They all worked before I replaced the radiator

I had my radiator replaced the next morning transmission fluid had leak completely out.

trying to replace the rear cam plug. Do I need to remove the end cam cap to remove the plug? If so what is the torque spec on the end cam cap bolts?

It was running fine then this morning it keeps stalling out every time I stop or let it just idol.

I recently had my main computer die on me. I've recently installed a brand new Computer, brand new battery, and brand new alternator.

My battery light came on after pulling the old computer out, and I knew I needed a new battery. This also led to the discovery of a bad alternator.

Battery has a fresh full charge on it too, so as not to burn up the new alternator.

Why is my battery light still on?

Car now running low gear

To start off, the car I'm asking about is not a Plymouth Acclaim. It's a 1988 Plymouth Horizon, they just didn't give that option when I started. So, I'm looking to buy this car, but it doesn't have any plates on it, so we can't drive it the hour plus to our mechanic with no plates, and he's way too busy to come out and look at it. The exhaust is LOUD and the guy trying to sell it to us says that the exhaust pipe has a leak in it. The car has a catalytic converter, so we figure it would be more expensive than if it didn't, but we still don't know about what it would cost. I'll probably call my mechanic at some point and ask a ballpark of him too, but I just want to know about what it looks like, given that I'll probably have to buy the car before it sees our mechanic.

about 2 weeks ago the van started making a winding noise for a second or so, then start. Sometimes it started right up. Now it wines up and don't start at all. I did check and the belts are not turning at all.

the magnet came loose and broke the sensor

I just changed front ceal , and oil pan gasket.

It happens if in motion or idling

theres 2 sizes which do i need

they say theres 2 sizea and i dont know how to tell what size mine are

I assume it must have some purpose. Appears to be weather stripping of some sort, but what does it protect? It's a foam tube-shaped "pool noodle"-type thing, like copper water pipe insulation.

when operating my van with the air-con on it uses a lot of radiator fluid. when i turn off the air-con it runs fine. what is wrong?

I just bought this car not to long ago and mind you, it only has 129 thousand miles on it so I'm pretty shocked I'm already dealing with problems. It just recently started when I drove it from forest hill/auburn to Roseville and when the noise started my ac started to not work as well it could, every time I would break, the noise got louder. It started off as a little noise so I hadn't thought anything of it but the more I drove it the louder it got and now it's parked over in an apartment complex sitting because the noise is so loud I'm afraid of driving it

When I operate my A/C my engine overheats and loose radiator fluid. When I turn off my A/C I don't loose fluid.

Rear stays cold

my door ajar light will go off when i put in reverse or park. but stays on in drive.

When I bought the car it wouldn't open. It is locked and won't open. The handle doesn't stick it is just the lock that won't allow the car to open. Is there a way that I can get it open myself?

I need the firing order