I have a broke crankshaft in my 88 pathfinder will the crankshaft off a 94 pathfinder swap out OK or is it not compatible

ck engine lite on with crankshaft code

I don't know the terminology 2 input for a quote on a valve job had timing chain fixed need to make sure valves are working properly

I've looked n looked no coolant spots in the driveway n no signs on the engine but the car looses a gallon of coolant every few days has anyone had this problem

Was running then just quit

My 2008 Nissan Titan engine idles over 1 RPM at standing idle,why!

need a diagram for the fuse box under the dash

I need help I'm in a position in what I can't figure out anything

2007 nissan altima will start and run 30 seconds and then quits . The car has no codes other than the o2 sensor any ideas no throttle control has new fuel pump and plugs

beep last longer then any other beeping ive ever herd

when the car starts, i try to raise it but when it reaches 2 rpm on the pointer, it begins to jerk or vibrate and continous fire will put it off. but will move if i drive between 0 t0 1.5 rpm. why and what is the cause of this problem?. on diagnose, it says cam shaft A. after trying several old sensors, it worked for a while and the same thing happened again, why and what is the cause?

Plugs wires timing belt maf sensor tps sensor I'm desperate. It's okaybatbhighbrpm but as soon as I let off the throttle it's rpms are up and down all over the place

We had an oil leak then did an oil change everything seemed to go back to normal then started leaking even worst, I believe the part were it is coming from is the oil cooler behind the part where the oil filter screws in, so we tried to replace the gasket during which the coolant line was knocked off and we lost alot of coolant. The gasket was to big so we put water in to be able to make it to auto parts store and now it's overheating and fluctuating. Any thoughts or suggestions it only has 73k miles on it. oh and the check engine light came on after the oil change and we never ere able to get the change oil light to go off after changing it, it also made a rattle sound kinda like a stuck lifter when accelerating.

How much to fix front differential

I've changed struts, shocks,and lower control arm, and ball joints and iit's still wobbling

Truck is in park and will not start. Is acting as if not in park, the P R N or D doesnt show on the panel.


When coming to a stop at red lights and stop engine cuts off tries to do sometimes while driving replaced the throttle body and now mechanic says it's the distributor I'm so confused please help when the engine is cold the car drives fine

when I tried to start the car it would not turn over just a whirring sound I bypassed ignition system by disconnecting the connection from the wiring harness and jumping it directly from battery with start momentary switch engine turned over but did not start it did start when I had it hooked up to harness and jumped it it did the same whrring sound.

the bolts that hold the trunk u clamp r gone how do i re place them

Could a hose be leaking?

Any idea's

Already replaced shocks in back, struts in the front and ball joints.

happens at 70 mph have already replaced shocks and struts

I was advised at the dealer that i needed to replace transmission.

Idled to running temp fine.Drove it 2 miles then gage went to cold.Heat luke warm.Does not over heat.temp won't register

it is turning over and its is trying to start even when I take my foot off of the brake it continue trying to start but don't start up. I got a new battery already.

I replaced the alternator last spring and now intermittently the car won't shut off. I hear a ticking in the steering column. A couple times I was in the house and heard the horn beep and when I got in the car the red engine light was on and it was ticking though the key was in the house and the car had been sitting

15 miles down the road the differential for that tire blue out. Oil every where. The tire light was flashing during this time. I was told the difference in tire size caused the problem. Expensive repair. Could this tire difference cause the blowout? If so, why would Nissan put 18 in tires on the car and a 16" temp?

It doesn't die in reverse.