It takes like two min to crank I have to continuously hold the key over for two min until it cranks what could that be

TPS sensor was replaced in my 2000 Nissan Xterra now want shift out of second gear the RPMS just gos up high.

I got a P0303 First, tried to fix it then later got a P0300. Replaced spark plugs. Still got p0300. The car revs high on start up then goes back to normal idle. When driving I can feel it misfire sometimes when I step on the gas and seems like low power.

How much is going to cost me.?

defroster,cabin heat not working at idle after vehicle is warmed.Systems work when vehicle is driven,cold air resumes at idle,red lights,stopping,etc.Thermostat?

Defroster,cabin air runs cold at idle,however ;upon driving all systems heat up.I have tried warming up vehicle 15-20 minutes,defroster,heater still won't work till I drive.Stopping at lights,I notice temp decease in cabin

The mechanic did a fuel injection tune up but it hasnt solved my problem. It runs rough

I've had a recurring problem with the Air Bag warning light. I replaced the Passenger front seat belt pretentioner. Nissan has a list of things to try to fix this issue. They want to replace a seat bottom for $1300! And, they can't guarantee that will fix the problem. It seems Air Bag issues should be important. But, they don't seem to be.

How much cost to repair the valve gaskets and intake gaskets on my 2006 nissan xterra

I have been looking for a new car and I am interested in a Nissan Xterra but I don't know if I am going to have to spend a lot of money on gas to fuel that type of car.

Works ok when outside temp is above 30, no steady heat below that. Not affected by anything, coolant level per specs, 96K miles, no leaks.

What would cause loud metal clunk/grind in front driver side wheel area when punching accelerator at 40 mph. Mechanic said change spark plugs.

had to replace it 2 times in last 4 months.went dead on me again last night at store. had to have it towed

The SLIP light comes on and vehicle slows down. Horrible experience ! Once I put the VDC off on my 4X4 the vehicle runs normally. Am I exposing myself to any dangers running the truck with the VDC off?


I have a 2003 Xterra with a manual transmission, and recently I started hearing a loud clicking noise from the rear and I can feel it in the shifter knob. It's at ransom times and only does it when it is in motion. When I accelerate it becomes more frequent. I've been told it's the rear differential, but I'm not a 100% sure on what it is. I don't want to dump a lot of money into this rear end on new parts if its a cheap simple fix.

We have put in a new timing belt, water pump and gaskets, we have changed all the belts, and we have replaced the knock sensor because it came up with a code that the sensor was bad. It runs good but will not start all the time it will go for about 2 to 3 weeks and then won't start. We have has the starter checked, the alternator, the battery and all are good. When I push the brake and the gas pedal at the same and time and then turn the key it will start, but some times I have to do it several times for it to connect. Please anyone with ideas please help me. you can email me at janiemonserrate@yahoo.com
Thank you!

The noise comes from under the dash on the passenger side and quits after after approx. 3 seconds or more. It happens every time the system is turned on.
I've removed the cabin filters and looked for a door (as one repair pal recommended) but could not find it inside th filter compartment