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It jerks like it's starving for fuel or air in the line somewhere. Replace battery after new a year ago..battery was tested bad. Starter was grinding then quit. I'm out of options
a) Check engine light was on. I took to a repair shop. The code was non specific. They did engine tune-up. The problem was not fixed. b) I took to Mitsubishi. They could not find any specific problem. They recommend...
theres no cold oh hot air blowing.. idk if the filters are pack with dust.. it used to blow air when i drove it but then it stop.. can some one help me
So I replaced the battery about 2 to 3 weeks ago because it left me stranded at a shopping center, yesterday as I was trying to crank it on it seemed to have a hard time and have no clue whether it is the alternator o...
It started and was backing up & it just died. Radio works, lights but it won't start. It's like it's trying but it won't start. Almost like it's not getting any gas. Was thinking it may be the fuel filter. Could there...
Hoses at fire wall both hot fine.what am I missing as far as troubleshooting?
Bought car about 4 months ago,no problems,love the car,a week ago I got in it and it would NOT start.breifly leading to this day.The key givem to me does not have a case,so its the remote "attached"to the key,I was to...
No warning signs of any potential problems. Before car died after jumping, message E com appeared where clock displays and I tried giving it gas before it shut iff but car was nit responsive to me pushing accelerator????
problem has been about three day replace mass air flow sensor code p2100 show on monitor
i was cruising down the highway with my cruise control on and it just jerked so i pulled over and shut off my car. i checked it out an didnt find no leaks or anything broke. when i sarted it back up and put it in driv...
there is no water in the dip stick,although the oil is dark brown.there is a oily like substance near the bottom of the radiator.the radiator took about 3/4 gallon of water.when trying to crank the sound is low almost...
the battery icon does not appear when you turn the key to on position
I had a vibration for awhile suspected CV Axel, I lost all drive I heard a rapid clicking noise after it went out,I the noise continued even after car is was in park, I suspected the tranny so I installed a new one c...
The remote still locks the car but the horn no longer sounds and when i unlock the doors with the key it only unlocks the driver door mechanicaly and no longer unlocks the other doors electronicly.
When I put the a/c on the compressor comes on and the blower dose not blow on 1-3 then when you put it on hi/4 the blower blows but cuts off the a/c any help would be appreciated
when I start my car the gas gage goes up then instantly falls to empty the ob tester says that something is wrong with my fuel sensor a
Can someone please tell me a way to get it to turn...I have tried everything and can't get it to budge .
Can someone please tell me a way to get it to turn...I have tried everything and can't get it to budge .
It does not have a smell like Freon and does not have a sloshing sound or drain on the drivers feet.
Other than taking the car to autozone how can I reset the check engine light?