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I have this Endeavor, its a fantastic vehicle and now experiencing some road noise. How do you check the wheel assemblies or what could the problem be ?

I already started the car now its running rough

At first there was a clicking sound coming from drivers front end, as you soon as you braked it would stop.

I have a 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS V6 Automatic 6 Speed with a 105,000 miles, it has never had its transmission fluid changed is it a good idea to change it now or leave it alone? Will changing the transmission fluid do more harm than good? What would be the best place to have it changed? Mitsubishi Dealer, AAMCO, Firestone, Pepboys? Which type of change is the best Flush, Drain and Fill, Drop pan?

what is the price for a tune up

Shifting from 4-high to AWD issue with my 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 3.5L.

It goes from 4-Low (all the way forward)
To 4-Hi (middle)
To AWD (all the way back)

Yes, I put it in neutral before shifting and I let it sit for like 10 seconds to give it some time to engage.

I've also tried doing it while in park.

Anyway, while shifting from 4-Hi to AWD, then beginning to drive, it makes a grinding sound while going, as if it's not completely engaging/disengaging. So I have to shift it back into 4-Hi to make it sound normal.

On a side note - I'm not quite sure while in 4-lo or 4-hi it's actually engaged because while driving in a tight Circle it doesn't "Buck" like four wheel drive normally does.

There are NO engine lights (or other arning lights) indicating a problem.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Car still running hot after getting a intake gasket put on what could it be??

my service engine soon light came on while sitting idle in a parking lot. Took it to have the codes ran and the obd has no power to it to be able to get the codes checked. Is there a fuse for the obd or what can i do to fix it?

My car ran great with no problems what so ever and the next day it wouldn't start. It would turn over but wouldn't start. I checked to see if it was getting spark to the plugs and it was not. I checked fuses and everything else and still can't find a solution.
The option wasn't available but it is a 3.0L v6

The idle is real low in gear ?

Alternator is new so is starter

Sometimes the starter works, and sometimes not. It sounds like it's spinning, but not connecting.

I bought an extended warranty but they have voided it because I put a cold air intake on it. This didn't cause the issue with transmission and nOw they said it will take 16000 to get new transmission. Can get a new car for that price.

Diagnostic code P0442 what does it refer to?

My key got broken and need a replacement

Stuck in 4wd.

Stuck in 4wd

Transmissions only shit if you give it a little gas While holding the brake and aiming it into drive or reverse

It is an automatic and I can not take the key out of the ingenion?

I eliminated the four wheel steer on my 93 3000gt VR4. The replacement 2 wheel steer reservoir does not accommodate the old cap with the gauge on it.

The check engine soon light would turn on and off on its own. I changed spark plugs and air filter. Now the check engine and tlc lights turn on and stay on. What happened?

2009 mitsubishi eclipse. Was shampooing carpet in car when this happened

The only way to drive it is to I apply the break and gas at the same time I'm thinking is stuck tour converter Torque

Need a visual

I've replaced the radiator thermostat and actuator and I still can't get heat to the vehicle



Then when I let out on the fuel and RPMs come back down it seems to shift fine until tries to catch the next gear then it vibrates and my RPMs jump all over the place I'm not sure what's wrong with it

Need to know if it has a drain plug for transmission fluid

I bought a instrument cluster of same year but standard, will that work for a manual?