Mass air flow sensor

After I stop after been driving for awhile have to wait and let the truck cool down before I can restart the truck. It acts like the batter is dead.

Crazy loud noise and transmission not wanting to shift gears along with the car having basically no power all happened really suddenly bout two days ago... Replaced the Valve Cover Gasket, Spark Plugs (which the 1st and 4th were full of oil), and O rings today.. still the same problem

Does anyone have a solution?

I have a 2015 nissan sentra SR with 8,000 miles on it. Can anyone tell me where the dipstick for the automatic transmission fluid is located? Does the car even have one? I have searched all over the internet and found nothing. It is puzzling me.

When the car is running the car with the key is not showing.

I think that what's killing my battery over night

It shakes its unsafe to drive because of that

Is. It possible that a linkage clip has come off.

Does it have a flapper motor?

When I turn it on a higher speed the Sri light turns off and only warm air comes out

and won't stay up when i pull it up with by hand. clutch won't work at all.

You can feel the vibration and shaking all over the van. And when I hit the brakes it starts knocking and shaking so bad it feels like the brakes are just going to snap and when I hit the gas pedal after that it's still knocking and shaking. Please HELP..

all of a sudden switch wont change from a/c vent to floor or defrost

in a day or two, it will start doing the same thing. In order to get it to start, I have to keep holding it down for a while, hold it down again for while until it starts? Is there a recall on this for the 2003 Altimas?

Sometimes, more often in evening when the outside temp is hot, my car just won't take gas when I try to pull out again. No noise, no reving even when I put the gas pedal to the floor, it will eventually pull out. If I turn the ignition off and back in it goes away for awhile. The tank is full, no warning lights on, temp gauge is fine. I've had to to dealer twice, it didn't happen when they test drove it. Said they couldn't do anything if no warning lights are on to read codes.

I don't know what's going on I don't want to have to spend a lot of money what should I do can you please help me

I have a nissan maxima that cranks but wont start. i have checked the battery, fuel pump, iginition system everything that relates to the problem.... but one thing is that the dash and the A/C are turned on instantly when i put my key on ON i cannot control my A/C it stays working also my dash all lights are on. could this be more of a electricity problem not mechanical?

The battery is fully charged. I drove it every where last Friday with no starting issues at all and woke up the next morning and it hasn't started since.

B-LSD light on and 4 wheel drive will not come on. 4x4 2004 Nissan Titan

How to replace oxygen sensors

Also, when I drive, it still blows warm to cold air and my temp gauge goes downward, practically to cold setting on the gauge. In the summer with AC on the gauge is right in the middle (perfect). What's going on?

I recently changed the starter and ingnition switch thinking it would fix the problem and still nothing I have to ouch start it everytime for it to turn on

Automatic won't shift from park.

My Service Engine Light continues to turn on for a day or two then off for a day or two for over 2 months. I have yet to figure out why.

Pretty sure it's not the compressor and all belts are fine.

My oil one is broken

I was trying to make a right turn and on a street, it was a little tight and my tire slid off from the curb. Immediately after this my rack and pinion was bend. Not sure if this was a car defect or if its possible to bend a part like this by such a minor incident. Has there been other complains with a similar issue with make & model or even other vehicles.

I am new owner !!! However have a problem with the booster. The previous owner did disclose the problem : he had accidentally hit a speed bump and there is now a leak; and there was just not only a spark but a fire bomb out of the left muffler !! Can you fix this ? And estimated cost.
Thank you so much !!!

how much is parts and labor

I had an emission test done and that is one of things that I need to get fixed and I was unsure on what that actually was.