What's the issue now

Was on highway going about 75, cruise control stopped working then a loud whistling noise came from engine. The car sputtered then stopped. Car started up again but can't go faster than 60. Also grinding and knocking noise from engine. Service engine light is on now. Any ideas?

Loss of throttle when the alternator stops putting out 12 or more volts

. We have replaced the tensioners and the alternator when we put the new alternator on the noise seemed to die down a bit. Yet we don't know what the problem is I've read it could be the started not disengaging, low oil pressure, and bad water pump... But I want to be sure before we go and spend hundreds on something we don't need. If further info needed let me know...

After I noticed the car over heated I fixed the problem and drove it right home. Tried to start it a few hours later & it won't start

When I spray gas in the intake it will crank it's a 2000 model 2.4 in a 96. Had to change everything on the block for wiring harness. Intake manifold and all sensors injector rail dist etc... Please help

But anyway after replaced I also had oil change and filter. The car was running good I also was using 93gas which in my opinion was had my car running smooth afterwards... But maybe 3days ago I notice when I crank my car up it sounds louder while kind of the same sound the car makes when it needs oil.. While in park , but its not loud when in drive or reverse this is the only thing I notice .. Had the diagnostic done a a week before this problem occured and only the camshaft senor being bad the problem it found . transmission fluid also is due to be change now .. Its a dirty brownish Red in color... Also when the mechanic took out 6 quarts of oil in my car

It just happen out of the blue it worked one day and now does not work at all

When I turn on my air conditioner, the more I increase the fan a noise starts happening. It reminds me of a small plane, getting louder and louder the more I turn up the fan. What might be the problem?

What are the likely cause of this?its just automatically stop while driving and showing the handbrake sign on it

AC blowing room temp air
Compressor hissing
Oil residue above wipers on windshield (was told to look for residue)
Check engine light came on yesterday (read out wasn't specific catalitic convertor was a possible cause nothing specific)
Noticed air same time
I am making a 1000 mile trip and had to turn around at 300 miles because my 3 yr old daughter can't have wind on her ears please help

At one time the lights STAYED on, even when the keys were removed from the ignition. And now they do not come on at all.

when i put the car in reverse, car moves just fine. when i put the car in drive to move forward, i lose power in the gas pedal and car will not move forward at all won't even let me rev. will rev in neutral and will reverse but won't go forward.

I have an intermittent issue with delayed acceleration after driving 40-50 miles at speeds over 60. If i come to a complete stop the car will hesitate to accelerate causing a hazard if turning at an intersection. I have it at Nissan right now and they are unable to duplicate it and there are no codes.

Some one broke MY driver side door handle and lock on my 05 altima so i cant get in to my car at all the key port is still attached but it just hanging and handle cracked i have no button lock WTD???2 questions Q1)can i buy a new key pad and program it and use that to unlock my car will it still drive i have my key I just can unlock the car with it
Q2)they didn't get in to my car by the look of it things seem to still be in place what do i have to worry about as far as driving my car

The light has been on for almost 2 years