Acts as though it is flooding out or some type of sluggish throttle reaction.

rattling and hard thumping noise when going over bumps

Hooking up dash speakers

car stereo was installed in my car blue and white wire is cut in half when I turn the ignition the security light comes on won't start turning back off makes about 3 beeping sounds all the lights and headlights come on the dash. I took the anti-lock fuse out of the fuse box and put it back in I don't know what else to do.with the fe

I don't have any money to get it fixed please help I got to take my college classes soon please help

On the right side the always on filament blinks, but the blinker filament is always off. We have installed new bulbs and a new flasher. The voltages to the bulb socket are wrong, one is the correct 12V, the other is 5.6V and should be a blinking 0V to 12V. What is likely to be the problem?

93 olds cutlass supreme

The problem just started.

Added freon not long ago

Had to jump my car a lot of times in about 1 week.Took it to Sears,check battery and said it was good,how ever,a day later,had it jumped again,had them checked everything,starter,batterymthe charging system,everything WAS still good,but replaced a terminal bolt,but today,had to jump started AGAIN.Is there a short some where?taking it to Firestone next.

mechanic doesnt think its the cv joint

My floor boards are getting wet

The water in radiator isnt circulating instead its pumping water out once full. Is this the thermostat or water pump?

How long does it take? Do you gotta pull motor?

How long does it take? Do you gotta pull motor?

How long does it take?

Trying to figure out if i have vats or the passkey i heard the old screwdriver method might work on the passkey models but not for vats ... I have the squar chipped key idk if that makes a diffrence n if i do trip the security can i bypass it in anyway??

All lug nuts are off. There seems to be something in the center of the wheel holding it on.

had it towed home. Now it will start right up however runs really rough and oil light still on. Oil show's full. What could it be? Was running fine before.

I'm trying to replace the pcv hoses and make sure I connect everything also valve on fuel rail is leaking so will a o ring in cap help? Thanks so much