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All those lights are on but i have no idea whats causing it
Was driving on the highway with cruise control set at about 70. All of a sudden it disengaged on its own and car start decelerating. Now does not respond to cruise control switch and will not come on. Any ideas what c...
my blinkers were working and all of a sudden I turned left and the noise kept going but my turn signal was off I parked my car thought maybe one of the lights were going out but then I noticed there was smoke coming f...
Someone drove it through a flood but they push it right out of the water once it stall and cut off it was in water about 2 mins? My starter was checked and its fine. my fly wheel was checked its fine to. any suggestio...
My low beam headlights wont work at all I checked the fuses they were fine, and the relay is fine.
I have no way to charge my cell phone and there are 2 sockets in the car and neither of them work.
Security light blinks nonstop. I heard you can reset it by putting your key in for 10 minutes? Do I have to have the key in the on position?
First time doing this. Without key dash lights & head lights flash tries to turn over bt wont fire.
Theres also a trac off light illuminated. service engine soon light blinks. sounds like a backfire under hood.then it dies also a rattle i believe coming from exhaust pipes. Plz help thanks ;o)
becuz the car will crank over, but wont start. Checked everything fuses good, fuel filter good,,etc.
how do i get a broken spark plug out of a 2002 oldsmobile alero, the piece that came out only has 2 or 3 threads left on it so its basically the tip stuck down in there
theres only 2 to 3 threads left on the piece that came out
fuel shut off
only knocks and shakes when the engine warms up...when engine turns off...has been known to overheat??
Car hard to turn. Checked the power steering fluid and it was empty. Added fluid and waited a few minutes. Tried to drive and it was still hard to turn. Fluid is still there that I replaced. It turns very hard.
I changed my radio fuse bc it wasn't working. Well the radio works but there is this awful dinging noise that won't stop and now my battery is dead. I had this problem before and I took it to a mechanic and they took ...
Are the spark plugs under the cam cover with the 4 bolts?
Battery light came on them the security light and while driving all indicator lights came on (brake, anti lock brake, gas, seatbelt ) then the odometer stayed at zero along with the rpms and gas went tp empty...