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How does a rebuilt or used engine cost for a 1998 Nissan Altima?
steering has a wobble ball joint look bad
Hi. I've been following your post about the Murano. My car has 220k on it it was running smoothly and I went to get emissions done and check engine light came on. So the diagnostic was done and the problem was 0420 o2...
also had engine replaced with a rebuilt one last may, battery replaced last month and the belt. burning oil, and smells like gas
Just changed fuel pump.bought a new battery changed spark plugs.
I bought my 2007 Xterra a year and a half ago from Nissan. It worked fine until I took it in February 2015 for inspection and drove away with my fuel guage all of a sudden reading empty and check engine light on. I ha...
I have always had them come out from the top. I have gotten it all apart. But the pump its self is attacked to the bottom of the tank.
And still same, no power, bad idle, almost $2400 and still same. Only codes O2 sensors heaters. And they are new oem. Sentra from hell please help
I cannot find knock sensor location. 98 Frontier 4x4 with 4 cyl engine. Getting flashing chk eng lite, and fault code for knock sensor malfunction.
with the a/c off car runs fine all the time
we checked the oil but it's not leaking into that area. we put almost a whole gallon of antifreeze in nd traveled about 15 miles nd by that time we checked it nd it was empty. their was hardly any leakage spots on the...
Some passive crank sensors output sin wave magnitude is much higher then oe products, does this cause any problem ?
Have to rev up to about 3000 rpm to get it to kick in and then it goes.
I have to rev the motor to about 3000 rpm for it to catch and it works fine.