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throws a check engine light spuraticaly. comes on and goes off after a little time, doesnt come on, then comes on with key and goes off immediately after start
The trunk will not open when I pull the trunk release lever.
It was good last winter. Showed to mechanic. He mentioned no problems with Thermostat, waterpump, coolant etc. It could be due to electrical issue that something is not opening under the dashboard and asked me to go t...
came with yokahama tires
But after thirty minutes of running it dies and it also has a gas smell coming from it but when I let it sit ten minutes it starts back up and runs fine for about thirty more minutes
and now wipers won't work. What could have made this?
My car's heater works great but if I try to get it to defrost it will not turn to that selection. How do I fix this problem myself?
i replaced all the spark plugs and wires and coils, car runs great and start a little shake
My son came out to his car after work. Car was dead. After much revving of my engine, I got the car jumped. (However, we though this was odd: After failing to get the car jumped with the cable's attached. My son tried...
Won't pass smog mass flow air replaced. No vacuum leaks. Air control valve replaced. Tech told me it was just the mass flow replace it light is still on any ideas.
I changed the p0705 and the other two I don't no we're the are can someone help me out please thanks you for the time to help me
I give it a few cranks and it will start. Change battery and it only happens sometimes.
engine newly overhauled, installed new camshaft and crankshaft sensor, engine ecu was repaired and it start at first but shut down after a hundred meters drive.
I've got spark.Changed fuel filter. No luck. Was driving along when car cut out. Tried to restart, fired but at low revs felt like it was hunting. Revved it to 2000rpm & higher & it seemed fine. As soon as I put it in...
The battery began to die on my way to work, the A/C shut off and the wipers began to run slowly. Resolved to have the battery checked and/or replaced the next day. On my way to do so, the car began stuttering and no l...
Last year I had a head gasket "fixed", supposedly, because my car continuously overheated. Days later, the problem still existed. After giving up on the car for almost a year, I wanted to recommission it. Found out th...