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took to mechanic he said the fuel pump so I had it replaced problem still stands he found peace of metal from bottom of oil cap in engine an other Lil peace couldn't be identifyed from wher it came from. He said rep...
We are told there is one person in America that makes new ones... The repair cost with parts is $2000.00 I see gasket job is $600-900, so a new head costs $1200????
Replaced distributor thought it was cam or crank sensor replaced ecu when it doesn't start it is not getting a spark if you keep clicking the ignition eventually it usually will start thanks for any advise don't know ...
The speedometer/odometer has been inoperable for quite some time now. (Have been using a GPS to judge speed.) However, Johnny Law said its time to fix the speedometer due to a speeding ticket. Here is the issue, 1.) W...
I must be doing something wrong I cant remove the nut
I need some info as soon as possible...Broke when I mashed clutch in .. on the left side of bell housing ..
diagnosis gives a 24 code
1st hint of trouble - truck took a few more seconds of cranking before it started after work. 2nd hint of trouble - same the next day. 3rd strike out - engine cranks but will not start. Mechanic says the ECM is not...
the truck will run as long as i keep the starter engaged,as soon as i let the key up it will stall.Why?Does this truck have a ballast resistor?
replaced coil and distributor cap and rotor. still wont get spark to the plugs
so the truck wont start if it sits and cools off but if i use eather then it will start and run just fine but if i shut it off and start it up right away it will start i need help thanks
all of a sudden it seems as though the trans is stuck in 2nd. fluid is fine. not sure what else to check?
Truck has 175,000 miles, burns oil but runs good. Every so often the starter and flywheel do not engage properly. Think I am missing a tooth on the flywheel.
I bought a truck and the O2 sensor wires were cut and im trying to find where the plug is so i can replace the sensor with a new sensor and plug... Thank you
New starter put in n still nothing
why is the motor running rough and take air sensorout and it runs better
how to correct black smoke coming from exahust system
where is the starter switch in a 89 mighty max?
Where is the maintenance required light switch located
When i'm going around 40 mph the front end shakes. When i speed up to around 50 mph it stop.