Timing marks are good but it acts like itis out of time popingback

Replaced fuel pump/filter, tps sensor, flushed tranny. When driving flat road it's fine for the most part. Up hill the petal can go to floor nothing just bogs if you let off it will slowly take off. Any ideas I am totally at a loss replaced everything but the color of the car please help

Hello, about 2 months ago my car would have a rough idle and stall out so I changed the spark plugs, wires, and coils and it would still act the same. Then I cleaned the throttle body, changed the tps and iac and the car was better but had a high idle. I took the car to a shop and they adjusted the rpms. A month later I got the code p0507 and when I turn on the car the idle is fine but once I start driving the rpms stay around 1100. I already checked for vacuum leaks and didn't find any. What else could be the issue? Thank you for any help

OK so my sone was driving this car and it just stopped. After it sat for about 2 months we finally got it home from his friends house to work on it. We first checked and the fuel pump was bad so we replaced it. Then it still would not run good so we were told that the sensor in the distributor was bad. We then replaced the whole distributor. Now it starts but wont stay on if you let off the gas. We have since checked and changed the crank sensor and all the plugs. Still not change. It will start then dies if you let off the gas. We had the timing belt checked and it looks good. The last suggestion we got was to change the brain. I really could use some good advice. I have to get this car working and soon. I just cant believe that the fuel pump, distributor and brain all went out at the same time. Please help, my son needs this car asap. There are no reliable mechanics in my area that I can take it to so I am on my own fixing this.

I bought a car and I tried to turn on the radio and u can hear it but sounds a little weird I want to take the speakers out and change them? So how do I thaje the speakers out and fix them?

If you floor it, it revs high bit that is it

installed new water pump and timing belt kit. started/ran for 2 days then wouldn't start / turn belt. fluid levels were good.
also will not roll back in nuetral
is it fixable?

Was driving and felt like transmission shifted. Then lights came on. Drove home and seemed to run and shift OK.

I Don't know if its the oil pump or oil pressure switch. only help?

Prior to that the driver floor board had been wet. And the idling had been acting up.. Timing belt was recently replaced also put new radiator..

I've had it a week, when I got it it threw 5 codes,now only egr,and bank 1 sensor 1 02

Just bought the car, used. There isn't a radio installed. Replaced fuses. Replaced tail light bulb. Individual instrument lights do work, dimmer doesn't change anything.

I was told by a mechanic at the hobby garage I go to that I need to replace the spindle, but I'm not sure if that applies to my car. He didn't seem too up on imports. I am not interested in drilling the part out-- i dont have the tools or expertise. I was wondering if I need to replace just the spindle or if there is another eclipse spyder specific part I would need to swap out. What do I need to do to fix this issue?

This a/c fan motor was replaced (passenger side) with a new motor from Mitsubishi, part #7812A177, because the "old" fan motor was very noisy. But this new fan motor was just as noisy, meaning that changing the assembly didn't do a thing. It's still noisy. Is this normal for this car? We just bought this Eclipse in August and complained to the used car dealer about the noise. It was replaced under warranty but we still have the problem. Can you help?

Steering is fine
Knocking sound rear bumper .
Shop say the upper rear strut mount
and rear upper knuckle needs
replacing . Do you need to replace mount
and knuckle to fix knocking problem . No steering problem or tire wear
Cost said to be 300 to 1000

it started a few weeks back...it wouldn't want to accelerate so I changed the catalytic converter tinking it would fix it well that worked but now it won't idle right....it goes dead if I hit the clutch and don't give it gas

Bought the car few months ago,broke down same night changed battery and cables,seem to work for maybe 2weeks then the battery kept getting worse so bought new one,same thing again. Being a single parent with young kids keeps me busy so i kept putting it off.Normally it would start up again after some time or with a jump. Just got it jumped then it just shut off,open hood and just small amount of smoke for seconds came out from the passenger side. Changed 1coil,plugs,battery wiring,cleaned maf,checked fuses,timing belt was said to be OK but not sure if they really checked it out good. Being told jumped timing or brain box........I have read up on here for few hrs but left more confused with more possibilities....any help would be be appreciated, thanks

I put it in gear let the clutch out and the car doesn't go. It gradually became this way. If I rev the engine it will eventually grab and go. What would be causing this? Trans fluid is good.

Car has sat for at least 4 - 6 years just bought it recently and got it cleaned up enough to start working on and it does run and idles great. But previous owners had the engine replaced at there own expense and then the engine smokes a bit of white smoke after idle for about 5 - 10 min then it spews a bit of blue smoke could this be from carbon build up or oil sitting on the internal parts or some thing or would i need to replace a few gaskets?

I recently bought another eclipse its sat for some time the engine was blown the people swapped it the car smokes a bit im guessing it sat for about 5 - 7 years has almost all original factory parts on it but the engine. Now after it sits and idles a bit the exhaust emits a slight bit of white smoke but then it turns to a blue would it be due to the lack of being driven and needs a tune up possibly or would i need to replace my gaskets engine seems to idle fine and do great when you give it gass but then it smokes.

car won't start unless I spray either in injector compartment.

Sometimes when I drive my check engine light will come on and the transmission won't automatically shift out of gear. I have the paddle shifter and today I put it in the manual setting and I couldn't get the car out of third... Put it back in the automatic setting as well with no joy. There have been times that I can shut off the car and it will go away. I have noticed at times this problem happens if I go over rough railroad tracks or hit a pothole. However it happened today after I had the oil changed... Because its intermittent I was thinking maybe something electrical under the car is going on? I need help and answers... I don't want to shoot from the hip and drop thousands of dollars blindly. Any ideas?

It turns off and i cant start it until it cools off can take about 1-2 hours to cool off and start again aready replaced coil pack its all electric. need help asap

just changed timing belt and starter. Still reads crankshaft position sensor. I am a novice at best mechanic. HELP.....