the fan belt and pully's and water pump are on the passengers side.

Ive owned this car for a year and a half. Whn first bought it ran fine for test drive then after buying it wouldnt start. It started the next day was taken to a shop where they couldnt find an issue, it ran fine. Since then I have had intermitent issues with running good except for slight idle roughness when sitting at traffic lights. Then it started having the same issues as earlier where it would run ok and drive somewhere and tun it off and few min later wouldn't start. Wait a bit go back and it would start right up. Then same thing would happen. We have replaced the fuel pump. Since then it has started several times. Then I went to drive it and it failed to start. Replaced the fuel regulator, still won't start. My mechanic is stumped. So am I. Not sure what to look at next.

What causes this problem?

I put a light tester to the wires leading to them and got nothing. I think it could be the relay but how do I know for sure. Is there a way to test them or see if the fans motors are working?

I noticed that the 2 fans directly behind the radiator are not spinning, when I'm in park and allowing the car to get hot? could that be the problem and how to fix?

replaced a/c compressor, condenser etc and now wont start.
Double checked all wires etc. all hooked up
found I had 3 volts to fuel pump but no pressure at fuel rail so I replaced the fuel pump
Still wont start
Do I need to reset computer?

Has a poof sound and has a miss when giving gas while in park.replaced starter poof noise is coming from the motor car has a chug in it while giving it gas in park. Drives fine.

The car drives fine ,but in park it chugs or has like a miss . This only happened after I replaced the starter. When I crank the car it makes a poof sound near the motor like a leak or something.help.

wires in trunk coming off pump,changed ecm 2x. car wont start w new ecm, starts w old ecm reinstalled. can stop pump by disconneccoting pump wire in eng compartment to battery

Dave Bush at Precision Auto Repair in Garwood NJ damaged my 1970 Cutlass Convertible- He over filled transmission, left bolts out and let water damage occur - he neglected my car and worked on his friend Joe at Westfield Collision's car. He told me my car did not deserve the attention I paid for and overcharged me $1000 for work NOT done. Shoddy work and I my money back to repair his damage

Just changed this tranny to turbo 400. Overfilled tranny and now tranny won't shift out of first. No fluid shown in modulater valve. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Gages stopped working.

Catches 1st gear 3rf gear only when letting car shift itself.

I just replaced alternator cause I thought it was draining the batt. But still seems to not restart correctly

I have no problems getting it to start or restart at all runs alittle rough once in awhile

Changed solenoid and did not get better. Just click a few times and it used to start but just click now

Can a NEW starter be bad,and should I be changed again replacing the 2nd one.Do U think that it was a rebuilt one the frist time?Thanks

fuel guage tach ,speedometer and temp guage also don't work if this is a fuse issue which fuse is it

I just got an oil change and a tune up...the battery seems ok but idk

shud it be changed,now I get going 60+ and it hesitates and today I started to power and I had the gas to the floor and it came out of it but any idea why?

checked all fuse every single one is good. is there some other fuse that also works along with the brake & turn single one's
Thank you for your attention to my problem.

Before dropping motor back in i changed the thermostat, new upper and lower radiator hoses. Everything worked before the swap. I should mention car sat for 6 months without running while I was searching for a motor with less than 200000 miles on it. Car runs fine. All fluid levels are good. Upper and lower radiator hoses get hot. No overheating issues. My problem lies with the heat. I get not heat whatsoever. I replaced the electronic control board today thinking that was the problem. Still the same thing. It will not switch from bi-level to upper to lower or to defrost. Just blows out the floor and defrost at the same time. And does not get anywhere near warm air at all. I took out glovebox and when i move the actuators for the vent positions it changes the airflow to where its suppose to be but will not operate with the control board. Heater core is good. Like i said the its circulating just fine. Any help would be appreciated.

Oil is leaking into my overflow, been cleaned out and a sealant put in, it helped for awhile. Has never over heated but heats up if i have to idle too long. Then cools down when moving. Dont want to be ripped off. How long to fix and about how much? Its a cutless supreme.

The car was running great but I drove it about a 1/4 mile, shut it off, tried starting it about a half an hour later and it wouldn't start. Got it towed home and got it to start the next day for only a minute or two but then would die again and wouldn't restart until the next day. This went on for 3-4 days before it finally would not start back up. Someone checked the coils and said there was no fire but yet someone else said they think it could be the computer. Now since I got the car, every once in a while I could smell what seemed like rotten eggs. I checked and that could be a sign of a bad catalytic converter. Does any of this sound right? I still have lights and gauges that work and the check engine light is on.

Basically I bleed the brakes in the fashion described in my repair manual, I have good firm pedal but it seems that all the stop powering is on the bottom of it which scares people. I did just have the brake master cylinder off while doing a tranny swap. Basically I think there is a vacuum like I forgot to reconnect. A where the line is supposed to be and where its supposed to originate from would be great.

The snow that was had frozen my doors.I finally gotton the passager side opened,so when kept hit it,I've gotton it opened,however,the latch has alot of play,and now I have to go to the passager side to get in,but I can get out on the drivers side.What's wrong with the door?