No success. followed all the steps but ses light never blinked during the process so the reset never happened. idle is still to high and ses light is on. Suggestions?

Engine just turNed off while I was driving.

Then it just stops won't even crank why?

In my 2008 Nissan Quest LE my front a/c blower stopped working. But before it stopped working it went into high speed then stopped working, no matter the setting, temp or speed setting it does not work. Rear a/c works great including fan thankfully.

Car has started killing when we have stopped and then put it into reverse to backup i.e. back out of a parking spot and try to go forward. Dealer ran on computer and could find no problems. Told us to try an additive in the fuel, which we did, and the problem persists. Is there a solution?

I just found out that my car exhaust is rusted in a way that needs me to have the muffler and tailpipe replaced. I am curious as to how much I can expect to pay so that if I go in for an estimate I can be prepared so I don't get overcharged.

I pressed all the peddle put only runs till 10mph

2016 Nissan altima with only about 2k miles I got it new the security system light just recently started blinking when the car is off. How do I reset it so it does not do that? I'm not sure why it started doing that

Heads done twice two water pumps four thermostats two radiators timing assembly cross over pipe fans checked Ac freon checked new anti freeze Run and sounds fine all checks out turn on Ac overheats again HELP PLEASE

while driving sometimes the car skips or jerks.

Symptoms occur every couple miles. When problem does not occur the vehicle drives smooth and straight with no apparent problem and then randomly pulls to one direction or the other. Had the Struts changed and wheel alignment. No help. Suspect Steering Angle Sensor. Request estimate for replacement of Steering Angle Sensor.

I have replaced coil pack, spark plugs, fuel pump, O2 sensors and still running rough. I checked again and still has misfire code 304. Need Help Soon !!

Problem just started. Truck is off and parked for the nite. look outside and lights are turned on. Why and how can i fix it?. Truck is a hard body

I've had my O2 sensors, front & back catalytic converter replaced and my alternator replaced. It seems like my take off is a bit slower and it doesn't feel right, what could be wrong with my car? Oh also I have 203,000 miles on it.

I am having a problem with my 2002 nissan altima it ran hot the 1 day and after that the top of the rad blew apart and cracked all the way across the top and then it was blowing white smoke out the tail pipe so I knew the head gasket was bad so that was changed and when it was done did a oil change and filled it up and went to start it and oil was blowing out the filler cap and I put my hand over the filler cap and it has a lot of air coming out of it I had a misfire on cyl 4 and then I moved the coil from cyl 4 to cyl 2 and the misfire moved to cyl 2 so I ordered 4 new coils and plugs and a new pcv valve I checked the pcv valve today and it seams to be ok the hose is not clasped and when I take the hose off it it wants to die not having any luck with it any help would be great thanks

I start my truck put it in D and the truck take don't respond when I step on the gas .The truck dos too in gear,sometimes it will move sometime it don't.I would want to know the problem and how to fix it.

Dealership said that the rubber is worn on the front wheels control arms (2) leaking. Would like to know what is the cost to repair

Even with key out of the ignition the light still stay on what can Tht be

I have a 1989 Nissan pulsar nx Will not reverse and will not roll n neutral. 113 k miles only.

When making a stop it will cut off,at lights,stop signs it will cut off

No details

After it dies it won't start again for a couple of hours or more. Sometimes I can drive it and it runs fine. What's my problem?

Have also replaced mass air flow sensor, crankshaft sensor and dropped the exhaust. Still same results. Any ideas what to try next?

Car starts and runs rough and check engine light comes on.

While I'm driving there's a knocking sound in the front left wheel

Muffler shop checked pipes all ok

It just started recently

2005 Nissan frontier

I replaced the ignition switch and the starter relay. I try to turn it over and it just clicks once from the ignition area in the cab. I also checked the clutch safety switch and it's good. I took the starter/selinoid off and had it tested, it's good. I can start the vehicle if I touch a wire straight from the selinoid to the battery, but that's a pain. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Found a couple diff models than mine but dont know if compatible thanks