I am trying to find a great mechanic that works well and does not over charge. One that is dependable and wants to work on my car.

when you get up to around 50 mph the transmission will make a loud bang and then the van will jerk this only happens once in a while

I have had it checked by a mechanic and he says it is a sensor. I wanted to know how easy is it to repair it?

when you stop and start right back up the right rear brake will lock up for a few feet before letting go

My dash makes it seem like it's okay for 10,000 miles, but I've always been taught to change it every 3,000.

In the middle of the doors and also below the doors there are sections that have some type of molding that makes the car look sporty. These parts have come off and I would like to know how I can get them replaced.

It only happens after I let off the brakes. It sounds like it's on my rear driver's side and it's a thump that goes at a pace similar to my tires rotating.

this started after it overheated while my wife was driving

It burns out every 6 months. Only my passenger side.

Never done this before could hear like suctioned air when pushed brake peddle

First off, I'm quite sure the catalytic converter needs replaced. I'm not sure if this would effect the A/C performance, but just recently the A/C stopped blowing cold air. After adding coolant, it works but only when the car is actually 'going'. When idling, it blows hot air. Then once I take off, it gets cold again. Also, I can smell the fumes from the catalytic converter and wonder if it being clogged might be correlated to the A/C running inefficiently.

It happens upon starting the ignition. It throttles up to 2+ in park and accelerates without the foot on the gas when in drive or reverse. It happens randomly & has happened about 5 times since buying it in September 2015.

Replaced pedal position sensor - nothing
Replaced throttle body - worked for 2 months
Checked body to ECM connectors/harness - looked good
Checked ECM to throttle position sensor - looked good and replaced - nothing

The climate control panel is dead (the knobs to turn on the fan and blower do not work, but the AC sensor light, rear defogger and rear hatch opener all work. The fuse that is listed in the book looks ok....so what else could it be. Radio works fine too.

my car stalls as soon as it starts then refuses to start back. Check engine light comes on and service tractsion

I have a couple of friends who knows about cars so we could probably do it ourselves but what is the part itself cost

I have checked fuses but they are fine.

Pontiac Grand prix gt

Again I need to know what it is and how I fix.it

ive had this fixed in 2014 and 2015 looks like ill have to do it again

i turned the key an got nuttin but all the lights radio etc worked. i turned it off an back on an got nuttin i waited a few mins an tried again an only the seatbelt light came on everything else is dead including the power windows last time it did this my radio an time reset back to default

Nothing works and the windows don't come up. Gas gage, speedometer, rpm all are nonworking help

There was no lights prior to the brake repair and I saw no sensors. Does anyone know how to reset the ABS and service the TC light.

Bucket seat. Not power seat. Lift front handle and nothing. Was a problem of locking in place .now just stuck forward.

Only when idle when driving it runs fine

diagnostic code says code 42

Ihave replace my oxygen sensors and mask air flow sensor. check engine still on.code p0031

My GTP has 128K on it and I just very recently found out about supercharger oil maintenance. I'm unsure if mines ever been looked at and wanted to know more about it and possible warning signs of being low. Thank you!

When I am driving the speedometer will drop to 0 and times the the transmission will seem like it in nutreul. I have replaced the speed sensor and the range sensor and the instrument cluster in the dash and still have the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.

My husband has has to replace the wiring harness once on the driver side and twice on the passenger side because it keeps getting so hot that it burn and melts the wiring harness. Has anybody else has this problem, or know of a recall for the problem?