Someone sat in the rear seat and plopped down. Somehow the rear seat became disconnected and there is one quote for a total of over $900, $768 for the seat and the rest for finishing and taxes, etc.

Coolant leak on the pavement, appears to be on front right side (facing forward).

At last 2015 inspection, brakes notation:
F "4MM" and R"6MM"
Assume front more immediately important?
If no brake squealing/grinding is heard, no brake chatter, maybe I can avoid the extra cost for rotor resurfacing??

Who can fix it, how much, and where do I get it done at?

Checked all fuses. Figured problem was in switch that turns the dash lights on or light itself is burned out.

Gas and tachometer still work

I read online most of the time you can fix this by cleaning the TB i did so and it ran like a new car for a few hours. went to drve it this morning and its doing the same thing. Code read P505 after cleaning light went off. back on this morning.

Has already replaced the solenoid kit

Gas hand,speed odometer,temperature gauge,etc

Is this a major or minor issue?