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My car a 2000 oldsmoble intrige is over heating after i replaced the termoustate what do i do now

Where would be my first place to check to see what is going on?

Causing it?

How can I get my window up temporarily until I have the money to fix it?

Totally. This just started, my car is not running hot just not going into first gear at all motor is fine what is the fix for this problem, is there a recall for this problem on this year, my car has 148,000 miles and has been running fine till just a couple days ago. Please write me back as soon as u can than u Brenda

Old switch factory, new switch came from a similar year Malibu everything works and fits but horn stays on. I left the screw out when I installed so the horns contact doesn't hit the plate the turn signal s work, but its my wife's car and she needs a horn any ideas?

I have a master keypad & a remote-start keypad. When I use the remote-start, my car will automatically go to the Air Conditioning when it starts. It's winter. I was wondering if I can set the remote-start keypad to the heater when I turn my car on. How do I do that?

I need a rack and pinion replaced in my car

does not work on ac,hot or coldselections nor on windshield defrost, floor, this just happened today 12/1/2016

the heater will not put out heat on the right vents. cold works fine.

I am changing differentials and don't want to damage the cables

All this happened overnight, the transmission is slipping and the engine sounds like a Volkswagen..

My car is not accelerati g properly and if i press down on it hard. It doesnt pick up speed and it struggles to pick up the pace

1996 Oldsmobile Sihlouette van. passenger side front door motor. I'm not able to get the motor out. i need help, maybe a diagram for the passenger side front door will help.

This has happened a few times. When I'm driving the lights will dim and the volts light will come on on the dash and I can check the volts on the computer thing. It's normally around 14.4/14.5 but it would drop to 12 and after a few minutes it would go back up to normal. It has only happened when I'm going about 55-60 hasn't happened during city driving. We put a new battery in about 1-1.5yrs ago, it has a new alternator belt and tensor or something like that, new radiator. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what it could be. When it would happen I would pull over turn the car off turn everything off and wait a few minutes and when I'd turn it back on it would be back to normal. Had no accessories on either.

My emencey brake light and abs lights will come on @ the same time as well as my check engine lights,Just had a tune-up weks ago,but that light still comes on

The brakes feel like i don't have power brakes.Have code c0274 excess isolation time What is this? Clean speed sensor.I think they are ok.I coed off vaccum but it didn;t make any diffents. Please help I don't know what to do. Thanks Jerry

Check engine light came on with an evap code (leak). I can hear the fuel pump come on (buzzing) when I try to start the car. I twisted the gas cap and clicked it 5x after filling it. Next day it wouldn't start. The car didn't give me any problems except for the check engine light. Check engine light came on once before and turned off after a few days. This time it came on, got a diagnostic next day, I wouldn't drive it, went to fill up gas tank and 3rd day it wouldn't start.

My car will started then it will shut off sometimes it will start right back up after it shuts off or sometimes I will have to wait 20 minutes then it will start up. I checked the fuel pump and battery an alternator and all of that is good. So I need help to see what else it could be.

I stopped at the store, its never failed to start, then coming out of the store I got into the car, it made a funny sound, and now nothing the starter isnt movin at all. Im thinkin maybe a cable broke off the starter, I have power when I turn the key everything works except the fuel gage goes why past the full mark and the engine light comes on.

Goes very slow up hills. Feels like it is bogging out

Back fires spits poofs sputters while trying to crank it but wont start ..what is the problem with my car

May be slight noise when wheel is turned

It starts then dies security light is flashing

Not every time, not all the time. I am not able to actuate the door switches unintentionally. More often on turns.(?) Also happened right after a 'service stability system' message on the display. (?)
I'll start trouble shooting at the door switch.
I welcome any incite to the ghost in the machine...electrical .

My parents' 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass has all of a sudden decided that it wants to act like it is not getting gas through the fuel lines after it's been filled up with gas unless they let it run for about 5 to 10 minutes in order for it to warm up. Is there any reason why that happens? Please help?

a couple months ago I started to notice the front was making noise, like a loud rumbling/humming.
Any ideas??

What could be the possible reasons the air compressor does not run?

I think it might have somthing to do with the abs?? I don't know what to do? I have brakes but you have to reslly press on pedal hard. I have code C0274 This excessive time What is this? Thanks Jerry

It will crank up but if I don't give it any gas it shuts off