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After losing power, I have to stop the car. I turn engine off then back on. It works okay for another few miles then the same thing happens. what might be causing this?
Where is the solenoid. How to check proper operation solenoid.
Are you guys just messing with me?
The key fob locks and unlocks all doors, the inside buttons on both the driver and passenger side will not unlock any door. Push unlock and nothing happens. The inside button will lock the doors.
2004 Mercury Sable. Digital display radio/heater/ac. This unit isn't working and the heater is stuck on full blast on windshield.
Do i need to replace the resevoir or can it be repaired/
2004 merc sable wagon fuel problems, replaced the fuel pump ran great a few days and now it wont stay running. Starts up revs up fine then dies from fuel starvation, don't know the correct fuel pressure or what to do ...
2003 Ford Taurus. I have been having fuel problems. I replaced my fuel filter and was later having fuel delivery issues. After reading the codes my mechanic said the fuel pump was bad. he replaced the fuel pump assemb...
just replaced fuel pump car ran great for a few days then stalls with more gas pedal, will start up and run fine for 30 sec then dies. guessing it could be control mod but cant find it and still just a guess.
I don't know who checked out his car, but he was told his 96 merc. sable has a trans cooler gasket leak. I'm an ASE Master and I've never heard of a trans cooler gasket. anyone know anything?
neither the horn or air bags work
a/c stopped blowing cold at end of summer last year. now theres an occasional, obnoxious clicking racket coming from down by the floor board behind the a/c control panel that sounds like the teeth of a gear not making...
Was told by an incompetent mechanic that my EGR vacuum line had a clog in it, he couldn't fix it, find replacement part etc. I continued driving it, single mom, kinda need my car, but one day it just started losing po...
my car will start, but when i shift it out of park it will raise the RPM and will rev up but wont actually move the car. The sensor and linkage for the transmission has been changed but we cannot figure out the proble...
if I unplug the idol air bypass it stalls , should it?
Is there a shift lock release for it?
car check engine light is on, autozone trouble shoot OEM P1237
I have checked the fuel flow the fuel pump the relay and the spark in the plugs it is all good. my car still wont start?
There was no indication that I was having any previous problem. It had been running and starting just fine. Engine will turn over, but not start.
it doesn't knock all the time, but after driving thru town i went to park and noticed a knock knock pause, knock knock knock, pause. car was idle in drive and park. also noticed some kind of knocking like it was comin...
I just replaced the shocks and coil springs on the rear of a sable wagon but 2 days later it's making a squeaking or rubbing sound I noticed backing out of the driveway and it wont go away. Do you think its the upper ...
my transmission fluid started leaking yesterday much am i going to spend repairing it?