Opened my hood to look at something, went to shut it and it won't totally latch!!

it starts up fine idles fine but when you go to shift into gear it kicks a little bit and dies out again does the same when you shift into any gear any suggestions as to what it might be?

There are no gasoline marks on the floor, if not started there is no gasoline odor.

Ive done lots of home made mods cold air intake straight off ac blower and other thing but hit vac line on booter one night so repaced it ran bad after ther at time did not know it had what i guess is a chack valve in it got. One few days later know car wont start did start one time but that was it could i have hurt my booter an could that have anything with it not starting but that one time

I'm replacing my clutch and I want to get a performance clutch I'm going to order it on line how do I know which one to ge

I drove it through high water. haven't drove it since.


When handed the Fail certificate for my 2002 Montero Sport 3.5L from the smog station, I went straight to Pep Boys for the Bank 2 Sensor 2 02 sensor specified on the paperwork as being faulty. With the Bosch 13801 sensor in hand, I went home and got to work. The plug didn't line up exactly with the insert, so I broke of a little plastic lip on the Bosch, and slipped it in.
Alas, the check engine light keeps coming back on. Twice I've disconnected the battery for 20 minutes. Though the memory is wiped out, the radio continues to work, and doesn't need to be rebooted with a code.
Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

I connected a new battery and crossed the terminals and turn the car over , nothing happened , there was a strange noise and then i realize what i did , fixed the terminals and the car started right up , but the ac/heater/fan and radio wont work , need some help , I did not smell any thing burning ,

I edino,i a a challenge with my jeep, the engine is having a thick sound, from normal sound and on the dashboard the battery light and break light is on when the car is on, also my stirring is very Steve to turn. Plus what is the course off all this problems. Edithompson2004@yahoo.com

Have a p421 code i believe

When riding normally the ac freezes up a lot. It doesn't do it as often on the interstate.

When taking off my truck is 2100 RPMs and cuts out. It's like the map senior is out but it ain't got one

It does not happen all the time

the frame of my top is completely snapped, strangly since when i had damage done to my car the top was down. but i just need an estimate to how much it would cost to fix it

Can rev to the redline in neutral, but under load won't go past 60 MPH/half throttle. Manual transmission, 4 cylinder

1999 Mitsubishi Galant

How do I troubleshoot. Is it a cylinder, a hydraulic hose, or hopefully a bolt came loose.

When I am accelerating at high rpms my car starts shuttering like I have pressure building in the crankcase..my catalytic converter has been changed because it was bad and now it's doing this . it's annoying and iDk what to check for..is it a erg failure,a maf sensor? Please any ideas??

It initially only stalled when coasting to a stop. Now on 100 degree days it stalls even while accelerating. On cool days, e.g.when it rains, and at night it doesn't stall. I work overnights and am personally nocturnal so I don't drive much during the day. There is no engine light or code. When it stalls it's exactly as if I'd turned the ignition off and I can turn the car back on after one or two attempts. The mechanic said when they tried to connect to the computer they got zero communication the first couple of times. They want to replace the ignition because if you tap the key the car does turn off and said bumps in the road could trigger the stall. I tried this and found that it had to be a hard tap, and since I drive the same places at night and during the day the bumps should be the same so I don't see why time of day would affect it. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your time and help.

When I press on the gas,it feels like the engine is putting out the power but the tranny is holding it back.and it makes a winding/squeeling noise before changing gears...almost sounds like a lot of pressure being blown out from somewhere...but I can feel the car holding itself back kinda.

Heating up the gauge goes all the way up and comes down then goes up again

I bought this 99 eclipse a week ago and it hase been running fine till now the throttle cable is over heating the guy who sold it to me told me that the fans were not working and the car would over heat but he made the fans direct so they run fine now and my engine doesn't over heat as long as the ac is on but while the ac is running my throttle cable heats up and turns red any solutions

Power source is 120. Allthree lights light up at first connection then like remains on ready but the charge light never comes back on and the car won't charge. Please help me fix this on my own.

okay so recently my spark completely went out due to whatever is causing my car to not stay on so i got it fixed but i am still having problems i have to drive my car using the gas and brake pedal at the same time or else it will shut off i have been told multiple things it is not altenator, fuel or battery i just replaced brand new also to see if that was the cause and also can not turn on ac without driving with both gas and brake pedal i am convinced it is a electrical problem because i had a flat tire front right side and knocked bumper and wires in that area down the car starts fine but will not stay on without driving with gas pedal staying pressed on PLEASE HELP

It is showing I have a bad crankshaft position sensor but I can not find the location

Just installed a new battery I ive driven errands after erands with parked for up to 6 hrs & started rt up but if goes longer than 12 hrs w/ not one Bart draining light nor anything, MY battery goes too weak to start. If alternater, I'd so bad pro's keeping it charged running 2 days if errands but seenpm even w/ all light, I power turned off it goes dead. What too 5 things could be draining battery, KNOWING any & all power pulling things are completely off. Please help a good hinist man down in his luck. Godbless

What could be the cause of this

My flexplate/flywheel is bad in my 2000 mitsubishi montero sport. I replaced the starter and shortly afterward it began grinding again, now it is failing to engage sporadically. I did this repair on a 72 ford F-100 years ago and am curious what I need to know that may be different when changing it in this newer model