There is no skid plate happens only once in awhile almost sounds at times like wind going through plastic

The problem has occurred before the light with the swerving car and also another swerving car with the word off. Its like it wants to turn off..what could it be ?

While driving and after turning engine off, the engine cooling fan continues to run and run, often fluctuating in speed. It annoying and is getting worse.
I believe there is a recall on this item and I want to know more about it. What needs to be changed out with the recall.

Already changed speed sensor

It's a 2003. I also have a 99 eclipse, can I use parts from the 99 eclipse to repair my 2003? My back right shock just broke and problems with the clutch

I'm having trouble with the left turn it doesn't seem to go all the way that it should the right turn goes all the way like it should I can do a U-turn but I can't do a U-turn with my left going to the left

it's only has 17,000 miles it's brand new.

We just changed the alternator and battery 5 days ago. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but, now I have no headlights or taillights. I've checked all fuses and relays.

no lights ,no horn . nothing. gauges flicker a lil bittried changing out ignition switch. nada. at a loss have power but no distrubition of it????. started happening a lil at a time locks wouldnt work lights wierd...gauges flickering. all this after timing belt change. should have nothing to do with tgis. at a total loss

Had transmission rebuilt a year ago.

After she's warm up in a couple of of minutes she's fine what could be b the cause of this?

parking lock will not engage, cannot remove ignition key and steering sill not lock

the shop has put 4 computers in the car he says it feeds to the computer from the coil but wont feed into the system. could this be a security lock out and if so how do we reset it. the car has 2 keys 1 for doors and 1 for ignition. mitsubishi said that the comper has to be programed to the vin # my car went into the shop because transmission had to be fixed it was running when it went in to be fixed

My vehicle has been overheating, water seems to be leaking from the manifold? Is there a small hose somewhere between the intake manifold and engine? Started noticing about 2 days ago, occurs when pressure is built up

2003 Eclipse GTS 3.0 6cylinder

I did run it almost out of oil and just put a new battery on it ain't sure what I messed up by running it so low on oil

changed the battery and the starter and when u turn the key nothing there is power inside the car but it don't do anything just a click and nothing

We shut it off to go into a store and came out and it wouldn't start. We have ran codes no codes showed up, had the battery tested it was good, checked the timing belt and replaced the tensioner for it because we changed the timing belt last year, made sure it was in time...was told it might be the crank shaft sensor but don't want to keep buying parts that may not fix..I'm at my wits end someone please help

The srs light came on also the aini lock light then car started making noise then I turned car off now it won't turn back on what's wrong wit it?

Then when I turned off car now it won't turn back on

My hill parking break light comes on. And stays on when driving or park. Also it's a sound like something is being let out sounds like air but tire is fine coming from rear

I took out the battery and then put it back on and then the problem started. I have a manual transmission.

It sounds as if it's coming from the front wheels.

It also makes the same sound sometimes when turning completely to the left.

The tinting film is old and makes it hard to see out of the window.

It has needed one for over a year.

I notice the problem when shifting from park to reverse.

It's an older model so I don't know if it's worth paying extra for Plus or Premium

When transporting large items or lots of groceries, I would like to be able to lower the back seats

How can I use cruise control for when I'm driving on high ways?