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We dropped the trasmissikn last night to replace the clutch and when we put it back together it would crank and crank and crank but not start. Was not getting spark firing while cranking. Fuel
Pump was working.

When you turn leadlights on they blink off and on

I've been pulled over several times due to this problem. Is there something that I can do one my own to see if it fixes the problem

Need total xost on getting a starter for an 1999 Nissan Máxima?

Whan driving, if the rpm goes over about 2 1/2 (sometimes just at 2) the car stops accelerating and won't go over 15 mph, the rpms just keep going up. I usually have to pull over and turn off the car to let it cool down (i live in south florida). Sometimes that doesn't even do the trick and i have to get to point b at turtle speeds. I know the ac is messed up and not cooling, could that be related? When the problem occurs i can hear a hollow whirring sound coming from the car and most recently, a rattle. My dad changed one of the sensors on the pistons and I'm back to square one. Please help, I'm about to junk this damn car.

I just replaced the front pads and rotors on my 2002 Nissan Maxima and now there is a constant rattling noise. It sounds like keys clinking together. Applying the brakes does not affect the sound.


I have done the sequence with the gas pedal it slows it to 2-1/2 rpm,until i turn it off and back on,then it goes back to 3-4 rpm .when i start it the rpm raise very high till it warms but takes a long time.i had changed the camshaft sensor and in doing so I had dismantled the air flow housing /sensor and noticed the carbon buildup and cleaned it off the shutter Doesn"t shift very well either. Please help

it started well until this past week. Hot or cold it does this. After a few minutes or more it starts. Clicking noise in rear of engine by windshield when attempting a false start. Is it starter, alternator, or something electrical?

My car is rejecting gas. It spits it straight back out now my light is on saying I need gas.

Looking to buy a used 95 Maxima, didn't pass smog, report says it's 02 sensor. Engine light is on. Car runs fine. Thanks!

Lights constantly stay on, wiring seems to be ok. Dont know what to do now. Test at auto zone said it all shows good

My rearview mirror was dangling and my SMART husband cut the wires. Now my air, radio, and shift will not go into gear. I have to pt astraw in a hhole to start my car. Please help.

Im thinking, ignition, cylanoid,starter,alternator..wont take a jump, either.. Had trouble before with key and contact... New key noww..

i have taped the motor. it tries to move a little then stops. dealer wants $1600 replace entire seat base but up down and recline work fine.any advise and cost would be helpful

My car over heated when I checked under the hood there was a small disconnected hose and was seems to be radiator fluid every where.

The dash board lights went out on my Maxima. I am thinking it might be electrical rather than the bulbs since all went out at one time.

Tell me all the recalls for 2004 Nissan maximas.

I thought the alternator was sucking my battery as when I took a reading of the battery when the car was off it was 12.7 and when I turned the car on it was 12.6-13.1 The car has been not starting from time to time and I would get a boost the car would work for a week or so then it would be dead again. The other day it wouldn't start someone gave me a boost I was driving home and then all of a sudden it was like I had nothing. I could only go about 2MPH or 5KMH when I pulled over the car did not stall out so I put the car in Neutral and revved the engine again. Everything was fine until I went back into first gear to go and again I could barely move only 2MPH or 5KMH. Also for about 5 seconds all the gauges gas RPM Speed indicator went crazy and were going back and forth really fast but I didn't have more acceleration at that time either just still same speed. Anyone have any thoughts? It is a standard if that helps also. Any help would be welcome. Thank you.

ok so i replace the brakes and rotors and the hub bearing on the passenger side i put everything back togther and drive it down the road and it hops like a low rider going down the road any advice thanks.