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I clean the throttle body and mass air sensor due to codes po5507 and po102 but when I started car the rpm bounce up and down I did the re-train mode but no luck I took it to a local shop and they saids is my mass airflow sensor has a wiring problem and it cost to fix $500.00 I work on cars but not good with electric stuff

Like autozone but that will go over your car with you.

I need to change coil on cylinder 4

Would the intake valve timing control cause it to idle rough an cause the valves to rattle..

Would the intake valve timing control cause it to idle rough an cause the valves to rattle..

The car is making noise and it sound like if want to turn off

Mechanic said it was the throttle body paid 290 and it's still loses power he told me to bring it back and he was gonna reset it and it work about 7 blocks parked it at home went to drive it couple hours later not even 2 block ride the same thing no power

No warning light came on in my 2014 Nissan Altima, why did this happen & how do I fix it?

No warning light on, what does this mean and how do I fix it?

Check Eng. Lt. Occasionally

It started out running roughly and the RPM's were very high. Then it got harder and harder to start. Now it won't start at all.

I cannot fid it inside the car or under the hood.

Is my battery going to die?

Why dose my wifes car go dead with out any notice she she can stop an it will start right back with no problem

My Nissan cranks and sometimes doesn't want to start runs rough and it makes a lot of vibration noise on the passenger side Im guessing part of the problem is the crankshaft position sensor reason why because there's a lot of oil leaking from there how do I remove and install that sensor

My car it hard starts and it lacks powere and its leaking oil from distribuator

the engine turns over but will not start or run

Just changedboil n full tank gas! Just died middle road! Would not start replaced starter ping knocking noise from left side engine?

Major oil leak

ck engine lite on with crankshaft code

need a diagram for the fuse box under the dash

2007 nissan altima will start and run 30 seconds and then quits . The car has no codes other than the o2 sensor any ideas no throttle control has new fuel pump and plugs

Could a hose be leaking?

it is turning over and its is trying to start even when I take my foot off of the brake it continue trying to start but don't start up. I got a new battery already.

I replaced the alternator last spring and now intermittently the car won't shut off. I hear a ticking in the steering column. A couple times I was in the house and heard the horn beep and when I got in the car the red engine light was on and it was ticking though the key was in the house and the car had been sitting

While im driving it steady jerking

I have the p1124 code which is a relay I change it, then turned on the car it worked but after firing 3 -4 times it showed up again I replaced the throttle body also could anybody help me out

replacing broken glass

Please contact me also need a pistun

When I turn on the AC, the c e light stops flashing and the car runs fine,