do trailblazer or Yukon parts also fit ?

right shock is out so can u tell me is one of them the problem

I'm on disabled and on disability.PLEASE , PLEASE,HELP ME ..

I check fuses, replaced the blower motor resistor, front AC CONTROL MODULE, and Vent Mode Actuator. what else do you recommend

Went to gas station half less than 1/4 tank pump will only put in a dollar worth of fuel. Gas is sitting in filler tube.

I was told it could be the gasket. I was also told that it could be the water pump cuz the coolant ain't pumping through when the car is turned on. I don't wanna be spending money on the wrong problem so I need a lititle information before doing so also I live pretty far from a auto shop so I really can't drive it anywhere til I find out what's wrong with it.

I was driving on the freeway it died and won't start. I checked fuses tried the anti theft reset by locking driver door waiting to minutes and unlocking it. It wants to crank over but wont

I took my car on a 334 mile trip today in hot weather driving 80mph on interstate and when i ran my a.c. the temp gauge would go high but never over the line into red. So i would go back and forth with turning the a.c. on and off due to the gauge . it always went down when I turned off a.c.. I got 230 miles into trip and all of a sudden my temp gauge fastly went into red and the hot light came on it took me about 2 miles to stop safely and the car was smoking severly I thought the car was in fire under the hood. So I stopped and shit it off and opened hood immediately. Let it sit for about 45minutes after it cooled off I added water to radiator and started it... (The gauge was down in cool ) so it was safe to try and nothing leaked out when i filled radiator until I started it and then everything I put in leaked out with antifreeze... My question is... Is it the water pump or hose?

Problem with front-wheel drive can I remove both axles and differential completely and leave them out permanently

can you change a fuel pump without removing the gas tank on a 93 olds cutlass supreme convertible?

Car is over heating can't find leak??

Clicking noise in a relay or something . Unplug it and everything guits clicking.

1993 cutlass supreme convertible where do i cut a fuel pump access hole in the floor?

what more detail do u need?

It worked going to the store when I came out and turned it on it wouldn't come on

Security system light keeps flashing

Noise doesn't happen from start up, only when I start driving, progressively speeds up with acceleration. Replaced cv half shaft, bearings are good, clicking is same as driving and thru corners..consistent. more pronounced in the cab of the vehicle..sounds like it's coming from the tranny..my occasional ocd is driving me mildly crazy not knowing..any info would be greatly appreciated.

check engine light came on, gt code that #6 misfiring ..did complete replacement of all spark plugs and wires, cleared code, light came on next day , sometimes flashing, throwing random/multiple cylinder misfire code...i is having hard starting, shifting and power loss issues...also throwing the code for maximum adapt and long shift..hoping replacing the coils will fix the problem...also plan to run seafoam trans tune for a week and then change the tranny fluid and filter and replace with dexron VI...thoughts about that fluid change?

OK I've replaced ,my spark plugs my spark plug wires cleaned the mass air flow sensor & all the connections. After driving home and my car loss power on the freeway and shut down when I coasted into the gas station the front of my engine was on fire temp gauge got to half way and my radiator was dry all other fluid was fine though. I checked everything and replaced everything that was damaged. After it won't start I replaced the crank shaft sensor which was a pain, and had to replace my serpentine belt tensioner I've poured a little bit of gas down the air filter still nothing it getting fuel I've checked and spark to every plug. Any ideal I have less the two weeks to be out of my home and need my car I'm low income and have no where to go and have a nine yes old son

I need help in finding out what is the problem and to fix it.

It has 200,000 miles on the odometer. It has not been in any accidents.

I was told that my AC system is clogged the compressor does not cycle fully and there is no leaks. Is there a way to flush or what parts should or can I replace to get this thing blowing cold? The tech said he removed a line but it was so gunked up that he would have to cut it and he didn't want to open a can of worms. What if anything can I do to get cold air?

Last night I was driving and my car just turned off 3 times. She was at 1/4 of a tank of gas. My husband told me I had a vapor lock in my fuel system. I am also blowing fuses at least 1 per week, and one of the new fuses that I put in aren't working. I did have a CRACK in my fuel line and got that fixed as well as it could be fixed. What concerns me is that car gives me no symptoms when she turns off and I fear it may be electrical. Is there anyone that can help me with this???

Also how do you know if you need a fuel pump because i can barely pump gas only a few bucks but i know i need more. So i barely push the gas nozzle to get some in and it overflows. Plz help

With the key it won't turn over, security lights on.

The ABS light has been an issue for years. New event along with the ABS light...the emergency brake is slightly engaging when I NEVER use it. Also when the emergency brake disengages the low traction light and e-brake light come on and go off. Diagnostics have been run and found nothing. ANY IDEAS??? I am at a loss with this one :(