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Dealer said it is the cluster that needs to be replaced. I have to take it in to scan so they can get the part number for the cluster. They stated the part is $300+.
and temp went to hot but car stayed running after and temp went back to normal after a few more mins radio went off and car quit running tried to restart car wouldn't turn over seemed like battery was dead.checked bat...
I checked the fuses and the bower motor fuse was blown I put a new one in tried to turn it on and it just keeps blowing the fuses I just had all the gaskets replaced and got the car back and it's doing this is it poss...
if its my relay how do i test it?
this is part of my question my mechanic told me that i had a cracked head so my question is how much is a blown Head gasket for a 2004 oldsmobile alero V6
my car keeps running hot and cutting off on me i got a new thermostat put on but its still doing the samething plus smoking from the back pipes.
Wondering also what would be the average cost to have it replaced? How much time should it take for labor charges?
I shut the car off and later that day tried to start and nothing, no power, no lights in or out. I can not even use the remote control to lock the car. I had to do this manually. where do I start.
all fan speeds work but won't switch from floor to defroster outlets.
What size wheel and tire are on a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero?
When I turn the heater on low it blows out a little bit of heat but if I turn it up to medium or high, it makes a real loud noise and almost shakes the car. Please advise.
My car loses gas and when I try start it I have leave my foot on the gas pedal.
Like the transmission is going out but if I turn off the trac control it doesn't do the jerking at all. What do I need to fix? Also on the passenger side front when I'm driving at about 40mph there is a noise like the...
My dad was a mechanic for 14 years, and he said it could be a $400 dollar part.
along with some mechanical issues, the rear bumper is currently falling off.
the car has always had an key problem but i just had work done replacing the rack n pinion.. drove the car home fine drove next day fine. then the car lock the key tumbler will not turn. the security light on the radi...
my car have leakage from brake line, how much should i pay and i line cost and both line cost to replaced them
The transmission felt like it was slipping before it finally went dead and would not start even though the starter keeps turning. What are the chances of it being the timing belt and is it worth fixing?
the part is visible looking up at the tire, its obviously eating tires cuz its bent...i know that was limited but i have been looking to try and find the part for hrs so even if you could give me a list of the possibl...
shut itself off two different times while driving but started up right away but now all of a sudden it wont start at all. did diognostics check at autozone 3 days ago came back clear. trying to figure out the problem ...
over heats but fixed that patched up the resivouir & ran fine then it stopped over flowing & pretty sure the anti freeze may have leaked in the engine.
where is the blower motor resistor located on a 2001 alero? heard it was under glove box behind motor this true?
I drove my car all night(multiple shut off and start ups), stopped to let a friend out and when I went to start it up it wouldn't even wind over at all, the cd player makes a weird clicking sound and ejected the cd, t...
happens all the time. no codes only happens when the air is on
When I drove it turned it off it would not start almost like it had to cool off sometimes it would be the next day now it wont start at all I get lights on the instrument panel not the security light it comes on and g...
could this be wheel bearings. seems to have power.
wont start after pressing reset button several times
disconnected the battery during another repair and now it shifts hard first to second. will it relearn the shift patterns?