This has happened before the shop replaced my right wheel bearing and now its coming on again

cost of repair approx.4000.00. how do you tell if a camshaft is flat

i put a new radio in and shortly after lost dash lights tail lights and fog lights. Now i got in to take the truck up to the installer to see if he could figure out what happened and i suddenly have nothing when i turn the key it started to turnover and then just went dead. I am thinking this must be a relay but which relay. The battery as the 12V outlet has power

Wife had to have the car towed from work because it would not start. Her friend tried jumping it but still no luck. When I got home, I saw all the dash lights were on without the key in the ignition. When you turn the key, it dose not crank, click, nothing. Ignition fuse was blown, but I replaced that and the lights are still on. Could the ignition switch cause this to happen? There is also an aftermarket remote start system that we don't use/wasn't connected to battery. Was originally thinking that may be the problem, but don't want to pull all of that apart if it is not the cause.

It comes up to temp fine , has plenty of antifreeze and hose is hot on both ends.

Quoted $700.00 by midas

The dr. glass fell dn. inside the dr. I'm guessing that it bent or broke some of the opening linkage. I've got to get the dr. open so that I can remove the dr. panel to make repairs.

This is a cosmetic issue that is quite common. Will Ford pay to have it corrected?

the other vents are fine, they blow COLD a/c

I had the Freon level checked, it is ok and doesn't appear to be leaking. Last time it did this they cleaned and electrical connection on the compressor and it started working. It lasted about a month and did it again.

Checked all the fuses they are all good. What could the problem be

Doors lock and unlock at will, tried spraying WD40 on locks no help. Now my passenger window won't roll up!Seems my electrical system may need help! Can't afford to switch out all the door locks, help! I also have a crack in the lift gate like many others.

Mountaineer has no transmission dip stick. At present it is a sealed system which requires a trip to Mercury to check the tans oil level!!

How do you change it on a 2002 merc. mountaineer V-8 AWD?

and if there is a reacall on the transmission. Had to replace a couple of times in early because the car would lung forward.

Stereo turns on only on am and the cd player wont work and won't eject disks. Is there a way to reset the stereo or is it just all of a sudden bad. I don't want to replace because of the dvd player and other audio features.