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when the car is running< I can not adjust the direction of the mirror.
My husband hit a parked car while he was pulling out of parking lot causing the front right lower control arm to bend or break. We drove it for an emergency vehicle only and very slowly like 3 times. It pulled to the ...
today i went to mechanic and he scan my truck. the scanner code was p0303, and that code says that cylinder #3 have a misfire, then i remember that the truck have the original spark plug wires,i think that the wires a...
I changed the thermostat, but still have no heat. Can it be the water pump, I do have a little belt noise when I start it.
A few months ago start this litle problem whit the windows , don´t go down when I push the boton , some times I oopen the door and then star working again , but sudenly they just not working any more, I check fuse and...
bolt on bottom passenger side is hidden. Does something else need to be removed first?
i drove it friday just fine try to drive it saturday start hearing a ticking or whining noise to me sounds like it need oil so i check it about a qt low so i put some in still hear noise try driving it so it cut off t...
My engine light came on . The mechanic said it'll cost $350 because he'll have to take the engine apart to install the part. Is that true?
continuous grinding and knocking sound thought it could be an alternator but was told it could be timing chains and oil pump loses pressure then a few minutes later builds back up vehicle has 183,000 miles on it
While the truck is running or RPM goes over 2 it starst cooling again normally.
I had to unplug from washer motor to get it off plunged back in came back on what would cause this.
What I thought was an exhaust leak maybe valves needing adjustment.
I have an exhaust manifold leak that I am going to replace the manifold gaskets. As I have been a Ford/Mercury owner for decades, I have come to know that one must ask and not assume when attempting to do almost anyth...