Is there a relay or fuse to reset the system?

The car was not accelerating and misfiring then one day it wouldn't start I replaced the camshaft sensor which did nothing also replaced the fuel pump and timing belt I was wondering if any has any advice at all would be great I've read it might be a computer issue, if so what should my next step be

I changed upstream o2 censor,camshft censor,pcv valve.Im changing the alternator belts soon because it also squeels sometimes too.

Car not running when put on computer check it say OC1 oxinator and Alternator not working.

mechanic said the car wouldn't start then the next day he tried to start it and it ran I drove the car home and it ran fine the next day I got in to start it and it would start later on the day I tried again and it started went down the road about a mile and it died friend came to look at it and the car started up fine again drove it to his house and when I was going to leave the car wouldn't start again I keep having to disconnect the battery to clear the codes then the car will dry for a minute but after the brain learns the the car I have the same problem

For some reason, most times that I accelerate and when my foot comes off of the accelerator, i can hear a slight ringing sound similar to the sound of an empty metal bowl. What could be causing this and how much would it cost te repair it (roughly)? Thanks!

I've been wanting to change it but I'm having trouble finding it. It's not directly under the vehicle so I think it might be behind the panel of the driver side. I have no idea where it is or how to get to it

I've replaced the belt & Alternator and after a day or two it's rain it will start up squalling its will get worse like if I get ready to stop it will squill at night when I start the car up.

2001 Mitsubishi Galant GS with 175,000 miles. SES light is on with a EGR valve code.

i have a 99 galant 2.4l 4 cyl. i turned it on this morning and it started to idle high. the service engine light came on and i took it to autozone and advanced auto to scan but they couldnt retrieve any codes nothing was showing up. i did realize i have an ignition coil which should be replaced because i had to reassemble it . any help would be greatly appreciated

Have replaced coolant temp sensor, also T.P.S. wire came off when wife drove it. Had to replace wire end it would not stay tight on spade, I'm unemployed and hurting for money please help

what to do

I asked a lot of questions and looked on line but I could not find any thing. The only other thing is the heater hoses are hot going in is hot the one coming out is cold

car startedt to buck but came back on go home went to start the car an hour later and nothing works

Battery and oil light also went on while I was driving at the time the everything happened. Within the last week my car would fluctuate first gear and drop to zero when in reverse? Not all the time but twice in that week. No problems ever before. I had a standard oil change and inspection before all this happened at jiffy lube

The car is hesitating and jerking. I see the three in front, but the silver cover over the other ones, I don't know what it's called.

and it's not the belt. My car only has 63,000 miles on it and I have never heard of this problem. My car made a squealing noise for about 2 min. and then I can hardly turn. my car

My heater won't work

Trans installed 3 weeks ago. Working fine then now wont stay started in drive gear

ok, summer the ac will work on occasion, reason being.i switch it on an at most times within 1 min the light on the fan control switch will blink and i have no ac.worth noting at times on extreamly hot days the ac will work for a couple hours. very strange. Now winter,Heater 'NOT'This is also an ongoing problem the only time i get any amount of heat is while driving heat leavel switch all the way on, fan switch on low. not alot . If i increase the fan it turns cold. but i use this car daily, no heat, no defroster, more people in car harder to see out windows. although i find that if i flush and back flush the system i will have plenty of heat for a few days.although i have no remedy for ac problem.i myself feel this is a circulating problem. just a gut feeling.