We about to add antifreeze.

The air turns on when I press any electrical button in the car I think it's the engine control module gone out but I'm not sure

trunk has lots of fuel in it and car uses too much fuel other wise runs good

It starts up good it powers up I can drive it but when it gets really hot out it starts making that ticking noise

Every time I come to a stop it is like my drive disengages and has trouble rengageing when I push the gas pedal. It also effects my over drive, if I push the pedal all the way down and the overdrive kickes in. When the over drive kickes in the car revs up as if the transmission isn't connected at all. Then when I release the gas the normal drive engages and drives normal untell my next stop. Once the car is moving the transmission shifts perfectly. It does this in all gears besides reverse.

Ive replaced the starter and the battery is fine but my 98 wont even try to start or turn over

The only operating window is the driver as well as door locks. I installed a new switch and they still don't open. what else coulf be the problem?

Bulbs and fuses are good

When I come to a stop light or sign it will cut off and it takes about 10 minutes to start again. It does it after its been driven for a while.

Seemed to lose power and died. The service engine soon and the trac off light both came on. The car did restart but when I turned the air on it stalled and died again. Both lights also stayed on. Please help.

fuel pressure starts at 90 then quickly dissapates. Car starts when you prime
the rail but doesn't stay running.
I get a small squirt out the injector and it then stops.

This is a 1990 Oldsmobile 88 Royale. Need to know what the part is called to order from a dealership. It is a square piece of plastic, with two outlets for vacuum lines. A nine mm bolt attaches through the center. The vacuum on car is affected due to part being broken and vacuum leaking.

It sometimes shuts off and wait a minute and restart and go again.

Issue: Door locks keep trying to activate while I am driving and then for a few minutes after I switch off the car. Sometimes all, sometimes just a random one. I opened door handle and there looks to be a double set pin system. I went to AutoZone and they said they don't carry a part for this. I am trying to search online but I can't tell what part I actually need. Can anyone help?

replaced lock cylinder with a new one and still does it, like spring in ignition switch is too strong ?

Car starts runs then dies and got fuel pressure

If I give it gas it will start and as long as I keep my foot on the gas pedal it will continue running but soon as I take my foot off the pedal it cuts off.

Replaced the noc sensors. What could be causing this problem?

When checking the oil it reads empty so i added it some drove from work (4mi) car just shut off & wont start. Gave it a day to sit & then it started so i drove it (2mi) back to my home & just as i got to my turn it died & auto zone says its the oil pumo

When I bought the car from the small car lot, the man hooked up an expensive looking gadget and charged the a/c. It worked for a few weeks and then just stopped cooling. The fan blows hot air and I cannot feel or hear the a/c pump engage.

Air always works but thru defrost only. Stops/starts without warning. Date on computer unavailable, three dashes where temp shows. This is so erratic and frustrating

2.2 4cyl auto overdrive

my ac doesn't really wor.. When's it's cool outside it blows room temp air but when it's very hot all it does is blow hot air. What part would u suggest I get to fix it. It's not the anti freeze or anything because we have already checked all that. My husband and father in law seem to think it may be the sensor or motor

Car has about 170,000 miles. Has a random growling sound in the rear that lasts around 6 seconds every time. Nothing is consistent about it. Can't make it happen either. More frequent since gas gauge stuck past Full and can't add gas unless I do it in small amounts very slowly. Growling started a few months before gas problem. Gas pump shuts off like tank is full at less than 1 gallon, but it's definitely not. Takes about 10min just to get 3 gal. Maybe a coincidence but I think it might be connected. Think the vent or charcoal canister might be causing the gas tank issue. No idea on the growling tho. Any ideas??

Car makes a high pitch sound from back of car.When car gets low in gas its louder.But when I put gas in it it quotes down?

do trailblazer or Yukon parts also fit ?

right shock is out so can u tell me is one of them the problem

I'm on disabled and on disability.PLEASE , PLEASE,HELP ME ..

I check fuses, replaced the blower motor resistor, front AC CONTROL MODULE, and Vent Mode Actuator. what else do you recommend

Went to gas station half less than 1/4 tank pump will only put in a dollar worth of fuel. Gas is sitting in filler tube.