had a new engine put in because of this problem and still have the same noise.

everything else seems ok

Can't find where it plugs

It bogs down when I push the gas pedal fast like if im passing then dies on me. Idk if its the fuel pump, injectors or fuel filter. It happens everytime i drive it.

My nissan quest runs but only runs to the limit of up to 50mph..if i increase the speed the engine sounds like it's locked,the tire kept squeeking and it is not shifting gears too.I replaced the transmission fluid,the motor mount,also distributor and crankshaft sensor also the tps sensor.I do not know what is the problem now.plse help.thanks

It's a 1999 Nissan quest GXE.

i put the key in the ignition and all the lights come on the dash borad my problem is when i turn the key it wont start ..it makes a little click noise and thats it ..do you think its the starter cyelinoid ?? please help thanks a million david

my 97nissan quest is now running but it seems like the engine gets hot,nd when i push the gas it seems like the car is strggling to speed up.plse help

i took it in to smog diagnostic,and it tells me to change the cam sensor,knock sensor nd coil.Then it was running but sometimes when you slow down you have a hard time to speed it up again,then 3 motor mounts were changed..what happen now,it starts but not sounds more power like before and when u shift gear to drive or reverse and push gas it is not moving at all..now i dont know why?please help

the mini van will start for one day after I do the repair then it will not start the following day. after installing the fuel pump It started just fine then this morning it did not start a day later

My car doesn't turn when I'm driving it just goes strait. When I want to turn the staring wheel is stuck and I struggle to turn. It feels like I'm going to break something

rear hatch will not open by electric switch only by manuel switch

inside the van, on the ceiling

I just bought it can you advise me on the way to make them work Thank You

run fine when cold what could make it do that? all ready replaced converter no fix

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It's the first time it's happened iwas warning it up and it died hasn't started since ,it's getting gas,turns over,but acts like there no spark

I checked everything on all the doors, it all looks good to me

have checked everything, pushed the on off interior light switch etc, it does have a door open alarm on the dash panel, we cannot figure out where that is coming from either.

Or in the summer when the ac is on. It has a high idle and stalls sometimes from the heater being on. Then the abs light came on and slowly stopped working but I got a jump and made it to a parking lot

OK, so when I drive my 2000 Nissan Quest GXE, it will randomly cut off. I lose power steering and the brakes become very hard to press. I know there is an oil seal that neds to be replaced, (it's the back one), and I've had an auto parts store run a diagnostic on it, and the codes that read are the knock sensor and two others I can't currently remember, but was told were not relative to it cutting off. The fuel pump is fine, and so is the battery. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.