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I just got it out the tow yard from recovery.It was stolen since November 7th 2015...It was smelling like gas when I picked it up may 26th 2016.i realized it was leaking gas this afternoon June 2, 2016...I

When placing the vehicle in reverse, the RSS sensor no longer beeps.

1995 Nissan Quest. Some random kids shot out my windows. All of the passenger windows. The far back window on drivers side. The windshield is also cracked and has to be replaced.

Los Angeles, CA, owned it for 5 years and it's originally pre-owned

Battery terminals bad changed them but wont turn over and cant tow it right now idk

At a traffic stop, after traveling, the engine died, it will crank but no power to gauge cluster or to fuel pump. I replaced fuel pump, checked relays and fuses and they are all good, I don't know what to do now

I have the symptoms of having engine mount problems as described in some of the website I've searched thru, also the YouTube description that shows how to fix it. Just want to know what's the estimate cost for this.

I have changed 2 injectors I changed crank sensor cam sensor have done the timing all the ignition coils and it still misfires is it possible that the car is got a bad air fuel ratio sensor or mass air flow sensor this car is driving me crazy can't seem to think what it could be but I'm going crazy over this vehicle

Engine starts and idles smooth, then suddenly reves, up and down on its own. While driving I get power loss , engine bucks and surges then drops back to steady idle ,no stalling . It's messing with the tranny.

how to get off the heater core

Radio suddenly quit will turn on but no sound and after a few seconds it shuts off. How can I fix or check to see if it can be fixed?

Looks like chain replacement from my googling and 105 miles service, How much it will cost me in dublin,ca?.

All fuses checked are good and nothing comes up on the scanner says everything pass what else could it be ?

sliding back door on the driver side just stopped locking and I have to manually lock the door but it will unlock why is this how do I fix it we've tried everything


Trying to see if front blower is burned up the fan switch was broke on high and I think it burned up the blower motor

my 1994 nissan quest with 232840 miles runs slow with no pick up


It seems to be "starving" for fuel, idle is rough and then engine dies