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Had my transmission looked at the fluid is clean a sensor replaced but it's still slipping the fluid is clean but it is shaking the whole truck I think it's something in the front end but people keep telling me the transmission is slipping love your phone and doesn't work right I would imagine the torque converters having trouble can you help me with this question

or disconnect it?

I recently had transission rebuilt for $1900 and its not making any outside noise, not breaks or front cv joint its coming from driver side rear tire, no winding or clinking/ticking is heard when turning from the outside and no warning of this.

I don't have the $ to fix, priced around (600-1200) is there anything I can do (troubleshoot) short time?

I've already replaced the heater control valve and thermostat , I have plenty of antifreeze the blend door actuator was checked already its fine. I had the vacuum hose replaced Nov 23 2015 the heater core was also checked its fine , and I didn't experience any antifreeze on the passenger floor in the front. The blower switch for hot and cold was replaced on Nov 27 2015 I still don't have any heat. I saw an answer on here someone said "There are two switches under the hood in the circuit and one or both of them is bad. Cost me over three hundred to find this out." Where are the two switches under the hood that they're referring to ?

if I switch the blower to dash it blows if I leave in one spot it may last a trip or so sometimes it will last a few days and other times less then a trip to store

It still runs hot do I need a fan cover

Why would my truck completely cut out, (not die), while driving up a wet, icy or snowy hill? I lose traction even if I down shift and/or give it gas. The car will then gradually slide sideways up the hill. I have all brand new tires, only 83k miles on it, no warning lights, transmission seems fine. I'm stumped.

fuseable link looks like a bandaid with two copper ends and a black plastic middle that reads 175 A ford motorcraft, in the power supply box there is a square starter relay which seems to work fine. I need help, do I run new negative cable and possitive cable , nothing has been changed out with the cables ,but I did put in a brand new starter cleaned up connections around the fuseable link then it finally started now it is happening again..

when trying to start it just clicks and its not the battery or starter, where is the solenoid located on the 1998 Mercury Mountnr. V8 awd.

Had my mounty to a dealer and they said it was just "the nature of the beast" and that this was a big complaint but there was no fix for it. I can't seem to wrap my brain around that. It sometimes feels like someones hitting me from behind. Not sure if its brakes or tranny. But just had brakes all redone and its still doing it. Sometimes jerking me 6-8 inches forward. Scary to passengers and myself.

I havent had this truck a year yet...

The message came on while going down the highway. I had filled up the day before. The message was "Check fuel fill inlet". I check to see if it was plugged but it looked normal. What should I do?

This has happened before the shop replaced my right wheel bearing and now its coming on again

cost of repair approx.4000.00. how do you tell if a camshaft is flat

i put a new radio in and shortly after lost dash lights tail lights and fog lights. Now i got in to take the truck up to the installer to see if he could figure out what happened and i suddenly have nothing when i turn the key it started to turnover and then just went dead. I am thinking this must be a relay but which relay. The battery as the 12V outlet has power

Wife had to have the car towed from work because it would not start. Her friend tried jumping it but still no luck. When I got home, I saw all the dash lights were on without the key in the ignition. When you turn the key, it dose not crank, click, nothing. Ignition fuse was blown, but I replaced that and the lights are still on. Could the ignition switch cause this to happen? There is also an aftermarket remote start system that we don't use/wasn't connected to battery. Was originally thinking that may be the problem, but don't want to pull all of that apart if it is not the cause.