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My sister inlaw had her son put on a new starter but he had a wire crossed then it did damage to the alternator replaced that. Now when the a/c compressor kicks on it blows the fuse, she took it to a mechanic he says ...
But there is still a knocking noise coming from the timing chain cover. Someone said it could be the tensioner but I don't know. When I accelerate the noise goes completely away. You hear the noise when the car is idl...
One small bulb on the outside light of the driver side is out as well???
Dash light comes on after car is on and moving. Goes off after a couple of seconds. Had new battery put in and checked starter & alternator. Both are good. Light is now staying on longer but still goes off in less th...
at times, wont start. have to crank some times 10 times. fuel system checked. was told reset computer,didnt help. No codes showed up either. security system?? help
My dash board does not work so i dont knw how fast im goin or if i have any gas.
While driving or starting from a stand still position, there is a loud bang it seems from the rear of the car.It happened four times up to now. I go over potholes and bumps in the roadway to make sure that it is somet...
the security light on the dash is on when it wont fire up but when the security light is off it will fire up and start fine for about a week or two then light comes back on and car wont fire up again is there any way...
After the 10 minutes it will start. It used happen once in a while and now it has been happening more frequently. We are told it has someone to do with the security system.
check engine light came on along with the abs and traction control off lights, all at the same time the day before the engine problems
90k car starts and drives good car stalls after its warmed up about 10 min it just dies while driving never stalls in idle car usually starts right back up or will after 5 min. No check engine light
the ignition switch is going out, but I jiggle until it starts. sometimes have to leave the key in it because it wont come out. Today it ran the battery down, jumped it off, jiggled the key and now it wont go in reverse.
At times my car will crank fine.After I turn it off after driving;it will not start back up.I let it set for a couple of hours and it will start.Have changed the knock sensor,spark plugs,spark plug wires,ignition cyli...
My alero will drive for about 10min or so then it will begin to skip, almost as if the Rpms are revving then stopping, then my car dies completely. After about 3-10min my car will crank back up, drive alittle and repe...
Upon getting everything else hooked back up, the crank locks up. Same thing happened when I replaced a water pump in a 2.4 gran am. Both cars are sitting. Help me please
My car started idling rough at first then couple of days went by and i noticed it started hesitating when accelerating past 45. Then a day later it did it again only this time the service engine soon light started bl...
Tried to start the car it gives this clicking sound but the engine don't turn over later on tried to start again it just won't start at all
This morning I tried to start the car and it made that clicking sound but the engine won't turn over. Four hours later I tried again no clicking sound and engine still won't turn over.
I have replaced starter, spark plugs, and battery. My fuel pump is fine. The engine is getting gas and fire. Im ready to throw this car off a bridge. Im wasting money i dont have, please help.
When I crank the engine, grey smoke and fuel come out the tailpipe, car ran fine, shut it off then wouldn't start again. Car was not used a lot over the winter.
I am getting the clicking from the hazard relay when the signal and hazards are off-many people describing this and most agree the cure is replace the turn signal switch.
I changed the ignition switch but now I can't get the key out. Can someone help me?
I got a new switch and I need to know how to change it. Thank you.
Sometimes I have to use 2 hands to press the button on the shifter.