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Even with key out of the ignition the light still stay on what can Tht be

Check engine diagnostic reveal that the following sensor need to be check or replaced: Sensor 1 P0133, 02 Circuit slow Response Bank 1

The drive shaft leaks underneath the driving wheel. It happened three times and each time the problem was supposed to have been solved. Currently my car is with the dealership for last 12 days.

The ignition switch has been replaced. I heard a clicking next to it and now there is now power. Prior to that the car would just stop instantly. Is there a relay under the dash that needs replacing?

it started when i was making a complete stop at a stop sign it shut off for a couple of hours it was ok then when i park it then it shut off by it self

Had starter replaced...hissing sounds, When on freeway, no power... now keeps shutting off drive at 20 mph it won't die off

What could be wrong

I just replaced the spark plugs, fixed a cylinder misfire, and replaced the TPS, any suggestions on this issue?

The vibration now rattles my mirror making it hard to see out of.the knocking has grown louder at start up and while driving.the vibration kicks up at speeds of 45 and up.less when slower.

Bought this little gem for half of what it could have sold for. So I expected some maintenance but I don't know where to start. The engine sounds rough like an old farm truck and when it idle's has a little whistling sound. Also in low gears it vibrates pretty good until you get above 45-50 mph and then it's good.

I have a 99 Nissan Sentra. Sometimes, after sitting all day in the hot sun, my radio won't come on and my wipers won't work. Turning the stereo off and on doesn't seem to do anything. Eventually, they come back on by themselves, but sometimes they won't come on until I turn the car off and back on after driving for awhile. Sometimes it comes on while I am driving, and I hear a click from somewhere to the left of the steering wheel (either the dashboard or under the hood, I can't tell for sure.) I'm assuming they are both on the same wiring system. Could this be a fuse or a relay problem?

Car shoots up too 3000 Rpms before shifting into second or third gear. About once a day Nissan will just die while driving, steering wheel and brakes locks. Also the battery light goes on before shutting down. When it shuts down it'll crank but won't turn over for about fifteen minutes unless I constantly tap the gas pedal then it'll turn over and die unless I leave my foot on the gas. Some reason if it's in park for about five minutes while idling car will just shut off. Any help? Seems to happen in cooler weather.

In freezing weather car starts and runs very well. However, after bringing in for oil change (and a check for an oil leak), now it doesn't start easily. It keeps trying to turn over and when I hear it almost 'catch', I pump the gas pedal, revving it and it starts. I don't understand the correlation between getting an oil change and my car developing starting problems. It is not the battery. I think it is a fuel delivery issue. Kindly provide some guidance. Thank you.

I bought a Sentra last year at 96,000. It is now at 107000. I've noticed that my car has been burning oil. The first time I noticed it was because the oil light did illuminate. Recently, about a couple months ago I got an oil change. Yesterday I had to put 3 Quartz of oil in the engine. From what I read it could be a Cat. problem? I also, read that there's no ultimate way to repair besides replacing the engine. Someone I knw also noticed a bit of a knocking sound. Which I think was probably due to not having much oil.

I put a head gasket on my sentra,everything seems fine,it runs fine when its in park and you accelerate but when you drive it it has no power,I changed the spark plugs ,the compression checked ok,when I visually check the fire it seems more of a yellow color instead of blue. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

My car will Rev fine in park and neutral, but won't accelerate in any gear. Any ideas?

When I pUT my car in any gear it won't accelerate, but in park and neutral it revs just fine

I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra, my car makes a noise when I take my foot off the gas pedal. It is only when I am going over 50mph, trying to accelerate to a higher speed. Once I take my foot of the gas, I hear a sound almost like grinding, or humming sound.

Only happens at interstate speed. Yesterday was first time it happened. Sound is not constant.

All the time. Want to locate heater control valve. Under hood, dash? Is there a cable and where?