My emencey brake light and abs lights will come on @ the same time as well as my check engine lights,Just had a tune-up weks ago,but that light still comes on

It will crank up but if I don't give it any gas it shuts off

When the car has been warmed up at a stop the engine goes from 500 to 1500 RPM and sometimes stalls completely. I tried the Idle relearn procedure without success. Service Engine Soon light is always on. Runs well when driving.

Changed spark plugs fuel filter fuel pump oil change

Issue: Door locks keep trying to activate while I am driving and then for a few minutes after I switch off the car. Sometimes all, sometimes just a random one. I opened door handle and there looks to be a double set pin system. I went to AutoZone and they said they don't carry a part for this. I am trying to search online but I can't tell what part I actually need. Can anyone help?

When checking the oil it reads empty so i added it some drove from work (4mi) car just shut off & wont start. Gave it a day to sit & then it started so i drove it (2mi) back to my home & just as i got to my turn it died & auto zone says its the oil pumo

I took my car on a 334 mile trip today in hot weather driving 80mph on interstate and when i ran my a.c. the temp gauge would go high but never over the line into red. So i would go back and forth with turning the a.c. on and off due to the gauge . it always went down when I turned off a.c.. I got 230 miles into trip and all of a sudden my temp gauge fastly went into red and the hot light came on it took me about 2 miles to stop safely and the car was smoking severly I thought the car was in fire under the hood. So I stopped and shit it off and opened hood immediately. Let it sit for about 45minutes after it cooled off I added water to radiator and started it... (The gauge was down in cool ) so it was safe to try and nothing leaked out when i filled radiator until I started it and then everything I put in leaked out with antifreeze... My question is... Is it the water pump or hose?

can you change a fuel pump without removing the gas tank on a 93 olds cutlass supreme convertible?

1993 cutlass supreme convertible where do i cut a fuel pump access hole in the floor?

I have a 93 olds cutlass supreme 3.4 DOHC it sat thru winter and the battery died. Since getting running again it idles high and wont come down. I was told probably IAC valve and when I checked it with the key on the plunger popped off. So I got a new IAC and installed it. No change I then installed a new TPC no change. What is wrong with this thing???

I put in a new turn signal switch and the lights still don't work

runs hor I replaced intake gasket

The day this happened, ran it out of gas, put half a tank in it, ran fine, parked it for 30 minutes, started right back up, put in gear, and died, now cranks N but won't turn. Has spark, fuel pump kicks out, tried starter fluid, and still will not turn over

It only pops on @ speeds over 45 mph.Had another engine put in about two years ago.And I was told @ the time that it may returned,but it didn't until sometime last year.No-one can find the issue why.Gas cap ok.No one has a OB1 TESTER

I have a 1987 cutlass supreme and the issue I'm having it that is will start up but then it will shut off immediately at it start can any one tell me what can be the issue

radial tires ,front wheel drive, medium sedan

front wheel drive vehicle and radials on medium size vehichle

the scanner show either cyl.1 misfire or mult.misfire it does it whenever runs good for awhile & then crappy for awhile u don't have to do anything to it & it will run fine

and wires still no spark at plug

I used a c-clamp - that did not work. Can another way be recommended? I need to get my car fixed

Had the car brought iin for curise control,but was told that I needed a battery,which I did,but still had isses starting,so had another stater put in,but NOW it's STILL having an issue starting.The last time it haooened it needs a neauter safety switch.Can this be the case now?

car was taking in for curise control,and it works ,but the single lights didn't work well,took it back and had to leave it,didn't have to pay extra,but althought the left works find,it's the right on that doesn't work right.When I played with the gear shft,the back-up lights comes on,but it willn't stay on.

I am driving down the road and all of a sudden the transmission feel like it in neutral but it is in drive. I push on gas peddle and it does nothing. I then have to turn off the engine for a minute then start the car again. I continue once again but a couple minutes later it does the same thing again.It took me 6 tries of doing this and I only went 2 miles down the road .

All wires cut