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I only hear the noise when my A/c is cut on, and it sounds like a steady hum of a clicking noise. It is not very loud, and I only realized it when I heard it with my windows down and the A/C blowing. It stops when I...
And it hesitate at about 50mph. Your help is needed and appreciated. May Good bless
When I start my mountaineer it kinda shakes but when I start to drive it shakes little crazy and when I'm parked at the light I shakes and you can tell my vehicle is shaking please help
Is stuck on defrost. Can get it to blow on max ac if i turn it off and then turn back to max ac, but don't always work may have to try doing that a couple of times before it blows out of vent again.
Its as if the coolant running through heater core is running unimpeded. There is a vacuum actuated butterfly valve inline on heater hose near the fire wall. I removed it a can see it stops some air but (not all air) w...
I get a cracking n grinding sound on turning during take off. Vehicle slows down, AWD n ADVTrac are disabled, lights stay on. I can drive normally till I shut off n restart engine. If I stop but not turn off engine, I...
Could u tell me what could be wrong with the steering wheel
Why I'm asking is because the back and front passenger side blow cool but the driver sides two vents blow just fan temp. The heater works fine and there is no ticking noise as described with the blend door/actuator. I...
cable broke in half from bumper to lowering mech. , spare tire is in place, how to fix
Rear differential seems locked (like old positrack). When turning, one binds and slides on pavement wearing outside of tires. Just started doing that. No problem going straight.
stock rims......can I use 16" rims? any suggestions? it is my daily driver and I do cruise the beach in it.
the heater door is stuck open now and how can I get it to swap to get the cold a/c air to come in. Right now it's just blowing hot air.
we replaced the brake pads, rotors, calipers, and master cylinder. Have tried multiple times to bleed the brakes and get them working, but to no avail. HELP
Whenever I try to close the rear hatch window it will not stay shut. I have to slam it hard about 5 or 6 times in order for it to latch. What would cause this and how can I fix this?
After the truck would not go over 40mpg.The high temp light came on and my oil pressure went low but oil is still on full.
The security key pad stopped working. It does not even light up. What would cause this? Is this an easy fix? If not how much should I pay at a shop?