My exhaust is rusted, and after a recent accident the exhaust split, the accident was to front of car only. Please quote cost for new exhaust plus fitting.

When I TURN ON my Air conditioner, #1, #2 nor #3 doesn't flow air, only #4; what's happening?

TCM reprogrammed on 2002 Nissan Altima

The car was sitting for a long time in my driveway. Then we noticed the front right tire flat. My friend looked underneath and saw that it was due to a broken coil. I would like very much to get it fixed because I really enjoy driving the car

A code was given for faulty speed sensor, which was replaced by transmission shop. The shop flushed and replaced the transmission filter when they replaced the speed sensor. Now it is giving the same code of speed sensor and lost power. Am I looking at needing a new transmission?

I was going to fast and needed to turn I guess I braked to hard but then all of a sudden my hand brake light and ps light came on and I couldn't steer or stop. Luckily I was able to get to the side of the road and just rolled until I stopped. I turned the car on and it came right back on with no problems. It's fine it 3 times in the 1 1/2 I've had the car. Idk if braking hard is causing the problem or if something else is wrong. Can someone help me please?

I check to see if child proof switch was in open position and removed rear armrest and handle bezel to see if I could open door with no success and I cant remove door panel because I cant open door

The car of 2005 altima. Dies at a stop. Why and what would cause that

it wont go back into gear till i pull over,kill the AC and let the tranny cool down

Hose blew didnt drive stopped walked to parts store got hose replaced it cranked runns good but think some kind of sencere maybe out it start spracticly idoling high then low now idoling high getting worse is there a sensor that may be bad

What /where is the best approach to get the rust taken off and car sealed /painted?

The water pump had been dripping and yesterday it became a consistent leak I'd say I carry water with me and do check the water and add to it accordingly so going to work this morning went about a mile and a half noticed a hot smell coming through the vents not electrical but hot the temperature gauge was indicating it wasn't over heating then the rpms ran a little and shifted fast just wasn't running like she had been I pulled over turned it off waited a few started it again it didn't want to crank kind of lagged a bit then when it did turn over it revved up to three grand so I just turned it off and here I am now any insight would be a tremendous help

What would cause gas fumes inside car just started 2 weeks after fuel pump replacement

And where is the bleeding value at?

air conditioner and radio both die at same time

I Got this 2006 Nissan Altima and it over heated on me (cause it had a 4" crack in the top front of the radiator that had been previously patched.) I replaced the radiator and now it wont start. I've had a Diagnostic run on it and a person look at it to make sure there was no internal damage from overheating. It showed codes for the crank sensor so I replaced that and it still didn't start.(It did how ever sputter for the first time and almost started.) I changed the Coolant Temperature sensor. I've tried spraying injection fluid into it and it still didn't start. Thinking that would help but nothing. I can hear the fuel pump and after changing the crank sensor i could smell gas. Also before this happened it had a moderate problem with starting. For instance, It would start then immediatly die, then you would have to restart it. it usually started and stayed running after 2 or 3 trys. idk what is going on with it at this point?

Outside temp reads icy------ but it is 95 degrees out

As an example,sometimes when car is in park I can't put the shifter in reverse. The transmission fluid is good as of 6/28 inspection.

I have water in my oil. It still runs and drives but it knocks

can find problem. changed canister, purge vent

Check engine diagnostic reveal that the following sensor need to be check or replaced: Sensor 1 P0133, 02 Circuit slow Response Bank 1

car loosing power,smells like rotten eggs

When trying to put the car in drive it stutters then stalls out

Shouldn't there be a beeping sound when backing up to alert me when objects are close to my car

the average cost for a rear main seal

the cost of the rear main seal

This is a new problem,when I hit the gas pedal my car makes a rattling sound, almost like a clicking sound. I need to know if it dangerous. And how long can drive car with a bad tierod.

I have a hard time accelerating or going up hills. If I feather the gas pedal when I'm accelerating it seems to do a little better

Want to know what to check next

My compressor starts cools this shuts off based on the outside temp. And when I increase blower speed it stops blowing cold air.