I know how my vehicle drove until it stopped driving. The prices for repairing a clutch can be so different how would I know I am being charged the right amount?

The tail and brake lights do not work and turn signals in the back do not work.

I put in reverse and other gears and it just acts like its in park or neutral.

6 Cylinder ,4 .0 V crew cab

but runs rough and then stalls

No response when I turn key to start engine. All power for inside and outside works fine.

Thermostat not showing running hot.

I have been quoted around $1000+ for replacement of a part at two different shops (one was a Nissan dealership). The dealership gave me completely wrong information - they said the part was no longer available new and would have to be replaced with a used part (it is available), and the part # they gave me ended up being for a v6 and I have a v4. Another shop would never tell me the specific part they would be charging me $1000 for. I need to get my brakes fixed, and I have no idea where to go.

Turns over but not starting

Moving position of rotor arm, how do I find position again so truck will srart again.

Replaced battery but engine will not turn over. There is a click at the relay.

We replaced the battery, but engine will not turn over. maybe a loose connection at the starter or perhaps a bad starter solinoid

after all the fluids heat up the transmission seems to operate normally. Problem seems to be getting worse each day.

My truck has 36,500 miles on it, an automatic transmission, & has been well taken care of. This problem happened last year in the middle of a busy intersection. The only way that I could get it to go was by putting it in park & then drive again. I was told by the dealer that it was a "brake line failure", & it was fixed free of charge. Now it's happening again, less than a year later. It only seems to happen when I come to a complete stop on an incline. When I press the gas pedal, it revs, hesitates, grinds, & lurches going into gear. Diagnostics from the dealer don't show anything wrong. What is causing this problem? I also just realized that my A/C is leaking Freon. I'm afraid this truck is a lemon.

My 87 year old father took his truck in and they told him the knock sensor needed replaced, then said they need to replace the timing belt and spark plugs. He paid them $2800 to have the work done. Got the truck back and it is keeps missing. So truck is back in there and they say they believe it is a bad knock sensor they put in. We are unfortunately just finding out about this. My issue is in the cost of the repair, I priced the knock sensor and they range from about $25 to $200, a timing belt is $30-$50, new plugs under $20. So a total of over $2800 seems out right over charged.


More frequently than not, the ventilation will automatically start (even with the switch in off). This only happens in the morning and the system will start in the mode in which it was last running. When this occurs, it cannot be turned manually (or switched to another mode). However, if I turn off the vehicle (for example, after arriving at work), it will operate normally later in the day. When I restart the vehicle after this occurs, it automatically resets the trip odometer to zero. Additionally, when this happens the lights on the vent portion of the console are out, but all the other lights on the console are illuminated normally. When the system is running normally, there are no issues. However, what is causing the system to automatically start and why can't it be secured or switched to another mode?

Blows hot air and the switch won't engage did I over charge is it a computer safety (help)

Occasionally, I would turn the key and nothing would happen. I could wiggle the battery cable wires and then it would usually start. Yesterday, something different happened. When I turn the key, the dashboard lights come on for a second and there is a popping sound and the lights go off. Turn the key again and nothing. Disconnect the battery cables and put them back on and get a repeat of lights on for a second and a popping noise. Any suggestions on where I can start? My truck is stranded in someone's driveway.