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Not getting gas to the fuel module. Will not start.
So far i replaced the bottom roller along with the top roller and still when i attempt to close the door, it hangs up in which forced the bottom roller system to pop out, Does anyone have any ideas on how i can correc...
Hiw to install a brake line properly?and where/how do i fix rear sriver side .
Just the left side of the car is leaking brake fluid.
The car stalled and the oil light went on, would not start after that.
I cannot switch from defrost to cabin air vents
my Voyager broke down and I got towed back to my house I was able to put it in reverse up the hill I replace the driver side CV joint but it's still not wanting to go into gear could it be the transmission or do I nee...
I smack the gauges and they start working and then the van will start what could it be
When im cruising along at 55 or 60 there is a small jerking sensatoin sometimes It seems to be when the car is in overdrive and going uphill or downhill.the transmission seems strong and isnt slipping and there isnt ...
I've changed the spark plugs twice, the coil and plugs while I changed the fuel filter my car got worse . So please help.
My 99 plymouth breeze break lights aren't working. Its not the fuses. All three lights just quit.
Replaced water pump. Started to install the timing belt when I noticed the rear cam (next to the fire wall) was off by 1 tooth. Instead of using a breaker bar I grabbed a ratchet. The gear spun (slid down the cam), so...
and when you go To Start it, it Starts and dies instantly?
Passenger sliding door first became hard to latch and had to be pushed in at rear of door to latch, then became hard to latch at all. It sometimes seems to latch with help, then I hear road noise & have to close it a...
It stop in traffic, and this is the first time
i was told it was due to a serpintine belt issue but i need to identify which belt it is.
before this all happen when u would slow down the oil light would come on what could this be plz help