Some one broke MY driver side door handle and lock on my 05 altima so i cant get in to my car at all the key port is still attached but it just hanging and handle cracked i have no button lock WTD???2 questions Q1)can i buy a new key pad and program it and use that to unlock my car will it still drive i have my key I just can unlock the car with it
Q2)they didn't get in to my car by the look of it things seem to still be in place what do i have to worry about as far as driving my car

The light has been on for almost 2 years

It use to smell like gas in the inside of the car but now its just strong on the outside....

Daughters 2005 Altima would not start after stopping at gas station(gas light came on) started once and that was it have replaced or verified good the following Battery, crank sensor, Positive Battery Fuse Connector / Cable Holder Link, starter, Gas, and there are no trouble codes also verified I heard fuel pump come on at this point I have run out of Ideas, help would be greatly appreciated

Car started overheating after cool off and fluids added temp started rising again. This time after cooled off noticed leak changed water pump now cranks but wont turn on. Took terminal off for 20 min to reset anything by chance.

First of all, I don't know this is common or not. I am a newbie.
I have 2 questions.
1. The RPM seems weird when 2 to 3 on D mode.
Here is the video to show you what's going on?

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL-YY4HLgRE

2. High Fuel consumption
My car is only 17 mpg in city. It's supposed to be 20 mpg.

Can someone help me with these 2 questions?

And I was not notified of this?

I have a 99 nissan altima that shakes like an off-balanced washing machine when in gear and foot on brake. It's been a problem for a while now but I have had enough. I have changed my plugs, wires, cap, and distributor.

I found an article online for a newer altima this person had the same problem but to fix their problem he replaced the alternator and the tension pulley. The person mentioned that, "The explanation is this, the aftermarket alternators (which are all remanufactured) have sub-par clutches in them which don't live up to a good standard when the car is at idle."

Any help would be great!!

unlock,the top cover.

Dead got it checked out came down to getting a brand new one. Saw a difference car cranks but just wont start. What might be the problem ?

Six months ago the service engine light came on my Altima. The code read was P0420, catalyst system efficiency below threshold (bank 1) which could be the cat converter or the o2 sensor not functioning properly. I put off the repair til I was financially able to resolve it. The lite went out for about 2 weeks but returned again. In January, my car stalled the first time in 8 yrs. while stopping at a lite but quickly restarted. The second time it occurred, took 2x before starting. The last time it occurred while stopping to enter traffic, it stalled with warning & took about 4 tries. I tried to accelerate but could not accelerate past 20 miles an hour & sounded seriously like a human trying to catch his breath for the next 1/2 mile. I kept my gas pedal to the floor for fear of it stalling or being hit in the rear in fast moving traffic til I was able to exit. I shifted it in neutral when I came to the stop light. When I proceeded after the light, it resumed normally. I had the codes checked & they read P0725 & P0335 which is the crankshaft sensor malfunction. I have to find out whether my car is included in the recall concerning this. My question is this: do I still have to repair the P0420 code issue with the O2 / catalytic converter that didn't show up on the latest code reading?

at idle rpm surges

My car abruptly quit yesterday while driving at about 30mph.

My husband and I just bought this car and ever since getting it home we have had nothing but trouble with starting it. We replaced the battery, but when we put the key in the ignition and attempt to start it nothing except the lights come one and the heater starts blowing but it won't turn over its completely silence on the outside except the hearter. However there is a little fuse box looking thing by the positive battery cable (or might even be connected to it) that if u move it or tap it the car will turn over. When we had the old battery in we always used a compact instant jump start to get the car to start even with messing with the little box on the positive cable. Is there anyone here that can help give me some pointers to look for or even maybe a diagnosis of why the car won't start but the heater (sometimes) and the lights come on but no crank or noise from the key or out side the vehicle. Please we have two toddlers and its cold here and snow on the ground this is the only form of transportation we have!!!! Thank you

I just bought a 1994 Nissan altima 5 speed and am having some problems leaving me clueless.

1.) Ever since I got the car home I have had to jump start it. I got a brand new battery but still not starting. The lights and all come on when turning the key over and heater starts blowing. However there is a red box looking thing on the battery cable that if I hit it or move it around the car starts after 40 mins of messing with it. But even with the old battery the lights came on but nothing more. WHAT CAN BE THE ISSUE FOR THIS?????

2.) My driver side strut spring makes a very loud popping noise when I make any kind of turn. You can also feel it pop too. I seen they had a recall for something like this back in 2010 can u tell me if I'm correct. And if I can still get it fixed if it hasn't been yet.

Thanks for helping

for the last 6 months i notice sometimes after i roll the power window up there is a line of grease or smudge on the window. What would cause this?