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I just had my oil changed about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I had noticed it was leaking but put it off. I was headed to the store and my truck started idling rough and had no horsepower so i checked and i had no oil what so ever. Later that night i put oil to make it home and when i went back to place who did oil change he told me that its misfiring cause i have oil in my cylinder.

I installed a new belt after the last one snapped. The belt started smoking and that one snapped as well. When i installed the new belt I noticed that the Pulley was shaking. I thighten it and the belt snapped again.

We've replaced fuses checked wiring still nothng. When turning the ignition I here a clicking sound. First time this happened was about a month ago, I took it to the shop and they replaced the starter. 2nd time I jumped stRted and it cranked. The next day did the same thng and nothing. Any suggestions?

bug and it runs perfect for awhile. also last time it happened it burned a hole in the cap I replaced it.
What am I missing? also no engine lights are on

bug and it runs perfect for awhile. also last time it happened it burned a hole in the cap I replaced it.
What am I missing?

Black exhaust is coming from the tailpipe. Also engine stalls in lower gears.

I replace hose coming from thermostat because it blew out now and I will put water back in the radiator is still I can hear it pouring out the bottom what do you think is wrong with it did I break my car

RPM is low it is always below 5, i need to hit the oscillator gas to to start the car most of the time. Other time the engine will die while i am driving i but in natural and step on the gas couple of time to restart the car.

This happened on several occassions, but it did start after a day or two had past. This last time it has failed to run. I removed the distributor cap and found that the rotor was not or did not spin. I removed the unit and appeared that the shaft above the gear was slightly warped and the u-shaped clip which holds the pin in place was not engaging the pin. I rotated the shaft on the unit and it rotated freely, but seemed rough, not a smooth rotation.
I purchased an after market distributor in excellent condition. I installed the new distributor and had the same results, no rotation of the distributor shaft. Obviously there's a gear in the distributor housing, could this gear be bad? Can it be easily replaced? Where is the fuse and sensor that are associated or related to the distributor located? Could these two items be the cause?? HELP PLEASE!!!

1 long blink then 2 long 3 short 4 short 5 short then long pause and 5 short

I have had two shops look at the car. Replaced the distributor and hose and pushed up the idle. Had a sensor knocking code P0325. Car still stalls when sitting for longer periods. Is this something with my fuel system?

50,000 miles currently.

Appears to be battery or alternator but concerned how that prevents the vehicle from moving

in my factory radio Have a mike in mirror

I have 74000 miles on the car. It has not been in an accident recently. Airbags never deployed. In September 2014 there was a recall of an airbag inflator (passenger airbag) inflator was replaced. I never had a sensor problem before.

Replaced alternator on the vehicle in question and need to know if a "Control Panel reboot" is a standard procedure without additional charge. After the alternator was installed, the dome lights, clock and automatic door locks no longer work. I guess the basic question is whether or not the reboot should be a part of the replacement or is it a separate charge?