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WHY won't MY Windows work and the locks wont work either

Need to know if it is safe to splice the wire harness that runs to the ac compressor? Wanting to add some more slack to wire harness to make it long enough to fit inside the housing.Thanks!

Car won't go over 40 and drives slow

My compressor was about to freeze up so I it replaced with a use one. Needless to say it was from an earlier model and the electical harness doesn't line up. Will it cause any issues to splice the wire and make it long enough to reach up to the housing? Thanks in advance!

New pump and relay but wont start it turns over but wont stary

Sometimes after you turn the car off it may start back. But most of the time now it will not.

the engine sounds like a bird chirping,or a noisy lifter

While driving my vehicle it act like the transmassion just stop. I just had the right front tranaxle replace it leak a lot of fluild from that right side

While driving my vehicle stopped and would not go in any gear just had new right front tranaxle put in and notices it leak a lot of fluid from that right side

What would cause this problem.

when i shut off engine and take key out the car starts up again and i have to put key back in and turn to on and then shut off and take key out to shut the engine off

Our power steering went out, was just replace within the month and the battery drained to dead and car stopped. We were told the AC compressor was going bad and needed to be replaced. Are these all on the same belts? How can we tell if we are being sold a AC compressor when me may not need one? We paid $500 to replace the power steering pump...your site says should be about #350??

There is no pressure or resistance at all when I pump the brake pedal. There is brake fluid in the reservoir.
I have no idea at all as to any other brake problems that he might have had in the past.

Any suggestions on the problem and solution?

with auto temp control unit when set to ac air should be blowing out of vents but instead blows out of the defrosters.Sometimes it switches back and forth and sometimes when driving on an incline it will switch back and forth. Could the mode actuator be defective?

What is the proper way for testing the charcoal vapor canister to see if it is operating as it should. The OBD is displaying code P1451. Already replace the gas cap and Evap Control System Vent Solenoid with no luck. As I stated previously the car is running fine and the gas mileage is normal but the check engine light remains on. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I have an 02 Mercury Sable. I closed the hood and the grill pop all the way out and onto the ground. Upon further inspection I noticed most of the clips and brackets are broken. I assume from years of slamming the hood close. Is there a puffy, glue of some sort I could use to mount the grill back on? It's still in pretty decent shape so I would hate to have to replace it. Thanks in advance!

I went by the local O'Reilly and the machine put on it. The code is P1451 and it states possible control system canister solenoid. I have changed that and also bought a new gas cap. There is no gas smell or performance in the way the car performs. I'm on a limited budget so I have to do as much of the work as I can. My next task is to change the charcoal vapor canister. Can anyone tell me the exact location of the canister and possibly the way to test if it is bad before replacing please? Had the light turned off and it came right back on. I'm stumped at this point. Thanks in advance!

looks like its not getting gas

when I turn left brake fluid on the ground from front left wheel

The alarm on my 2002 Mercury Sable keeps going off all the time for no reason how can I adjust the sensitivity or what do I do to fix it

I brought my car in because it was misfiring and running sluggish. The mechanic said it was a cylinder issue and I needed to replace the spark plugs (possibly coils too).. I got the car back and its still misfiring and he only replaced 1 plug. Am I being ripped off? I appreciate any advise.

3.0 how do you get to number 1 2 spark plug