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Hi, Last evening my car (2000 Nissan Maxima) broke down in the middle of the road. Then I had to tow it to a auto service. It would start and then stop/die almost immediately when I take my foot off the pedal. The ...
I replaced the altenator it ran good than well driving my head lights shut off n I have no electrical power but the car is still running n all fuses are still good what can I do ??
the engine light is on, it stalls, and the SLIP ligth won't go off, I am thinking I should change the spark plugs, I have been reading up on it and I see where changing the sparks plugs and maybe coil will help
I had a 4 wheel alignment done as well as balancing al tires. The squeek in the rear is only when it is cold and any bumps you encounter will cause the back to squeek. Not sure if its related but tire pressure sensor ...
How important is upper gasket. If it has a slight leak can i let it go for a while.dont wana pay to have it done and its not easy.ive done my gaskets on my valves already.but upper oilpan looks tuff.
my 2000 maxima wont stay idle on when its cold but when it gets warm weather no problem
It usually takes 3-15 times turning the switch to get the car to start. It seems there is some sort of ignition problem. It doesn't make contact...but once it does the car starts fine. Not a battery or starter issue.
someone replied to my question. When i said smoggig. Will the exhaust system play a part in passing smog
The other day i tried to start it and it wouldnt turn over. I know its not the batter cause the radio comes on and lights but it wouldnt turn over. I tried about 4 times then waited 5 minutes and tried and it turned o...
My car recently started to buck and stall out whenever I was coming or going to completely stop. Then once I started to drive off the bucking would get worse until the car just stalled out. Most of the time I can get...
Camshaft sensor codes and hard starting
A few days ago I heard a popping sound when I made the turn into my drive way, now I can barely steer the car. the fluid is full.
Does the exhaust system have to do with smoging the car? Does overdrive button stay on or off for normall driving?
Changing an ignition coil
what would a 2003 3.5v6 to just cut off going down the road
I replaced all six plugs and number 4&6 coil pack and crank position sensor front and back but still the same.
It will also die sometimes when I come to a stop at a stop sign it light. What is causing this?
Cannot turn off Radio (bose cd changer)drains battery needs a jump, when 15 volt fuse is removed when cars off, it starts up no problem.
car would not start,mechanic says must disconnect alarm
Currently my car is showing up the service engine light and when the diagnostic code is read from computer, identified as P0430 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2. My friend didn't remember the ex...
I was told to check the connectors and I did. The tail lights work but I dont get a light on that side when I tap the breaks. what should I do?