When started the P isn't lit up it shifts into Reverse and the R and the N both light up but will not shift into Drive. The D doesn't light up and the car does not try to move. It all started a couple days ago when I shifted from 2nd to 3rd manually. The check engine light came on and the D light was flashing while the car was stuck in 3rd gear. (But I could shift to 2nd manually) Tried to read the code but of course the car had a bad ground so it wouldn't display. After reading on the Internet and trying a couple things this is where I am at. Please help!

I have installed new spark plugs, a new battery, and I have installed a new cable for the shifter. I have also installed a new vehicle speed sensor.

Suddenly overheated and engine shut off let it cool off and put coolant in it it will crank but not start, no water in oil battery is good and have a full tank of gas plz help

How do I repair and trouble shoot problems with the top on a mitsubichi convertible 2001? I can only open about 1/4 of the way and right side driver side gets stuck. left side keeps on going... before it was working fine. is it a track problems or a motor problem and how do i find out?

Mostly every morning it's a surprise when it doesn't make the noise. It goes away as soon as the car warms up, but I had a friend check it. He said it could be the lifters in the gasket not pumping enough oil when it starts up. and then I found out I have little metal fragments in my oil. This is my first car so I'm pretty clueless

I have 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse rs sometimes when I'm driving my car it will start to want to stall and my engine, oil, and the rest of my dash lights seem to pop up then my car just suddenly dies turns back on after 1 or 2 cranks... But if I step on the gas before it stalls it comes back to life.. can someone help me? I replaced crankshaft position sensor and fuel pump..

Also, when the car is at idle, stop at sign or light or just sitting in garage, I get a lot of vibration on the front dash is that caused by the engine? If so what is the problem? NOTE: even when in park.

No noise in gear or while moving

it does not worm up at all what is wrong

what goes wrong with the car to replace the heating core

New catalyst converter

While driving my indicator for park ,reverse,neutral,drive .Started to flash while I am driveing,could you please give my some direction what my be the problem and is it safe to keep driving it like this?It only flashes while I am in drive

When I put my car in drive the indicator flashes.but when I put in park or neutral it stops !But I put back in drive its flash again and again! Please feed back that you so much!

When I get in to start the car I have to turn on power to the car and check to see if my blinkers work.. Sometimes they do sometimes they don't. If they don't I repeat the process until they work. Also I have no brights what so ever when I turn them on I get no brights and no light on my dash showing they're on... And ideas what this may be?

My car wouldn't start 1 time the other morning, did finally start and has since then, however I am hearing a rumbling/crunching sound in 1st and 2nd gear. My mechanic said sounds like it's coming from transmission. Sent me to Transmission shop they said they charge $650 just to take it apart to find the issue, and could be more than $2500 to fix?? Does this seem normal? No other issue at this point but the noise and it not starting easily that one time.

after cleaning throttle body my check engine light came on what would cause this the computer or can I adjust the idle if so how

I cleaned out throttle body due to rough idle and stalling I cleaned out throttle body after doing that the check engine light came on could it be a ground if so where are they all located

I picked up my mom from work and when I came home I left my car running and when I jumped on my antifreeze started to spill over my engine. I checked my radiator hoses and they looked fine. What can it be? Beside that, I will really appreciate the help.

The headlights flash even when the car is turned off until the battery runs down