So I have replaced a few other solenoids on this SUV and had no problems however solenoid 3 has now burnt out 4 times, each time getting shorter from the last time. Just replacing the solenoid and spark plug is not enough. I have heard this is a problem with this vehicle but some suggestions would be great, thank you.

Noticed front passenger floor seems to be wet when it rains. Problem started about a year ago, also noticed it when I went to car wash. Does anyone else have this problem?

Started yesterday. My kid were playing with the keyless entry and now when I select the last two buttons to lock all doors do not work. Since this has happened my dash light for door ajar is always on. I am wondering if that has to do with the doors not locking with the keyless entry on door itself. I have checked all doors to verify that they are all closed as well at the truck. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!

Happen when I would turn, but now it's more consistent of a noise, I replaced my drive axel and a bunch of other things almost everything except brakes lower control arm and bearing on my driver side any idea of what it could be?

supect G.E.M.malfunction heated seat-power windows-driver side power lock-interior light dim switch-high beam and fog lamps- All systematicly went down after working eraticly one after another...All fuses and relays good !!! Help !!! found there was a recall on GEM in 200...

to miles on display. Try disconnecting battery to no prevail. Help!!

When we first got the car in 2014, the car started right up. I drove it for 100 mi. Shut it down at a rest area for about 20 min. Went to dive off and it would not start until the next day. Once started, drove it home, shut it off, turned the key, engine would not start. The next day it started. Mechanic replaced a part and it started for a few days, then it started all over again.
Bought a new battery, that solved the problem for a while, but now and then, the problem returns?
Dealer has no idea what the problem is. Do you?

why can't the power side view mirrors, be adjusted while the car is running? They only can be adjusted when the engine is off, and the key is on accessories.
That does not make sense.

when the car is running< I can not adjust the direction of the mirror.

My husband hit a parked car while he was pulling out of parking lot causing the front right lower control arm to bend or break. We drove it for an emergency vehicle only and very slowly like 3 times. It pulled to the right so bad you had to hold steering wheel with both hands. The other day while driving about 35-40 mph I noticed the abs light on and then the car lost power and felt like the brakes were sticking and had a rubber smell. I pulled off at a friends a block away and the car is undrivable . I know the control arm is broke what I need to know is what else broke causing the abs light to come on and brakes to lock up and how much will it be to have that fixed. Thank you

Worst when I'm trying to turn

I need the fuse diagram wherethe



today i went to mechanic and he scan my truck. the scanner code was p0303, and that code says that cylinder #3 have a misfire, then i remember that the truck have the original spark plug wires,i think that the wires are the problem is that correct? currently the truck has 147,000 miles.

What does it mean when transfer case binds

I changed the thermostat, but still have no heat. Can it be the water pump, I do have a little belt noise when I start it.

A few months ago start this litle problem whit the windows , don´t go down when I push the boton , some times I oopen the door and then star working again , but sudenly they just not working any more, I check fuse and they are good , what can be and were more I have to check , and other thing is not sending ac to that part the rest of electric thing working ok

bolt on bottom passenger side is hidden. Does something else need to be removed first?

i drove it friday just fine try to drive it saturday start hearing a ticking or whining noise to me sounds like it need oil so i check it about a qt low so i put some in still hear noise try driving it so it cut off the high temp/low oil pressure light comes on, oil pressure gauge say it's ok. then my uncle checks it out and think it's the oil pump but i want to make sure it's nothing else that can cause this???

My engine light came on . The mechanic said it'll cost $350 because he'll have to take the engine apart to install the part. Is that true?