I think it might have somthing to do with the abs?? I don't know what to do? I have brakes but you have to reslly press on pedal hard. I have code C0274 This excessive time What is this? Thanks Jerry

It will crank up but if I don't give it any gas it shuts off

A few days ago my serpentine belt was all shredded and it popped off all of the pulleys while driving in the rain, but three days after I replaced it, it became shredded again and popped off, in the rain. + Whenever I use my air conditioner or heating, a weird noise comes from the front of the car. (I've checked the oil, the power steering fluid, they're all full). I want to know if it's the rain, or it's one of the pulleys (+ which pulley) that make it happen

Just bought keep cutting off and the fuses keep blowing out on different things

It ran fine for two days and the will turn over now but only stays on for less then a minute

3.5 w/ 200k. Can't see any other leaks but don't know

service engine light is on and has a power steering leak

Where do I find out which one it is I have look on the body code and it doesn't say either

Would You do Valve Cover Gaskets on a 4.0 ror (aka NS-V8) @Home, on your driveway/garage? I mean, are we talking, undoing a motor mount and tipping the motor? Also, besides the spark plugs, what else could I 'maintenance' while I had it apart?

I was driving it, one of the belts came off, I've tried numerous times to put the belt back on but it is WAY to long. I have no idea how it was running, I can tell you there were problems with the way it ran, But the one belt that is still on it is going around the supercharge part which is NOT in line with the other pulleys, but it was running like that. Please help I'm a girl trying to work on a car because I CANT AFFORD WHAT THE SHOPS CHARGE TO FIX IT. PLEASE HELP!!!!

When the car has been warmed up at a stop the engine goes from 500 to 1500 RPM and sometimes stalls completely. I tried the Idle relearn procedure without success. Service Engine Soon light is always on. Runs well when driving.

Removed back seat and Checked the battery Pos Terminal was loose! Thank You Pushrod for your good tech!

Drove it to the store, was dead as Cesar when we came out.
Jumper car connected, Interior/ext. lights Key in start position, solenoid clicks until I turn the key back off.
Disconnect Jcar, All electric fail.

My engine is toast i just found a 2003 olds alero 2.2 ltre 4cylinder for 500$ will it fit in my 2001 alero 4 cylinder

I'm on the fence about fixing the car but if I could find a cheap parts car or subframe I will. What all cars share a subframe/engine cradle with my 1999 Oldsmobile 88?

It runs when I spray either in the air cleaner but dies out! I have replaced the battery, the fuel filter, and cleaned out the gas tank! Why won't it start or run?

How do you change spark plugs or a thermostat on a 2004 PT cruiser without removing the manifold intake

I just bought this car and need to figure out what's causing it not to run! It will start but then shuts down after started for about a minute! Should I replace all four coils or could it just be one? Or could it be something else?

Key won't remove and engine won't stop except screwdriver inserted in release hole under steering wheel

I've replaced my radiator, water pump, heater core, both hoses that come off of the heater core, atleast three more miscellaneous hoses that were related to cooling system. The most recent was my water pump. Starts just fine and It takes 5 mins for the car to shoot right to the red. Any suggestions would help a lot!!

Car runs bad.

My car runs hot and there is no leaking hoses. The radiator is full and the fans spews violent out of the plastic add tank. All fuses are good.

It always showed farenheit somehow it changed to celcius I dont think i hit anything and if i did i dont know what

Van shut off. Going 55 mph and wouldn't turn over i think it is the fuel pump or fuel fiter

The temperature gauge goes up chugs when it shifts hard usually when run after a little while shut it off turn it back on a few minutes later and it's fine for a little while again

Recentry I noticed the a/c button would switch itself off. In a minute it would come on again. Over the next few days it became more frequent ,. And when I tried to open the window it wasn't working. The air came back on I was able to open electric windows. The car is now in the shop with stumped mechanics. It's too dangerous to drive in this florida heat, I was almost over come by the heat and locked windows. If there hadn't been a place to pull over. I would have been overcome.

Also if I hit a bump, it REALLY fishtales.

My back blinkers work fine but my front blinkers do not, it is not the front light bulbs because I have changed them a couple times.
Could it be a burned out fuse or what??
Please help, Thank you

Radio don't work after putting a new battery and air conditioning won't turn off

Replaced EGR & ECM and still is on. Where to check for low voltage to EGR