does the engine from the 99' have to be synced with the computor when put into the 96

I have $180K miles on it

Actually they just said the axle, but I am assuming that they meant the beam. It is causing a lot of toeing on my passenger side rear tire, and I don't grip the road right when turning. I am trying to figure out the actual name of the part, so I can find it. And I wanted to see if it is possible to actually replace this. I am hoping to do it on my own, so any suggestions would be awesome. Thank you!

they run constant power whats the poroblem?

they run constant power whats the poroblem?

what is the estimated cost to replace an abs sensor

is there more than one sensor

What should I change. It happens on a long journey drive.

along with my radio. After a short time driving the car stopped running. After returning to the car a short while later, it started fine, I drove a few miles then went through the entire process again. The car will not start now. No lights no nothing. The battery is only 5 months old, is this a alternator issue or something else?

i cant pass smog because of emissions. the smog said i need to drive it more.

Not sure if its the right year nephew was told when his car was scaned it came upzone 6

As you can see I have 3 issues. The rear defogger worked at one time and stopped - Checked the fuse and it's ok - The cig lighter worked once and stopped again the fuse is okay - Now I have the AT light, it appears to come on when I turn the key on and goes off when I start the car do I need to worry about this? I've already have replaced a couple of sensors and a ignition coil on the number 4 cylinder I don't need anything else to go wrong with this car seeing it's the only one I have and really can't afford anything else to wrong with it. Any help you can give I will appreciate it very much

Air or heat won't blow out of ventts inside car

Driving the car everyday it does ok but just starts stalling if I dont keep on the pedal stop signs and lights it will stall out unless I'm giving it gas. Though it starts back up its tiresome and aggravating plz help me.??!!!

Car has 220k miles, replaced VSS and fixed speedometer. Had CEL on before I replaced VSS. Now, no CEL. Autozone said I need a knock sensor and I had a code P0600? Besides the TPS, TCM, ECU, transmission shift solenoids, & cleaning throttle body any other recommendations? This is daughters car & I don't know how long & how far she has been driving vehicle with 1st & 2ng gear only. When driveing vehicle o/d button doesn't effect car at all.

Total coast 470$. Hose was 217.77, labor was 200$. Is that accurate. Just feels like im getting taken advantage of.

2# on driver door stop working so started useing code on the passenger door to get in car now can not use code on either door now. What can i do?

started when speedometer was stuck at over 100mph. stopped car and restarted 4 to 5 times,on the 5th restart speedometer started working normally,but now front air bag indicator is lit up and shows it as being off. is there a sensor that might cause to happen.thanks for any help you can give.

Code does not work on either door. Driver side door 2# stop working. Then now either door code does not work. Please do not reply with a smart remark. This time i submitted this question before. Need help & real answers.

2# on the code from driver door do not work when i touch them. Started to use the ode from passenger door to get in, but now the code on either door does not work. When i push code there is no sound or anything. What can i do. I have to use the key to get in the car.

However, when I am driving slow or turning all the time, I hear a screeching noise but then it goes away. Could this be a brake problem or a pump problem? How do I find out?

Also, my head light is burnt out but I can't figure out how to replace it. When I open my hood, the light fixtures are all covered up with black molding or plastic. I also need to know what kind and size of light bulb to buy. Will Auto Zone replace my light for me if they can get to it?

I have no keys at all they were stolen. And I'm basically broke. The car won't start( I removed the starting mechanism from the ignition switch. I was able to start the car but after I closed the door and then opened the door the security system won't let it start now and the horn keeps honking. I can pull the security system fuse and the horn stops but still won't start . Horn continues to honk if I put the fuse back in. Is there anyone that can help me I need desperatly to get to work. Thanks

Very hot outside. Started car with a/c already on full blast (factor?). Car started shaking, put it in reverse to backup and steering wheel VERY hard to turn and brakes VERY hard to apply. Turned a/c and car off, waited 5 minutes, started it again and drove home with no a/c and no further issues. This has happened before. What is wrong? Help!! And Thank You!!

Vehicle has less than 80.000 miles

I have changed both thermostats on my 00 nissan maxima. It sometimes overheats in summer when sitting still. If Im driving 40mph or more it cools or turn on heater. Should I remove thermostat on hot side. Will this help,? - byrdgurl85