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only hot air coming out of air vents
how do I tell if it mechanical or elecrical?
i need to know how to remove the hub assbley so change it can anyone help
if you need a heil-coil to be put in cylinder 4 does that mean you have a bad cylinder or a stripped spark plug ?
engine shaking and skippinig when driving under 35mph.smoothing out over 35mph.
I was on the highway and the car started to lose pressuer. Pull over,check the oil and antifreeze.oil was low,added 2 qts and the motor started puttering.When driving at speeds over 35 it stops.
The blower is either off, or full blast. I've replaced the resistor twice, once from the dealer and once somewhere else. The first time it seemed to last about a week. The second time just a day or so. Once installed ...
It seems the anti-lock system is trying to prevent a skid as the car comes to a stop, like it should. However the anti-lock system should disengage below 15 mph or so as I understand it. I found both rear brake wheel ...
will a bad crank censor stop the fuel pump from working
gray smoke comes out of the tail pipe more so when the engine is reved & sometimes when i check the oil the tubing that holds the dip stick has smoke in it, & it slowly leaks oil have to add 1 to 1/2 quart 1x a month
when my cars in idle there's a vibration mostly felt in the steering wheel & when driving there's a jet like noise coming from the motor, it has always done this.
just happened parked the car the night before went to get in it the next day and it would'nt start
My car died while driving it. The gas gauge was reading empty, though I was sure I had gas. Put more gas in, half tank, and nothing. She cranks but won't turn over. I checked my relays, fuses, power to relays at PCM, ...
just started i had the oil changed and now it goes off and on
How do I replace my safety belt receptacle?
my check engine light does not come on how much should it cost to replace the bulb
Just had to change the transmission in the car and now a new problem has occured. When pressing the brakes the ABS pump is real noisy and brake pressure is greatly reduced. When applying the brakes it drops to the f...
My car starts to eratically miss when I drive it. I can drive it for a couple of days without it happening and then I will be driving approximately 40-50 mph and I will be on the gas and the car feels like it is not ...
brake fluid leaking, no brakes.
car shut off while drivinnd turns over but will not start
did the blower motor cause the blower motor resistor to burn out .this is what I was told happens and that I should buy Both or the resistor will just burn out again.
Driverside seat - the power seat back does not catch to stop it from reclining.
like to know where the fuel pump is located because the car kicks over but does not want to start
car stops, put 5 fuel pumps on it and a crank sensor still no fuel pressure?
fan only works on high. havn,t figured out how to remove plastic under glove compartment.have looked behind heater controls but it wasn't located there.
where is the battery located
how do i remove the old tail light?
how do i change a tail light?
I am losing water from the block part of where the bottom radiator hose goes into. Is this my water pump? freeze plug? what?