i have taped the motor. it tries to move a little then stops. dealer wants $1600 replace entire seat base but up down and recline work fine.any advise and cost would be helpful

My car over heated when I checked under the hood there was a small disconnected hose and was seems to be radiator fluid every where.

The dash board lights went out on my Maxima. I am thinking it might be electrical rather than the bulbs since all went out at one time.

Tell me all the recalls for 2004 Nissan maximas.

I thought the alternator was sucking my battery as when I took a reading of the battery when the car was off it was 12.7 and when I turned the car on it was 12.6-13.1 The car has been not starting from time to time and I would get a boost the car would work for a week or so then it would be dead again. The other day it wouldn't start someone gave me a boost I was driving home and then all of a sudden it was like I had nothing. I could only go about 2MPH or 5KMH when I pulled over the car did not stall out so I put the car in Neutral and revved the engine again. Everything was fine until I went back into first gear to go and again I could barely move only 2MPH or 5KMH. Also for about 5 seconds all the gauges gas RPM Speed indicator went crazy and were going back and forth really fast but I didn't have more acceleration at that time either just still same speed. Anyone have any thoughts? It is a standard if that helps also. Any help would be welcome. Thank you.

ok so i replace the brakes and rotors and the hub bearing on the passenger side i put everything back togther and drive it down the road and it hops like a low rider going down the road any advice thanks.

does the engine from the 99' have to be synced with the computor when put into the 96

I have $180K miles on it

Actually they just said the axle, but I am assuming that they meant the beam. It is causing a lot of toeing on my passenger side rear tire, and I don't grip the road right when turning. I am trying to figure out the actual name of the part, so I can find it. And I wanted to see if it is possible to actually replace this. I am hoping to do it on my own, so any suggestions would be awesome. Thank you!

they run constant power whats the poroblem?

they run constant power whats the poroblem?

what is the estimated cost to replace an abs sensor

is there more than one sensor

What should I change. It happens on a long journey drive.

along with my radio. After a short time driving the car stopped running. After returning to the car a short while later, it started fine, I drove a few miles then went through the entire process again. The car will not start now. No lights no nothing. The battery is only 5 months old, is this a alternator issue or something else?

i cant pass smog because of emissions. the smog said i need to drive it more.

Not sure if its the right year nephew was told when his car was scaned it came upzone 6

As you can see I have 3 issues. The rear defogger worked at one time and stopped - Checked the fuse and it's ok - The cig lighter worked once and stopped again the fuse is okay - Now I have the AT light, it appears to come on when I turn the key on and goes off when I start the car do I need to worry about this? I've already have replaced a couple of sensors and a ignition coil on the number 4 cylinder I don't need anything else to go wrong with this car seeing it's the only one I have and really can't afford anything else to wrong with it. Any help you can give I will appreciate it very much

Air or heat won't blow out of ventts inside car

Driving the car everyday it does ok but just starts stalling if I dont keep on the pedal stop signs and lights it will stall out unless I'm giving it gas. Though it starts back up its tiresome and aggravating plz help me.??!!!