Will the engine interchange an work if its 2001oldsmobile alero engine trying to be put in a 2000 Oldsmobile aleroengine

I was driving and the car started to spit and sputter and it just stopped running all the fuses for fuel pump is running and i can hear the fuel pump running but car will not start everytime i have tried to start the car since then i smell gas but the car wont start.

Light still comes on - NEVER when driving around town in 3rd, but ONLY when on highway in OVERDRIVE.

Brought it to the garage and they replace the left wheel hub assembly and harrness. Got the car back and the next day all the lights came back on. Had the garage check the code and it was "left front wheel sensor". Any thoughts? Did the guy do something wrong maybe or is there more to it than just replacing the hub and harrness?

Well the light u control with dimer

When it over heared it just stop running all together the power is good just put a new water pump and thermostat and heat sensor in it please some tell me you know what we can do we also had to put a new heater hose on it the one on the inside of the engine

My fan just stopped working so it will not blow Ac or heat Can it be a blown fuse or bad resistor? I already have an electrical thing going on when I step on the brake the security system starts flashing &li9ghts odometer blue light & milage

Can it be a blown fuse or bad resistor? I already have an electrical thing going on when I step on the brake the security system starts flashing &li9ghts odometer blue light & milage

New starter, alternator, battery and serpentine belt in the past 3 months. Alternator passed test. Installed new one anyway. Battery light on first the air bag light then all gauges stop then car dies.

I checked all fuses just had brakes done and oil changed. Car is a v6 and drives gr8 The heater works greats cruise control works but nothing on stock radio/CD player. Does this have anything to do with the ignition recall? Will they automatically fix the horn when i have them fix the ignition?

While driving sometimes all the dashboard indicators light up, such as traction control and anti lock. When those indicators are lit the transmission shifts violently but shifts fine when the indicators are not lit. Happens almost every time I drive the car and bumps in the road can often induce this problem.

Dealer I bought it from years ago said the bushings were bad on it, but I feel like there could be more than that (dealer was kinda... scummy). Has gotten worse over the years (haven't been able to afford a repair yet, but I may soon).

my blinkers only work occasionally. there is no rhyme or reason. Also, windshield wipers won't turn off. Is this common for this vehicle?

Where exactly is the termostat located?

Safety light stays on

Back in 2013 I had the R&R modules, Engine Control Module and Body Control Module fixed and everything was good. Now my electric has been going on and off with the windows locking, the radio turns off and the speed odometer will turn off. I brought it to the shop and they reset the Service Light but could not find the problem. Said it was a "ghost". Since readjusting the service engine light the car has not done this in 2 days. What should I do?

REPLACED BRAKE PADS, ROTORS ARE GOOD, BLED BRAKES, GREASED CALIPER PINS, THE calper is stuck , the pin on the left front wont move back and forth.

Before, i new there was a problem went to test brakes and brake on front left got hot.

How can I tell if the radiator or water pump needs to be changed? Coolant leaks out underneath and the light comes on on my dash. It doesnt show that the car is getting hot but on the gage it does and a little bit of smoke came out from underneath the hood and it felt hot. I put coolant in the resvoir and most of it leaked out without the car being started with in 7hrs or so.