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I have no wiring diagram need to know what the fuse powers up

It does it like inching up at a traffic light, or in my driveway, meaning, breaking at a very slow speed. Other than that, it breaks fine!

2-3 gear shift flare will it hurt to just keep using it instead of spending 1200 dollars to fixit?

Doesn't matter what gas station I use, has gotten progressively worse.

Replaced o2 sensor recently.

Some days it happens only occasionally some days every time its driven.

Everything on the stereo is working but the volume, no noise will come out no matter what the volume is set at.

has a full tank of gas, strong battery.

that what has to be done

I changed my catalyst both of them with new gaskets and o2 sensors replaced coil pack on 4th cylinder because it misfired corrected that issue changed valve gaskets were leaking new spark plugs put in move working spark plugs and injectors that worked to cylinder 3 still nothing checked compression it's good checked for spark it's good I'm out of ideas and this code didn't come up till I fixed cylinder 4 which is weird so now I'm lead to believe it's pcm board? The first misfire didn't happen tell gas tank got filled up 5 mins later started the first misfire on 4 but if gas station had bad gas wouldn't it affect all cylinders? The only one that is missing now is cylinder 3 any help would be appreciated thank you

2004 Endeavor

the window won't roll up or down from the main switch on drivers side for that window. put in new switch and power window regulator and motor assembly. still only rolls down, not

Problems with electrical...can't roll down windows, can't open rear hatch, radio powers up but won't play, occasionally won't start. Battery is good.

Just started yesterday morning when I noticed the SRS light is steady on for the duration of the trip.(a short errand about 20 minutes).
Same thing happened today.
Please advise. Thanks

I got my 2006 endeavor with 21,000 miles on it in January of 2007.It performed well except it consumed more fuel than the 21miles/gal as stated. So we relied more `on our Mirage for run errand locally. We use the Endeavor for long drive. It got 88,800 miles on it and maintained the regular service of oil change and once brake pads replacement on the rear wheels. This will be the first tune-up since It was purchased. I also used gas additives to improve mileage but only helped a little. Maybe a better sparkplug can improve the mileage.I will highly appreciate your professional advice regarding this matter.

Something is lodged in there and we need to get to the fan, how do we do that

it struggles to crank then when it does it will go dead

Using the same wiring harness from 06.

Won't go into park

It will only turn to ACC and will not turn to lock to pull it out. I've had the truck since 2003 and this is the first time this has happened.