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Had faulty ignition bought new ignition switch and cylinder reinstalled and broke park lock cable in reassemble. Car turns over but won't start also noticed I blew the 30? Or 40? Amp fuse labeled ign.

I decide to replace the cables to see if that could be a cause of the car dying after running a bit. the car would start before, but now will crank, but wont start. I cant tell if I have good connection with cables due to that stupid cover plate with the sensor box.

The window came off track . I can hear the track running up and down , power windows , and I want to put it back on track

water leaks out next too the hose that connect into radiator when i put Coolant or Water in It. I dont know what it is i need help please ? anyone know whats going ?

How can i change the ignition switch without having the keys

Like its going to shut off

Don't happen when car is still and idling. Not noticeable all the time.

My 2002 alero dies while I am driving. It restarts but kills again. No Check engine light. A few times it backfired (I think) while trying different things such as shifting into 1st, 2nd, or 3rd or reving it up in neutral. A loud clunk came from under the car anyway, a few times. Anyone have a clue on how to fix it?

Replace the hazard/turn signal assembly due to signals not working every so often. With turn signal on left or right position it would stop. Push in the hazard switch just slightly and it would work. Now though in the vehicle the turn signal shows proper signal choice (left of right bulbs on dash flash the outside lamps all flash as if the hazard switch has been pushed.

I have changed the resistor,blower motor and switch and still only works on high. Also have checked fuses and relays

stalling out and has a gas smell in the oil

Brand new idle control solenoid.

Sometimes doesn't want to start, the engine sounds like working with 2 or 3 pistons only, I found that definitely the trac off light is related with the engine missfiring behavior, even that I know that trac off should be related with a traction issue, I replaced Ignition modules, sensors, spark plugs, computer, Electronic control module, etc etc, Camshaft or cranskshaft position sensor, the car still doing the same shaking thing, the light is still on. Help please

Intermittently the 2003 Alero will not shut off completely. The engine shuts down but the dash lights and accessories stay on. After jiggling the key for sometimes up to 15 minutes the car will finally turn off completely. The repair shop diagnosed the problem as the ignition switch. The repairs have been done twice (new ignition switch and key) but, the car continues to have a shut down problem. Although it's an intermittent problem, it happens quite frequently.

I have recently replaced the steering pump and the pressure and return hose, but now I see that I'm leaking fluid still but it on the passenger front. Can someone help