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Transmission runs fine. When I go to move the shifter handle to park it only goes to drive but is in park. Every position is off by 3 positions to the right.
Ever few seconds it will beep, its coming from under the the hood at fuze box.
it does eventually start just takes a few times or starts first try. Sometimes sounds like something is in way of something turning and makes a awful sound almost sounds like when vehicle is running and you try to sta...
So I bought a 09 370z Touring non sport 6 speed Manual transmission. I bought it with 87K miles. CARFAX is clean and car is in somewhat good condition. Everything is dry underneath and no sign of leaks other than the ...
The vehicle has 45k miles under normal usage (not off road) and my mechanic is recommending a differential oil change.The Owner's Manual is silent on this service. Does this seem appropriate? Many thanks.
I honestly dont know much about cars, but it only has happened twice so far. But i noticed that the temp gauge is all the way to H. I will turn the heat on until i can pull over, and then it immediately drop back down...
with in 24 hours it looses the coolent and is blowing hot air again. What next
Cracked exhaust pipe
near the front on the drivers side.
slips back into neutral occasionally if I accelerate too quickly then recovers after I shut off the car for a few minutes
Nissan is not shifting properly the transmission just had work done to it and put back in place, and now we are finding theses errors... Need help locating then except I have found P0122, and what other advice you ...
My car has given me a code P0301 (#1 cylinder misfire) I took it to the dealer and they tested (swapped out)the spark plug and coil - ok. They could not find a problem and the code was gone. This misfire is only an oc...
I've been told it's my timing chain but I'm not really sure.Because prior to my tune up and oil change my car was running fine.But it didn't start making the loud noise immediately after maintenance it started a few d...
Timing chain needs replaced, guide broke.
I replaced clutch cable on my 97 200sx ser and now the pedal stays on the floor after I press it in. Adjusted the cable to correct ratio as well. What woulld the main issue be?
The engines are running but the car starts in the day and doesn't at night. Can't seem to know what the problem is.
Added Lucas heavy duty repair at onset of notice. No help. It sputters and almost shuts off at stops and in park. Rattling is louder with acceleration at any gear. Is quiet between 40 and 50 mph. HELP
My 2004 xterra looses power have to floor it to get power back then adventually loose all power and stall. Won't restart unless sits for 10 or min. But then stalls again. HELP please!