On hills my car rolls back

It takes a long time to heat up and just gets warm, not hot. Sometimes I get a funny smell when I run it

squeaky noise when starting up and goes away when drove for awhile.

How much is a wire harness for a 2008 Mitchubishi Eclipse Spyder with a 2.4 in it And can I take the motor from it and drop in my 2004 Lancer ES

The inside of my Spyder burnt completely up! Only motor and the body is left that is good. But everything on inside is completely burnt. Where is the computer located on this vehicle

Car won't start and won't give any diagnostic report when connected to the machine

Had new key madr

if the maintenance of the vehicle is kept far as oil change

I'm trying to change the breaks on my front two tires of my car and the lugnuts are loosened and the car is jacked up but the tire will not budge and come off. Is there a trick to taking them off?

I want to install an electrical oil pressure gauge in addition to the "idiot light" set up from the manufacturer. I want both to be operational so will need to add a part (a block to connect to the engine that will contain both sensors. I am dealing with Summit Gauges and they will find me the parts required if I can give them the data regarding the OEM oil pressure sensor threads into the block. V6 engine 2001 Spyder.

I'm leaking oil bad, had a new water pump put on, now having a bad oil leak

every once in a while car throws p0171 to lean bank 1 doesnt stay on more then a day ...... roughly 66,000 miles ,, help please !!

It only works on 4 then the fuse blows

when going up steep grade car looses power. you have to let all way off gas until almost at a standstill and then apply gas. sometimes it will go ,m most of the time it just barsly moves.

we aren't wanting to have to take anything else off of the car. is there a way to put this coil back in the engine without having to take things off of the motor to accomplish this. is there a tool?/ can something be made from home to do this job./

when i push the cruise on switch light comes on but goes off as soon as i release switch

Radio, heater and door locks don't work after battery was changed

Where the flat washer goes on long alternator bolt inside of bracket & on front or back

It seems that when I shift into gear and into any gear it will not catch to go in drive reverse it seems to stay neutral and every once in a while before it got to this point I would shift into gear and it would take a second to catch but it runs great the transmission fluid looks fine any ideas what that could be is it the transmission going bad could it be something else??????

Sometimes it smokes a little from the hood

new alternator,

In an accident with 2 airbags deployed. steering wheel and drivers feet. what can I expect for cost to have these replace?

Wont start

I have checked all of the fuses and relays. Although the headlight relay got hot because I left the switch on all night when trying to figure out what was wrong. I haven't changed the switch yet. Could the switch be the problem?

When driving all lights will go out and windshield wipers come on by themselves then car cuts off what could be the problem?

Air conditioner fan control knob when turned to off position the engine turns off also

Just get nose frm heater core and gauge resets

Were good but still cleaned. It doesnt start first time usually takes two to three times. Once iet starts i.can rev all the way out. I try to move an it loses power an starts idling funny. Not sure what my issue is please help

I have ruled out fuses and relays. I suspect it may be my switch. About how much with a switch cost me? I also tried changing the bulbs that didn't work either.

Is this something I should be concerned with? I'm in the process of buying this car