I Got this 2006 Nissan Altima and it over heated on me (cause it had a 4" crack in the top front of the radiator that had been previously patched.) I replaced the radiator and now it wont start. I've had a Diagnostic run on it and a person look at it to make sure there was no internal damage from overheating. It showed codes for the crank sensor so I replaced that and it still didn't start.(It did how ever sputter for the first time and almost started.) I changed the Coolant Temperature sensor. I've tried spraying injection fluid into it and it still didn't start. Thinking that would help but nothing. I can hear the fuel pump and after changing the crank sensor i could smell gas. Also before this happened it had a moderate problem with starting. For instance, It would start then immediatly die, then you would have to restart it. it usually started and stayed running after 2 or 3 trys. idk what is going on with it at this point?

Outside temp reads icy------ but it is 95 degrees out

This is a new problem,when I hit the gas pedal my car makes a rattling sound, almost like a clicking sound. I need to know if it dangerous. And how long can drive car with a bad tierod.

I have a hard time accelerating or going up hills. If I feather the gas pedal when I'm accelerating it seems to do a little better

My compressor starts cools this shuts off based on the outside temp. And when I increase blower speed it stops blowing cold air.

Replaced brake pads and cleaned the sensors.

I looked in the owners manual and it's coming from the inside after it rains and it's from the fuse box I guess right by the keyless remote insert. And I have some water where I insert my keyless remote to charge? How is it getting into the car?

on the radiator side. The rear will line up but the front won't with out that piece...any suggestions would be appreciated thanks

Today after i got my oil changed and pertol refilled, my Service Engine Soon light stays ON. I got the code from an auto shop as "P0400-Exhaust gas air flow". How to fix this? I checked the petrol tank cap also. It is closed properly.

when i first start my car, it has a ticking sound coming from passenger side of the motor. it somtimes comes and goes. while driving it will shift hard and when lift off the accelorator it slows down like im pressing the brake. But i have changed the alternator 3 times with in 1 year. so i decided to buy a new battery cus i was having to jump start my car everytime i shut it off. but i cleaned the terminal cable connecters and the noise completely stopped but only for a few days. took it to auto zone and they told me i had some kinda of drawl that was pulling power from somewhere when car was shut off.. I really am confused with what it might be plz help me . Also a nissan tech said it was my belts , so i replaced them and nothing changed, he listened for a second and said it was timing chain but will the ticking come and go if it was the timing chain or would it constantly be there. and also will the o2 sensors be a part of the ticking noise?

I have a push button start. It does nothing the key fobs don't work

My car was running fine, until I got my plugs replaced. Then the service engine like came on and it starts up rough and is missing. When I'm driving a steady speed it's fine but when I take my foot off the gas to slow down it has a little miss in it. It occurs Everytime I start the car and Everytime I take my foot off gas to slow down or when going down a hill but not when I apply brake. Please help. I took it back to the shop that placed my plugs and they two plugs were gapped wrong but it's still doing it.

I have to put it in park and rev the engine to keep it turned on. Otherwise it drives fine. Is it a vacuum? Something fuel related? Gasket?

It smells like gas at least once every 30 min while I'm driving.. What could be the problem. How do I fix it and how much would it be?? Please help asap!!!

leaks out from under the middle of the car. There is gas in this leak plus it is very dark and thick. I cannot find any wet places under the car that it has run down on the body or frame. Had it put on a life and could still not see anything even the tech could not find anything. They talked about a charcoal filter somewhere about the gas tank that may be involved. Does anyone have any ideas?

There is a popping noise and vibration coming out of the engine. You can feel the vibration in the gas pedal and the brake. The timing belt was just replaced and the motor mounts are good. The noise/vibration occurs whether its in neutral or drive.

I changed the fuel pump, and it still wouldn't start. Checked the fuel relay and it's good. Spark plugs are still good. What could be the problem?

My car has been sitting and parks for six months I want to jump it and as soon as I put it in neutral and tried you park it into a difference but it did start the next day I turned over the key the windows rolled down but would not start now I am on able to roll my windows or start it what should I do

Just cut it off and won't crank back

I was told while getting the tire rod fixed that the axle was leaking and it would cost $240. Is this an average price? This would include parts & labor

cut out once at an intersection was rough starting then just fine - trip meters reset - only time this has happened so far

blower motor is sporadic. have checked fuses

The car shut off one day and hasn't started since...I replaced the crankshaft sensor but still no fire. What else should I check

the same....i need help

Suddenly when driving on the highway, I loose acceleration, with my gas pedal to the floor. When I pump it, the rmps will jump to 3, then immediately return to 2. New spark plugs and oil change. The check engine light isn't on and the temp is good. It doesn't happen every time I drive on the highway, only occasionally and without notice. I don't seem to be doing anything different. After sitting for about 15 minutes, I start it up and it runs fine. I was told it could possibly be the CVT?! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

The spark plug boot melted onto the spark plug head in cylinder one. It's at a bad angle as its in the back of the engine and we can't see into it. Any suggestions how to get it out?