at idle rpm surges

My car abruptly quit yesterday while driving at about 30mph.

My husband and I just bought this car and ever since getting it home we have had nothing but trouble with starting it. We replaced the battery, but when we put the key in the ignition and attempt to start it nothing except the lights come one and the heater starts blowing but it won't turn over its completely silence on the outside except the hearter. However there is a little fuse box looking thing by the positive battery cable (or might even be connected to it) that if u move it or tap it the car will turn over. When we had the old battery in we always used a compact instant jump start to get the car to start even with messing with the little box on the positive cable. Is there anyone here that can help give me some pointers to look for or even maybe a diagnosis of why the car won't start but the heater (sometimes) and the lights come on but no crank or noise from the key or out side the vehicle. Please we have two toddlers and its cold here and snow on the ground this is the only form of transportation we have!!!! Thank you

I just bought a 1994 Nissan altima 5 speed and am having some problems leaving me clueless.

1.) Ever since I got the car home I have had to jump start it. I got a brand new battery but still not starting. The lights and all come on when turning the key over and heater starts blowing. However there is a red box looking thing on the battery cable that if I hit it or move it around the car starts after 40 mins of messing with it. But even with the old battery the lights came on but nothing more. WHAT CAN BE THE ISSUE FOR THIS?????

2.) My driver side strut spring makes a very loud popping noise when I make any kind of turn. You can also feel it pop too. I seen they had a recall for something like this back in 2010 can u tell me if I'm correct. And if I can still get it fixed if it hasn't been yet.

Thanks for helping

for the last 6 months i notice sometimes after i roll the power window up there is a line of grease or smudge on the window. What would cause this?

Nissan altima 2000

do not have warning signs on dash

We changed fuses computer alternater there was no curent before we did the work we can not get curent now as well what Ella can we do or wars the problem plz help

Can I take it back out and put it where it goes and it be fine?

Had first cat replaced, new tires,brakes,rotars, oil change in the last month. Front passenger side has always had issues, tires on that side are always worse, numerous alignments. Needed & got camber kit a few months back. Still pretty sure I have an exhaust leak again/still? Any ideas on what or how to figure out what's going on??

I had changed my whole engine and im not sure if I have to reprogram it because I ready changed the throttle body and im getting code PO507 and the rpm higher than expected?

on the car and is the car still eligible for the ones that were not done?
Thank You

My gear shift was stuck in park I kicked it and broke it completely

Advance said it is either the coolant is low or the thermostat is about to go. The car has not been running hot or shaking or anything. Does anyone know what it could be? They did not give me a code though

I got a nissan altima 2004, 2.5 L Automatic.
The engine shakes when I change gear from P to R or from N to D. Also the car jerks when changing gears from 1st to 2nd and a little bit from 2nd to 3rd.
Regarding changing gear from P to R, I have been told by a mechanic that the front right engine mount is broken and 2 other mounts are weak.
They had no idea regarding the jerks while driving and they suggested to show the car to a transmission shop.
By now, I dont want to pay more money for checking out the car by transmission shops.
Do you think the engine mounts are the only issue causing both jerks at idle and while driving and changing gears????
I am worried if I face transmission issues ...
Thanks a lot

didnt take a jump towed

I have a 08 3.5 se and it won't crank from time to time even though I have my foot on the brake

car obviously pulled from junk yard and patched up. fuel problems abound. almost t boned last night by F250 due to stalling in road. pump assembly, TPS, lines cleaned. MAF ok, exhaust unrestricted. pulling out my @*&$%** hair. have spent hundreds trying to fix this "piece of well Gold"

Car won't shift out of park.is the main battery a problem or a transmission issue