bought this car from dealer in 06,trying to sell,had a potential buyer who brought to his mechanic,and noticed a lot of rust on gas and brake lines

this car was bought used from adealer,do not live by the water,trying to sell it,and noticed this problem by a potential buyer

I replace the coolant whenever it is below the max line. Whenever I let my car idle for longer than 4 minutes, the temperature gauge rises and I hear my radiator turn on. I turn on the heat to let some hot air escape and eventually the needle goes back to the middle. In a drive thru it is like a sauna if with the windows all down. Can someone please help point me in the right direction?

My car had a recent timing belt change, coolant flush and water pump replacement. Since then, the heating system is not working as expected. On internal roads, the air coming in is mostly cool or cold depending on the temperature outside (at the highest heat setting), on the highway, it does start heating up after some time but the heating is very mild (think warm at the highest heat). The mechanics who changed the timing belt say that it's an issue with some valve which isn't opening completely and the dashboard might have to be opened up completely to fix it, everything else in the car looks fine to them. Any suggestions?

new fuel pump, relays ok. no power where it plugs into top of pump. is there something else that I am missing

I had alternator & battery replaced 72hrs ago. Since I've had that done my car vibrates (shakes) when I turn on air conditioning or heater. It's every time I turn it on also. I was told by a shade tree mechanic it could be spark plugs, I was told by another I need to clean throttled body & air filter. I had a tune up about 9months ago, so I'm leery on it being dirty.

When the battery dies, why does the windows stop working after I replaced the battery?

There's no blinking in lights stay on, the engine light on start may come on and stay on the next time you start it it may not be on. May stay in fir several days. Or may not come on and stays off several days

It's been goin off and on, mostly on for years. I love this car!

Could it be the camshaft or crankshaft position sensor?

Every time I disconnect the battery and hook back up or change it out the car won't start or runs very rough and dies. Is there a reset button or something I need to do to make it go back to normal before the battery was disconnected? Thanks,

car always smells hot

They are hydrolic and was told non adjustable. Is therr anything i can put in my envine to quiet them down, its a 2003 galant

the fuel pump want come on until ignition is engaging the motor the injectors want come on what would stop it from priming when ignition key turn on

When oil is low, what type of oil
I use

Has 150,000 miles on it..

My car shakes erratically at low idle,have replaced motor mounts.What do you think the problem is?

Why am I replacing brakes every year?

Which means I can only drive about 55 without overdrive. If I turn it on it just slips and winds out in any gear.

Ithought the problem was solved then the light came back on after a day driving. Also rough start and go after stopping at traffic lights

Transfer Cable look okay at
And when I pressed brake pedal try to unlock

i turn the key everything works inside lights radio etc. but wont turn the ingine on

My 2000 Mitsubishi gallant is having a lot of problems. Its making a loud noise, has trouble when accelerating, stutters on highway and sometimes idles at stops. The Air conditioning doesn't blow hard at all and it makes a louder noise when on. Whenever I start my car My radio/cd player wont play, no matter what I do(turning it off/0n, adjusting volume or switching stations) it still does nothing, anywhere from 5-45 minutes later it starts blasting music out of no where and then will randomly cut in and out.

I took it to O'reillys to test it and It came back with OBD2 codes P0170 and P0125.

What all is most likely wrong with my car?
What could be the cause?
What should I check for, what steps do I take?
What would be the cost for repairs or parts?

Thanks Bree

I replaced the cam sensor but it still stalls I don't know what the ohms are supposed to be and could the crank sensor be bad i need the ohms for it to please