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Currently my car is showing up the service engine light and when the diagnostic code is read from computer, identified as P0430 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2. My friend didn't remember the ex...
I was told to check the connectors and I did. The tail lights work but I dont get a light on that side when I tap the breaks. what should I do?
2000 nissan maxima- filled up then noticed about 5 gal. of gas had came out from underneath the rear, but gas needle still says full- filled up 3 days ago and it did not do this---HELP
want to know how long it will take to replace a clutch
It's a constant sound and doesn't go away could this be wheel bearing
While driving thermastate guage starts at cold position then jumps up to the middle line then back to cold but does not reach the hot position. This happens sometimes then will jump like that about 4 times then stop. ...
while driving sometimes the temperature gage jumps up cold to hot but goes back to read not hot and stays there but car does not run hot what could it be
Instead of the fuel gauge going counter clockwise as the gas is used. The needle is all the way to the right of the empty line. Like it went past full all the way over, nearly down to the empty line.
driving about 30 to 35 mph hit devider the driver wheel went flat replaced tire. One day later transmission fluid leaking from driver side took off tire but cant see were it is leaking from. Fluid stick says low fuid ...
Also eng. bucks n lopes when cold. No codes most of time. PO171 sometimes shows. Done: mass air, 2Bosch upstreamO2s, airfilter. Do not see air leaks.
my car is a 1997 nissan maxima. I replaced the driver side lower control arm and now the wheel is turn to the enter awhile the passenger side wheel is pointing straight. I did not made anything to make the wheel turn ...
Also when I'm turning slowly it feels like right side is skipping or has slack. Could it be my CV joint?
Just bought the car not to long ago but, the car has a few minor things that show right away and a few that I know that are hidden and was looking to find how much it would be for a good look over.
code at parts store said 1st cylinder not firing.
code 3050 I think it said on the code reader.