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just started doing this, also the battery light is on.

Every 100 miles

Sounds like its not getting fuel from maybe a sensor telling it to...maybe???,help

My dashboard lights are good but they don't light up.

The rear AC motor does not run

Cost to replace radiator

All the lights went out but don't know where to look for the fuse to them

When I start the engine in the morning I hear a rattling noise from the front of the engine. Oil level and belts are OK.

it sat four days at garage until mechanic could look at it the battery was dead so he jumped it an it started.he hooked it to computer and couldn't find no problems.he thinks it could be a bad started a few more times with get a new key made I got to drive car to dealership to get new key and programed. should there be a way to tell if the key is bad

Heat works fine. But when trying to use ac I'm getting warm air not cold like it uses to be.

engine cuts at and temp gauge drops. all codes were thrown at once.

I need another spindle for a 1990 nissan d21 pick-up and found a 1995 nissan d21 pick-up at an auto salvage.

I need a diagram on how to replace spark plugs.

I want buy a engine from my friend his engine is a 2013 push start will that engine run in my 2006

I took the dash out to replace the radio and I unhooked all connections to install another radio that would work. One was the air bag light and it is put back together and the light continues to flash all the time.

i have had my car in the shop v for my right rear window and its still messed up now its stuck down and i can get it back up use to be able to wiggle it now nothing any ideas

So the ac blows out air but it's not cold. I think it's the compressor because it sometimes engages. Should I disconnect the battery will that reset anything?

Why my car stops when I put it in gear

I am trying to know if I have to remover the steering column to replace a broken Windshield wiper switch arm

When my car is off and the headlights are on there is no warning headlights chime. And if drivers side seatbelt is not on there is no chime and there should be

i recently had the water pump and fan clutch replaced after overheating. that night it started up right after fixing and ran great. i stopped and turned the truck off and it wouldnt start. the truck sat over night and started in the morning. this was a few weeks ago, last night after work i started it up for about ten minutes and turned it off. came back an hour later and it wouldnt start. battery is fine and is getting good ignition but wouldnt turn. woke up this morning and it started first try. Now, nothing

Checked what fuses i could find for radio??

we ran bad gas in it had water in it cleaned it put fresh fuil cleaned the injectors replaced starter could it of clogged the catylac converters

Does the 2002 Sentra have 2 catalytic converters?

While driving will the brake and gas pedal adjusters cause the front brakes to lock. The truck will slow down and stop. How can you fix it. Just purchased the truck.

I had change the mas and speed sensor and even change the throtle body but it didn't work, please help

Check engine light came on. So i press the gas pedal but no acceleration only on the Rpms. The car slowly gets up to 40 mph. Then if I stop that's it car won't move. Only rpms.

My car also bounces a lot now.. I brought it to a mechanic but he said nothing was wrong with it. Please help!

the front work in the winshield only I field a little air

RPM's drop when at full stop and sometimes stalls, hesitates when giving gas.