Replaced fuel pump 2 days before this started.

I replaced the spark plugs, wires, got an oil change & tune up.It still won't pass emission and strutting it won't pull speed period

Lever is loose. Has worked intermittently. Steering wheel is now stuck in fully upright position. Is this a relatively easy home fix? If so, how?

Antenna was over heating so I unhooked it.

The idle on my car is odd. When I'm idling, I can actually see the RPM gauge shoot up sometimes like I reved the car, but I did not. I know it needs a tune up, but my husband says this is not caused by that. Any ideas what is happening or what could be done to fix it? Is this normal for this car?

The blinker switch randomly makes the clicking noise (like when you have signaled to turn) while driving. It sometimes happens often, and sometimes I might go a few days without hearing it. The blinker was randomly not working so my repair shop replaced the blinker switch. Now, the blinker is working fine, but we still hear the random clicking, so it doesn't appear to be the actual blinker switch. Any idea what to do?

The beep that you hear when you open the door or try to get out of the car with the keys left in comes on when I back up. Sometimes, it happens randomly when I'm driving, like when I turn. Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this? Thanks.

I've noticed that my gas mileage has gone down. What can I do to make it better?

I have added more coolant but the car keeps overheating.

The car shakes while idling or at slow speeds. It gets better at higher speeds.

Rear wheel bearing on drivers side how do I change it

Turns of the key for it to start

Should I flush it or just change fluid?

No air is coming from my Defrost,or A.C. I hear it click on but no air

i just need to know what's wrong asap and how much to fix it

headlights coming on and staying on. steering wheel wiggles. security system acting crazy. and gets hot previous owner spent over 2000.00 with mechanic with no solution being found. a/c only puts out cold air occasionally. i am starting to think car is possessed. i love the car, lots of v8 power but cant drive her during hot weather in town or she gets hot .

When I switch from park to drive, it revs up like I am in park, my car moves a little bit when I do it but I do not want to blow up my engine, what could it be?

Then I pull over shut it off and start it up and take off then 5 "- 1 mile dose something

Car was fine till battery was change tryed 10mint fuel filter new fuel pump does turn on going crazy what now

Front turn single will light up but stays solid and rear blinker an brake light do not work but the running lights come on

My heat gauge shot up all at once and the engine hot light came on and my van shut down and wouldn't start. It never smoke and wasn't too hot. When I did get it started it would only drive in first gear. The mechanic is telling me I need my fans replaced but don't know why it would only drive in low gear. He is telling me its going to cost over $500 just for the fans. Could that be why it shot up so fast and why it would only drive in low gear and is that price for fans reasonable?

I took out the fuse that controls my stereo and now I can't remember which one I need to replace what spot it goes in

It just started doing this and when it hits 210 all it will do is just rev up. Can anyone help with this problem?

96Ford f350 needs water removed from gas tank

sometimes it works fine and other like today it took about an hour for it get out of gear

Even used starter fluid

Can't start car replaced starter 1year ago and same problem now so I took hammer to starter and it started drove home and will not start. Bench test ok but no start when reinstalled . Banged with hammer and it started again. Replaced starter enable relay and still not start. With key on engine will start when hot wired but security shut off engine after 5 seconds? David

Just started doing this parked then nothing turns over but no start

I have a 91 Olds Ciara 130.000miles on motor leaking oil from passenger side coming from rear of motor

Just check and want to know how much it will cost and can you check my engine and change my oil, check vechicle light and trac light is on I have brand new breaks on my car