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i took it in to smog diagnostic,and it tells me to change the cam sensor,knock sensor nd coil.Then it was running but sometimes when you slow down you have a hard time to speed it up again,then 3 motor mounts were cha...
the mini van will start for one day after I do the repair then it will not start the following day. after installing the fuel pump It started just fine then this morning it did not start a day later
My car doesn't turn when I'm driving it just goes strait. When I want to turn the staring wheel is stuck and I struggle to turn. It feels like I'm going to break something
rear hatch will not open by electric switch only by manuel switch
I just bought it can you advise me on the way to make them work Thank You
run fine when cold what could make it do that? all ready replaced converter no fix
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It's the first time it's happened iwas warning it up and it died hasn't started since ,it's getting gas,turns over,but acts like there no spark
I checked everything on all the doors, it all looks good to me
have checked everything, pushed the on off interior light switch etc, it does have a door open alarm on the dash panel, we cannot figure out where that is coming from either.
Or in the summer when the ac is on. It has a high idle and stalls sometimes from the heater being on. Then the abs light came on and slowly stopped working but I got a jump and made it to a parking lot
OK, so when I drive my 2000 Nissan Quest GXE, it will randomly cut off. I lose power steering and the brakes become very hard to press. I know there is an oil seal that neds to be replaced, (it's the back one), and I'...
this problem is every day even if I start van and wait few minutes before driving it.
my clock and radio station numbers arent appearing on my nissan quest. can you please help me. also my number is 6318389631 if you would like to contact me
I've been having all kinds of driveability problemsincluding hard start I've eliminated everything everything goes back to the ECU please help
ini tially the fuel pump went outreplaced and found out that the regulator was bad alsowhere do the primary and secondary ignitioncheck the position distributor at number one cylinderall this is okaythe car starts bet...
When am driving I go like to 30 mph and after that. The rpm's on the motor go to 5000 or 6000 and the transmision is not. Shifting.?
If the my van is in park or neutral the it will run fine but once it is in gear the van will stall out if you are stopped.
passenger side view mirror is cracked and needs to be replaced.