It has needed one for over a year.

I notice the problem when shifting from park to reverse.

It's an older model so I don't know if it's worth paying extra for Plus or Premium

When transporting large items or lots of groceries, I would like to be able to lower the back seats

How can I use cruise control for when I'm driving on high ways?

Can anyone help me out with this problem I've been having for quite some time, My '07 Outlander front end sounds like a old bed broken box spring, I replaced the sway bars & tire rods on both ends but it still sounds like a broken box spring and no one can tell me where it's coming from. I was told I don't need front struts or springs but I believe they are wrong ( the dealership & pepboys ) every time I go over a speed bump I hear it, especially in the winter, Please Help

The check engine light is on, also.

My wife was in an accident in her eclipse. Didn't do much damage but it set the air bags off. Now the fuel pump doesn't come on. Is there a reset for the fuel pump? Or is it in the computer?

I can manually lock and unlock the doors by either flipping the lock on each door or I can unlock all the doors using the key in the driver side door but both the passenger and driver side interior door lock switches quit working at the exact same time. What causes this and how can I fix it?

The seat will move up, down, and forward no problem. Not making noise

I have just ordered a new car stereo that hasn't arrived yet. I'm curious of what a few outlets on the back do though. The video outputs, left and right audio outputs, and the CVBS input. I want to ensure when i do hook up my new stereo that i do so correctly the first time so some assistance in understanding these parts would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you

My car did not pass inspection for several reasons the P0102 code for the MAF sensor which I replaced but the car ran worse put old one back on. But there was 4 readiness monitors incomplete too: EGR sys 02 sensor catalyst evap sys would that be because of my other problem above?

My left rear wheel asm has a stud broken off.
Will this require a new hub asm.

key wont unlock

My endeavor stalled while driving. I replaced the battery, fuel pump system and crank sensor. It turns on but won't start or turn over. What else could it be? Spark plugs are good. There is nothing firing.

Opened my hood to look at something, went to shut it and it won't totally latch!!

it starts up fine idles fine but when you go to shift into gear it kicks a little bit and dies out again does the same when you shift into any gear any suggestions as to what it might be?

There are no gasoline marks on the floor, if not started there is no gasoline odor.

Ive done lots of home made mods cold air intake straight off ac blower and other thing but hit vac line on booter one night so repaced it ran bad after ther at time did not know it had what i guess is a chack valve in it got. One few days later know car wont start did start one time but that was it could i have hurt my booter an could that have anything with it not starting but that one time

I'm replacing my clutch and I want to get a performance clutch I'm going to order it on line how do I know which one to ge

I drove it through high water. haven't drove it since.


When handed the Fail certificate for my 2002 Montero Sport 3.5L from the smog station, I went straight to Pep Boys for the Bank 2 Sensor 2 02 sensor specified on the paperwork as being faulty. With the Bosch 13801 sensor in hand, I went home and got to work. The plug didn't line up exactly with the insert, so I broke of a little plastic lip on the Bosch, and slipped it in.
Alas, the check engine light keeps coming back on. Twice I've disconnected the battery for 20 minutes. Though the memory is wiped out, the radio continues to work, and doesn't need to be rebooted with a code.
Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

I connected a new battery and crossed the terminals and turn the car over , nothing happened , there was a strange noise and then i realize what i did , fixed the terminals and the car started right up , but the ac/heater/fan and radio wont work , need some help , I did not smell any thing burning ,

I edino,i a a challenge with my jeep, the engine is having a thick sound, from normal sound and on the dashboard the battery light and break light is on when the car is on, also my stirring is very Steve to turn. Plus what is the course off all this problems. Edithompson2004@yahoo.com

Have a p421 code i believe

When riding normally the ac freezes up a lot. It doesn't do it as often on the interstate.

When taking off my truck is 2100 RPMs and cuts out. It's like the map senior is out but it ain't got one

It does not happen all the time