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I just had the engine/heads rebuilt by a local certified auto-machine shop. The engine did smoke, but not a bad prior to the rebuild. I have ordered new O2 sensors. Could I also have a PCM issue. I don't have a sca...
I also have an amp and woofers hooked up could that be cause the problem.
my car is overheating and leaked coolant at first but now its not. it just starts to bubble at the top of the radiator kinda in the crack between the car and the coolant nozzle and my heater also is blowing cold air o...
compressor not on theres no power but radio goes on and off too
I never drive it and it just sits in my drive way. The smoke comes and goes. If I rev the engine, you can see water shoot out of the tailpipe like a squirt gun. Oil looks good and coolant level stay the same. Car ...
Changed thermostat checked heads and no visible leaks but the car is over heating and I don't know what to do ?
changed powersteering pump now ,fluid comes out the top of resorvior at hi presure,and pump wines.
The car is an automatic. Do you think it's a sensor or a transmission problem?
Galant evaporator motor gone per shop. Is whole dash removal necessary or can just the glove box removed? Any instructions? Thanks
i can see straight down the gas line. is that normal?
What kind of electrical problem would cause freon to leak out and is $700 a lot for the repair
replaced the fuel pump but now it will not get fire and turn over ?gas is getting to the engine and plugs are firing but nothing???any advice?
Frame is rusted in rear can it be repaired
I need to try and get it fixed because it's very unsafe please help
the air mode selector does not change where the air is coming out from it is stuck coming out the normal vents only
the air mode selector does not change where the air is coming out from it is stuck coming out the normal vents only
Heating stopped working, fans blowing cooler air. Mechanic showed me a leak around left corner of the passenger side front seat floor and said the heater core is leaking. According to him it is a big job. Can I kee...
this would indicate a problem with the EGR valve- the mechanic was able to manually operate it- so it seems OK- he has not been able to detect the problem and clear the code- ideas? thanks
I have a 6 cylinder 3.0 liter engine. removed oil filter to get to it but now that it loose it seems like the exhaust has to drop to remove it. Is there a trick or method to avoid all that? Thanks
if i shift into park and shut the motor off then restart it will shift normal, then slips again
Belt and pulleys have been changed. I am complaining about it. My husband says that he has done everything that he can and does not know what to do. He says when it rains thee belt gets wet and does not have time to d...
When I slowed to stop it stalled and wouldn't start
Once you put AC on and then go back to heat it doesn't always work.
It ran great but riding down the highway one night I here a pop and car won't stay idled so I look and at the throttle body going into air intake the hole thing is broke off looking for a quick fix
like i said driving at 65-70 take my foot off the gas, don't hit the brake and the car jerks