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my blinkers only work occasionally. there is no rhyme or reason. Also, windshield wipers won't turn off. Is this common for this vehicle?

Where exactly is the termostat located?

Safety light stays on

Back in 2013 I had the R&R modules, Engine Control Module and Body Control Module fixed and everything was good. Now my electric has been going on and off with the windows locking, the radio turns off and the speed odometer will turn off. I brought it to the shop and they reset the Service Light but could not find the problem. Said it was a "ghost". Since readjusting the service engine light the car has not done this in 2 days. What should I do?

REPLACED BRAKE PADS, ROTORS ARE GOOD, BLED BRAKES, GREASED CALIPER PINS, THE calper is stuck , the pin on the left front wont move back and forth.

Before, i new there was a problem went to test brakes and brake on front left got hot.

How can I tell if the radiator or water pump needs to be changed? Coolant leaks out underneath and the light comes on on my dash. It doesnt show that the car is getting hot but on the gage it does and a little bit of smoke came out from underneath the hood and it felt hot. I put coolant in the resvoir and most of it leaked out without the car being started with in 7hrs or so.

This is the bracket on the front of the motor block located on the passenger side of the car. I can replace this bracket but cant seem to figure out why it is failing...

2004 Oldsmobile Alero stuck in Park. HELP PLEASE

problem started today

as of today can not shift out of Park

Leaking coolant from coolant tank hoses which is connected to radiator surge tank, of low coolant tank connector need to replace how do you do it, need help suggestions anyone


engine coolant light always comes on and I put engine coolant still over heats and I notice there is oil like over the engine thick mostly every where

The problem occurs at least twice while driving. I don't drive often or far.

I crashed and my airbags went off, I replaced the windshield and got 2 new ones, I know I have to replace the sensors but don't know where they are or how many there is, and after I replace them, what do I have to do so that they can work again?

car was sitting for about a month, so of course in the cold the battery died. We charged the battery up and the car would turn over and run for about 2 secs and then dies it keeps doing this it also is pulsing all the relays in the car when the doors are open but when closed they shut off, also when i turn the key on the all the relays are clicking like crazy again, the blower motor random comes on when the cars not on either its very weird. so then went and bought a new battery and the same problems occurred, the car dies after about 2 secs and all the relays are triggering. So then i read up a little on this issue and seen the security light problem i then went and bypassed the security light with a resistor, problem still occurs. I have thought maybe the fuel pump but doesnt seem fitting on the count the car is starting im running out of ideas. also tried putting in a new fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator and IACV. STILL NOTING If anyone has an idea please let me no asap. Thanks

When I get it started and run it for a hour or so. Then when I go to start it again but it only fires and will not start.