It is like the car has short bursts of power loss. The radio is loud and you can't turn it down so it can't be used at all. The cutting out gets worse at higher speeds.

This is my first car so I don't really know where some things are. I think I had it running before but I'm not sure because nothing came out but hot air. I've ran the heater before and it works fine... Any ideas?

I had a mechanic friend of mine check a line to see if it's plugged and he told me it was clear. However, he also told me that the line to drain went somewhere under the dashboard and is probably backing up to the driver's side. He told me this would be an expensive repair but didn't know how much it would be. This happens when we run the A/C on trips 1/2 hour or longer. On a road trip we can easily have a half inch of water on the floor on the drivers side. Short trips cause the carpet to get a little wet.

I need help trying to figure out what needs to be fixed. because when they gave me the code it come up with three things that could be wrong. How do you change an APP?

not sure where to spray carberator cleaner at so im needing help .. not use to working on a car or any car period but trying to fix it !

car wont start will crank no spark or fuel changed timingbelt idler belt pulleys water pump cam sensor crank sensor plugs wires need help cant figure out please help.

2003 Mitsubishi Galant Question: service engine light is on. I had a oil change. I changed all spark plugs,wires & coil.

What causes this and how do I fix it?

what could be the problem?

while driving; my car stalled without warning, timing belt broke. We have changed the water pump,timing belt,idler belt, pulley's, coils,plugs,wires,cam shaft sensor,crankshaft sensor.checked all fuses it will crank but not start not getting any spark or fuel what can you suggest. would like photo of timing belt position if possible. thank you very much, Betty and Jimbo.

My engine stopped running today when going down the highway at 90mph, it gave no warning of any trouble. Temp was normal, full tank of gas, engine didn't sputter or give any signs of stalling. I went to give the car more gas and noticed that the engine had died so, I slowed down to 20mph and attempted a rolling start and it will turn over but will not start... Can someone please help me... Becausevof this problem, my girlfriend and I are stranded in the middle of Wyoming, over 500 miles from home.

When the fuse gets blowed the car shuts off and the shortage has gotten so bad that it completely blows burns the fuse when ever I try to turn it on now.

Maybe some kind of fuse or relay but the control head hvac speed settings knob doesn't light up like its not getting power or communication to run so I'm lost need help to diagnose problem farther thanks

Also temperature gauge isn't working too, so I can't see what is the real temperature of the engine.

Thank you for response .

I tried to change coolant sensor, but it seems to be ok. Cold: 2kiloohm; Warm(about 40-50 Celcius 120 Farenheit) 1.2kiloohm; Hot about 190 Farenheit 0.4 kiloohm.
Also I tried to make short circuit in harness of temperature coolant sensor while ignition is on- nothing too, gauge wasn't working.

Finally I forgot to connect temp. sensor and harness, and tried to start up the engine :D Then I saw that engine is running on low RPM, about 500 RPM and fan was working :)

Thank you for helping :)

need touch up paint code for white 2003 mitsubishi galant es

No power to fuel pump..Bought new fuel pump relay for 1993 Galant, but can't find location of old one..Any idea where it might be

Cranked car, moved from carport to yard..Got in a little later, starter would turn over motor, but motor would not start..Checked voltage to fuel pump and found there was none. Bought fuel pump relay for Mitsubishi, but can't find where it goes..Any idea?

i stopped at a steep hill, waiting for a gate to open. when i i gave it gas, my car went reverse a little bit then i felt a jerk, and when it started moving forward, it continued to jerk back and forth going uphill then the "service engine light" came on. now it jerks back and forth on flat surface most noticeable on lower gears and revers, less on park and high gears. I would highly appreciate any advice and help. Thank you.

Just will not fire up ??

It jerks when I'm driving it and when I step on the gas, it revs up it the speed doesn't change. And at a stop light or a turn or backing up, it sometimes dies. It doesn't do it all of the time but it's getting worse. Please help!

drier and expansion valve and recharging system

Costing me more time and money and will need car towed to mechanic - do I pay this same mechanic again? The "fix" lasted only 3 weeks, exactly same problem, charged me $200. Should I demand fix with no additional charge to me or at least no labor charge? Should I switch mechanics?

Can't reverse,nor accelerate, can't get power on a hill,its stops or move very slow,or stalls,when idle its makes noise and vibrates like wanting to stop,please help I have tried all I can guess,your response would be really appreciated .thanks

the car runs fine till it loses power, then the steering wheel stocks up. brake loses and the engine sounds choking till it dies. what could be the problem?