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The mechanic said he would have to replace the whole A/C compressor and belt(serpintine?). I don't have the $615 and am in desperate need of repairing my car soon. He says he can also install a bypass kit that would...
I recently replace both my front and rear motor mounts and at the same time replaced my trans oil and filter and put 4qts in. Now it hesitates shifting into D and R. Drives fine after engages. whats causing this
replaced crank shaft sensor,fuel filter,swapped out shut down and relay also fuel pump relay,checked remote control starter, when car shuts down there is o fuel pressure car getting worse if i hit fuel tank the car wi...
answer was the fuel pump why didn't this show a code? thank you
you answered me and said it was the fuel pump could you please tell my why you think it's not the computer i just want to be sure i've already put so much money into this car.
the car just stops while your driving . we checked the remote starter ,replaced the fuel filter, replaced the crank shaft sensor,swapped out shutdown relay and fuel pump relay there is no diagnostic codes when car s...
they changed transmissions 4 times they changed computer, the car gets stuck in 2nd gear, if you shut the car down and restart it will go to third gear only to go back to 2nd gear if you let off the gas,
I'm getting a loud rattling noise from the undercarriage of my vehicle, it was suggested that I remove the catalytic converter and this a wise thing to do? Thanx in advance for your help
i have misfire codes on cylinders 1,2,3, and 4 what does this mean.
A/C works; Alternator works; could this be the Idler Pulley? If so, how do I know it is bad, and how do I remove and replace it?
so my car stopped running while i was driving it and when we scanned it for codes it gave us the crankshaft sensor was bad. i need to know where it is and how hard it is to replace. I already have a new sensor but don...
I need to put raditor fluid in the radiator for winter,i need to know how to do this for my 1998 plmouth breeze?
Where is the drain plug on transmission for 1999 plymouth breeze
The OEM has given a troubleshooting code PO731, Gear ration error in first gear. The ECM has detected that the transmission input RPM does not match the transmission output RPM under know conditions. Check other serv...
My car shifts or knocks hard when driving normal on the streets and highway. Yesterday, while driving at 55mph, my car makes a howling or pitching sound/noise.
My car shifts or knocks hard when driving normal on the streets and highway. Yesterday, while driving at 55 mph there is a howling, pitching sound/noise.
how much would it cost to get my fue filter/pump fixed on my car it has slow acceleration to is that the problem are is that something diffrent please help.
Both CV joints are going out on my car. I want to know what it would cost to have them replaced.
can I pull the transmission on this car without dropping the subframe out?
my car have a oil leak and is not the oil gaske cover
can not fit new drum over the new brake shoes
why does alternator light come on and off in my 1999 plymouth breeze
i am having problem locating the LDP. can u tell me what it looks like. i have taken down the tank ane its not there
i was reading that the spark plug tube seals fail alot. which mine have just replaced them a year ago now i got a puddle of oil again in my tubes. question is what can i do if anything so they dont fail again is there...
My car is not getting enough fuel presure to keep it running. I have gas. I changed the fuel filter. Checked the pump. What could be causing it to not get enough pressure?
I tuen the fan on there are no heat or A/C come out on the low speed1,2,3. Only on speed 4 I can have A/C and heat . What I have to replace?
What is the engine oil capacity of this car?
I changed the fuel filter on my car and I still cant get it running. It will run but not enough to be able to drive it. Is it a possible to put the lines on wrong?