and when i came to a stop the car died and when i turned it over it has spark and power it just wont start very well

My bonneville starts to get a little too hot when it's idling (like sitting at a light or something) but once I start driving the temperature goes back down. what gives??? can anybody help me on this? drive perfectly fine besides that. just want to get it fixed.

air con and temp gauge both quit on me at the same time

Does the brain to the car have to be reset?

replaced mass air flow filter now car wont start

This doesnt always do it after touching brakes little hard could calibers be sticking

sometime they work and sometime they don't.

The Car start Rumbles and will try to give it gas it dies like it's not getting enough gas but it will start up every time and I can have no power you trying to go and it will just die

I know how many miles I go to and from work but my odometer is adding at almost double that rate.

It started a little but I think it's getting worse. I had a computer diagnostic done but nothing shows up. Is this the ignition switch starting to go bad? There is no clicking or starter noise just nothing then I turn the key again and it starts but it starting to take to tries now.

I have 99 2.4 L4
parts car available is a 94 3.1
will I be able to use rack and pinion

Also had valves replaced. Only runs hot sometimes. Lost most of coolant during the night when it was cold.

I had taken it to Dobbs and they replaced thermostat and compressor still same symptoms. I have always noticed a wack smell coming from the vents. But I can't keep wasting money. What is the problem?

I'm having a problem with my brake lights, intermittently operating. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't work! Currently, they stay on and won't go out. I have taken the fuse out so the lights won't drain the battery. I know this is a problem the the Pontiac G6. I saw a video on You Tube and the mechanic fixed the problem by using dialectric grease on the on board "body computer" but that component is located in a different place on my Gran Am than it is on the G6. Can you tell me where I can find it? Thanks.

How do replace it and what tools do I need?

Went out from work yesterday and car won't start! Everything else worked. Jumped it and started. Got home it starts , this morning it starts, get to work shut it off and it won't start, go out at lunch and it started right up. What is going on I've checked all the thing I could think of!

What is the recommended car battery for the 07 GXP? I believe the battery that came with the Pontiac Solstice has had it's day.

The dealership wants $910

I just had my heater core replaced because my car was leaking coolant from hose underneath towards passenger side. Although my heat was working great. Now that it's summer I'm finding out that my AC is not blowing cold air

plenty of battery, just one loud click when I turn the key

I have a 2000 Daytona 500 Grand Prix Supercharged. I am constantly having to put Anti Freeze in reservoir. I travel to work and have smelled the AF after stopping the engine. Help!

Every time I take my floorats up the floors wet as can be. Under my back seats it looks as if I have a river lol any ideas what could be the problem with my Pontiac 2006 G6 any recalls I missed?

It just started to continue to run the engine fan after it is turned off

I lost my keys in my front yard and is there any way to locate them by the chip that's in the engine key at all please help I hae no ride till I find them.thanks

JUST replace a fuel pump.so #1,battery is dead.an have been for 2weeks. Got a charge,
Turn the key engine turn no gas is pumping,did it a couple of times.wen I turn the key I don't hear the fuel pump turning on.
#1,battery don't stay charged.#2,might have an electric problem? I need help.

Its been doing it for awhile , I change the fuse underneath the hood it keeps blowing . I've gotten the back lights , dashboard and main fuse box looked at , nothing is touching .. And also unplugged my CD player

The AC blows, but it doesn't get cold

how much to fix both of these and he to see to fix them