When allowed to "downshift" from first to second- a JERKING happens. NOT consistently. Most often it WILL ALWAYS be warmed up FIRST.

The wheels grind when you turn.

I have tried driving the car and resetting the pattern. My car is at the shop that ran the smog test and the owner is suppose to look at my car but...hasn't.

Please advise. I know the driving pattern needs to be reset and I am not able to do it myself...looking for someone in the 95050/95051 zip code area.

terminal 2 has no power red/blue line, thank you.

The OBDII Sensor is not ready for my smog test. How much will it cost to check it out.

Can you recommend a shop who can do this in the Santa Clara/San Jose area?

I'm a recent inherent of the truck. Father passed away, in the process of putting it back together (from blown head gasket)
After being screwed around by 2 people supposed to get it going for me. Now forced to assess my mechanical capabilities.
Everything I look up, shows the head to be correct. And I KNOW the value cover is original. However, there is a gap at the back of value cover and oil is spraying everywhere.

Sometimes it feels like it slipping and then it fine for days no check light

Planning 1000 mile trip from NJ to Florida.In addition to changing hose,belts and oil and doing a complete tune up, anything else I should do.

Check engine light does not come on and I have 62000 miles. What is the cost to repair? Thanks

Had been sitting for about 5hrs went to crank it wouldnt start and it backfired through muffler and exploded the muffler

put bad gas in it one time bucked and jumped then died in the middle of the road. well put some cleaner for the gas injector and carbs in the tank and it ran great for about a month after that.Well all of a sudden in the beginning of October I went out to crank the car to get it warmed up well it started up but only ran for only about five mins cranked it again and it stay started. well i did my few runs and was headed back home then it just died out of no where on the railroad tracks. When it died it felt like i just let off the gas pedal but i didn't well it gave the code i think po340 i think for the camshaft position sensor and po335 for the crankshaft position sensor well we changed the cam and it ran great again smoothe as ever but then three days later started bcuking jumping and dying again in the middle of no where. so we decided to change the crank well upon changing the crank we couldn't get it to come pass the Oring so it would come out of the motor and we puled rlly hard on it and the pigtail connector clip broke.... just the clip part the rest is still fine and I'm sure we could probably hook it up somehow to stay on there but then when we finally got the crank almost out of the motor the end piece that sticks out of the car that you connect the connector to on the sensor rips off but from the Oring on it still in the motor. i mean we couldn't done nothing bad except brake the harness the sensor was already bad well now we have replaced both of them and it wont start period now it will crank but no start... I'm just so frustrated i need help!!!!!

changed timing belt and got it on time but now it dies while driving

I need to know how many engine mount supports does the the 2004 Nissan Murano have.

I need to know how many engine mount supports does the the 2004 Nissan Murano have.

Anti theft on 95 Maxima I lost my key what can i do?

Car won't start

Sometimes it will run good at about 1000 rpm sometimes 2000 then sometimes it will be at 3000 and stall out then wont start. I replaced the throttle body and my boot going i to the breather box with the maf sensor i black taped because it had a hole. I heard u may have to relearn your idle? Will someone please help this is crazy it is winter and i have a two year old i cant keep breaking down!!

Won't go in reverse at all.

All lights and radio comes on but car make funny clicking noise but will not turn over..window also locked up

Just changedboil n full tank gas! Just died middle road! Would not start replaced starter ping knocking noise from left side engine?

The shifter (automatic transmission) moves through all the gears but nothing changes and I am stuck in reverse

It just started today. I finally took out the fuse but cannot drive this way. What do I do?

I checked everything else but nothing is bad what else could keep it from not working.

I believe it read "step moitore " the car has less power and read code "p1778"

It burned the wires and radiators hose and the actual hose. But my car was parked and not running.

Recently installed by me. im having extreme power loss but the car never really dies, or havent seenit, the abs light comes on so does airbag indicator light

I would like to know the basic steps to changing the serpentine belt on my versa, i.e. do I ahve to take wheel and fender well off or can I just loosen the tensioner...

OK my 97pathfinder ran good I fixed a leaky valve cover than hours later it started running weird it would act like it was running out of gas than the the check engine light came on it flashed3times went off did it again than I shut it of went out a hr or so later it wouldn't start it acted like it was out of gas than it stopped rolling over and started clicking and there is a click on the drivers side around the relay box

I got 97 pathfinder it ran gray it had a valve cover leaking on the passanger side I fixed it well ours later I went to a friends house and I shut it off and then it wouldn't start it acted like it wasn't getting gas but it would fire but not start and run so than it stopped rolling over and it started clicking that I noticed a click outside on the drivers side around the relay box ?and also when it was acting up the check engine light would come on flash3times go than five minutes or so after do it again than stop ????any ideas I have a child on the way I do my own mechanical work but I can't afford another vehicle could someone help me plz ????god bless