50,000 miles currently.

Appears to be battery or alternator but concerned how that prevents the vehicle from moving

in my factory radio Have a mike in mirror

I have 74000 miles on the car. It has not been in an accident recently. Airbags never deployed. In September 2014 there was a recall of an airbag inflator (passenger airbag) inflator was replaced. I never had a sensor problem before.

Replaced alternator on the vehicle in question and need to know if a "Control Panel reboot" is a standard procedure without additional charge. After the alternator was installed, the dome lights, clock and automatic door locks no longer work. I guess the basic question is whether or not the reboot should be a part of the replacement or is it a separate charge?

Throwing code PO325 knock sensor. Nissan site has no diagram for replacing knock sensor. Any body got any ideas or links to diagrams?

I tolk of all of my sparkplugs off my motor and destributer cap and idk how they go back together

car was running fine as usual, doing about 55 and it began to lose power, sputtered, wouldn't excel. It acted like it wasn't getting fuel to the engine. Died. When attempted to restart-hard start, barely got it to turn over, missing, sputtering and wouldn't excel at all.
Replaced fuel filter, fuel pump and screen, cleaned MAF sensor. No change. Ran code and showed the distributor was bad. Had it towed to mechanic and he confirmed. Replaced distributor with a Duralast Gold from Auto Zone. Wouldn't even run for 30 seconds. Code said distributor bad. Got another one, ran for 30 miles, same thing, code says distributor bad, got a 4th one, it's hanging in (only driven 13 miles on it) but stalled once at a stop light and hard start after being turned off. Spoke to another shop (I know mechanics at both) didn't give them all of this history, they checked wires, checked this and that, ran code and the distributor is bad!
I then told him this was the 4th new distributor in as many days and his first question was "did you get it from auto zone?" Said yes, and he said it was no unheard of, even common, to get crap parts from them and that's way most shops don't.
Before I go spending an addition $400 on a dealer OEM distributor, I'm wondering if anyone else has had issues with this or with duralast gold distributors.

Window went down and would not go back up no sound nothing. All the other windows work. We can't get the motor out to replace it. Help

Replaced starter and it cranked right up turned car off turned key and starter won't stop spinning and wires on battery smoke and the key is not on had to disconnect battery terminal what's my problem everything hooked up right

last week i traveled on 4 hours journey and i lost 2 liters of Oil. meanwhile the engine is not smoking black and there is no visible leakage on the engine body. My VDC-off and Slip light are on but it drives well. could this be responsible for the Oil drop

More often than not i find myself "push or pop-starting" my 94' Pathfinder,when i turn the key dash lights go on but engine does not turnover,sometimes if i just roll it back & forth a few feet
then try it'll start,otherwise have to get it rolling & pop iit into 2nd or reverse(depending which way is downhill).It usually will also start quickly w/ a jumpstart or if i put my charger on in 50amp start position.Also,if i dont drive for a day or more i have harder time starting it.A friend said something about the "flywheel"not engaging or something to that affect(this was because of how it will start by just rolling bk & forth.

Does it make sense to fix this truck and I hear this is a known Nissan issue???

radiator fan doesn't come on at all!

I've owned my pathfinder for over a year and a half and never have had any problems with it until the last couple months. Seems like since I moved to this one place. I just find it strange all of a sudden it leaks. Twice now since July

Engine power. The idle bouces between 2,000 and 2,500. It starting to do it now without the ac happeneds every single time the ac is on. When it happeneds I pull over, shut of everything let it sit for 20 mins and it stops. If I try sooner than that it happends the sec I put it in drive. Please help as its getting worse

This done this to me 3 weeks ago but stopped after bout 20 minutes would sputter out or die...I would try to start it but it sputter ...then finally it start. And it ran fine until now and its doing it bad..I have to keep motor revved up in nutreul at stop light then put in gear..then it ran fine coming home..went to leave again and its doing it again...please please help truck is my work...

My car won't stop the when I press the pedal is hard and it betterly moves, I have no idea what can this be. I need help please....

2003 nissan pathfinder 3.5 liter v6. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and god bless

My truck is leaking brownish oil out slowly closest to the passenger side and when I drive it kid of shift a little then when I turn the car off it makes a funny little sound not loud or anything just sounds like more of a ticking noise